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10. juni 2012

Det betagende landskab omkring Rio, set fra Niteroi

I disse fodbold-tider kan det være svært at finde information om det forestående topmøde Rio+20 i Rio de Janeiro i de danske medier.

Derfor har jeg løbende samlet links til artikler og kommentarer fra rundt omkring i verden og vil frem til topmødets kulmination i dagene 20.-22. juni løbende opdatere listen.

Konferencens slutdokument viste sig at blive færdigforhandlet allerede inden statslederne nåede til Rio, så links til kommentarer til slutdokumentet The Future We Want er samlet under blog-indlægget Rio+20 – reaktioner og konklusioner.

Se øvrige blog-indlæg om Rio+20.

Generelle sider

UNCSD – Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Rio+20 Portal – Building the Peoples Summit Rio+20.

Rio+20: Bæredygtig udvikling,

UN Global Compact Cities Programme.

Rio+20 / Earth Summit Official Side Event – Integrating the Social Dimensions of Green Economy into Policy.

Youth Blast – Conference of Youth (10-12th June).

On the Road to Rio+20 – 20-22 June 2012, Biodiversity International.

The Future We Want,

Artikler og kommentarer

Jonathan Watts: China and Brazil strike $30bn bilateral swap deal to reinforce economies, The Guardian 22.06.2012.

Janet Raloff: De-papering environmental summits, Science News 22.06.2012.

Liz Ford: Ban Ki-moon launches Zero Hunger Challenge at Rio+20 summit, The Guardian 22.06.2012.

Taylor Barnes: Stars of the Earth Summit, New York Times 22.06.012.

Rio+20: Interview with Ed Norton, UN Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity, UN News centre 21.06.2012.

Rio+20: At downtown gathering, citizens voice concerns at People’s Summit.

Human canvas on Rio beach protests Brazil’s dam-building spree in the Amazon, Mongobay 20.06.2012.

Louise Gray: Rio +20: Natural assets will be recorded as part of GDP to measure how quickly they are being lost, Nick Clegg announces, Telegraph 20.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Development banks pledge $175bn for public transport at Rio+20, The Guardian 20.06.2012.

Kåre Pedersen: Danmark kæmper for nyt FN-organ på Rio-topmøde, Politiken 19.06.2012.

Kåre Pedersen: Connie Nielsen: »Hallo, hvorfor skal vi betale med vores sundhed for, at I kan få en profit«, Politiken 19.06.2012.

Kåre Pedersen: Dansk stjerneskuespiller kaster sig ind i klimakampen, Politiken 19.06.2012.

Ida Auken: Rio +20 – Politik der rækker længere end til næste valg, Berlingske 19.06.2012.

Kanayo F. Nwanze: Rio+20: Big role for small farms, This Is Africa 19.06.2012.

Richard Black: Rio+20: Expert panel’s call to ‘seize moment’, BBC News 19.06.2012.

Ronald Bailey: Rio +20 Earth Summit: Down with Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Up with Food Sovereignty, 19.06.2012.

Ageline Chrisafis: France seeks one agenda to end poverty and protect environment, The Guardian 18.06.2012.

Fred Pearce: Rio+20 conference suffers lack of leadership, New Scientist 18.06.2012.

George Monbiot: Rio 2012: it’s a make-or-break summit. Just like they told us at Rio 1992, The Guardian 18.06.2012.

Chen Weihua: UN report sounds alarm to clean up oceans, China Daily 18.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Rio+20 negotiators accused of strong-arm tactics, The Guardian 18.06.2012.

Simon Romero & John M. Broder: Global Economy Limits Expectations at Earth Summit in Brazil, New York Times 18.06.2012.

Lan Lan: Principle key to action plan, China Daily 18.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Rio+20 People’s summit gathers pace, The Guardian 18.06.2012.

Fe de Leon & Sarah Miller: Challenge for Canada at Rio 20 conference, The Star 18.06.2012.

Ban Ki-moon: The momentum for change at Rio+20 is irreversible, The Guardian 18.06.2012.

Dahr Jamail: Oceans of pollution, Aljazeera 18.06.2012.

US, others commit to restoring damaged forests, AFP 18.06.2012.

Rudy M. Baum: Prospects For Rio+20, (leder) Chemical & Engineering News 18.06.2012.

