9. september 2012 arkiv

IUCN – Nature + development: Green growth: myth or reality?

9. september 2012

Nature + development: Green growth: myth or reality? – den tredje af fem “World Leaders Dialogues” ved IUCNs biodiversitetskonference i Korea 09.09.2012 – 98:12 min. video.

Oplægget til nature + development

Although awareness of the economic significance of nature is increasing, it has yet to trigger the kind of change needed to make our economies and lifestyles truly sustainable. Several countries have started a process of restructuring their national economies towards “green growth”.

What does “green growth” mean in practice?
How “green” is “green growth” and, is it possible to reconcile economic with
environmental goals?
How can we resolve the inevitable “green dilemmas”, for example in the energy sector?
What does green growth means in terms of jobs?
Are there alternatives to our current economic model?

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