Thomas Lovejoy: What Rio Can Do, New York Times 17.06.2012.

Diana Cariboni: RIO+20: Developing Countries Accept Green Economy, IPS News 17.06.2012.

Juliet Eilperin: Global ocean acidification monitoring network to launch at Rio summit, Washington Post 17.06.2012.

Richard Black: Rio+20 deal weakens on energy and water pledges, BBC News 17.06.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg & Andrew Sparrow: Rio+20 Earth summit is too important to fail, says Ban ki-Moon, The Guardian 16.06.2012.

WWF: only Brazil can save Rio+20 summit, Mongabay 16.06.2012.

Kate Raworth: The doughnut can help Rio+20 see sustainable development in the round, The Guardian 16.06.2012.

Yana Marull: UN environment summit opens, but prospects grim, AFP 15.06.2012.

Thalif Deen: Rio+20 summit: activists aren’t mourning Barack Obama’s absence, Thhe Guardian 15.06.2012.

Duncan Green: Rio+20’s sustainable development goals should reflect today’s world, The Guardian 15.06.2012.

Frances Kissling and Peter Singer: To fix the climate, take meat off the menu, Washington Post 15.06.2012.

Andrew Sparrow: Caroline Spelman interview: ‘It’s in our interests to be green and growing’, The Guardian 15.06.2012.

Richard Black: Ecocide: A legal green high? BBC News 15.06.2012.

John Vidal: Rio+20 stage set for debate on what next for development goals, The Guardian 14.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Rio+20 Earth summit: scientists call for action on population, The Guardian 14.06.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Businessman says the Amazon needs profits not ideals, Asahi Shimbun 14.06.2012.

Jeremy Hance: World failing to meet promises on the oceans, Mongobay 14.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Rio+20 organisers struggle to untangle new world disorder, The Guardian 14.06.2012.

Thalif Deen: Defining Green Economy May Stymie Rio Summit, IPS News 14.06.2012.

Louis Templado: Fukushima nuclear victims to attend new Earth Summit, Asahi Shimbun 13.06.2012.

Isabelle de Grave. Women Must Be at the Forefront of Rio+20, and Beyond, (interview med Michelle Bachelet) IPS News 13.06.2012.

Clinton to attend Rio+20 conference, Reuters 13.06.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Sueyoshi says financial sector still key for greener world, Asahi Shimbun 13.06.2012.

Richard Black: Scientists urge Rio moves on population and consumption, BBC News 13.06.2012.

Bill Becker: Vision Needs a Seat at the Negotiating Table, The Future We Want 12.06.2012.

United Nations Environment Programme Report Reveals Little Progress, Yet Provides a Way Forward, The Future We Want 12.06.2012.

Mikhail Gorbachev: Rio+20: Understanding the present in the light of the future, The Future We Want 12.06.2012.

Rio+20: The Young Can’t Wait, The Future We Want 12.06.2012.

The World Can Be Powered By Renewable Energy says Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson, The Future We Want 12.06.2012.

Jonthan Watts: Brazil’s blueprint for reforestation, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Thalif Deen: Transforming Political Platitudes into Economic Realities, IPS News 12.06.2012.

Seiji Iwata, Akemi Kanda & Masanobu Furuya: Agroforestry venture in Amazon region shows promise, Asahi Shimbun 12.06.2012.

Phillip Inman: IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Corlie Tiper: Setting Goals to Protect Half the Planet, IPS News 12.06.2012.

Jonthan Watts: Rio+20 conference’s search for green solutions hampered by deep divisions, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Jonthan Watts: Government defends David Cameron decision not to attend Rio+20, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Taylor Barnes: Rio+20: megacities strive to survive – and thrive, Christian Science Monitor 12.06.2012.

Sarah Miller Llana: Rio+20 challenge: access to water in Mexico City, Christian Science Monitor 12.06.2012.

Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar: Rio+20 challenge: expanding transportation to match growth in Mumbai, Christian Science Monitor 12.06.2012.

Cicero Lucena & John Gummer: Why Rio failed in the past and how it can succeed this time, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Tadashi Sugiyama: Dam threatens Kenyan lake; Chinese aid under fire, Asahi Shimbun 11.06.2012.

Jørgen Steen Nielsen: Forskere før Rio: Vi er på vej mod globalt ’tipping point’, Information 11.06.2012.

T.V. Padma: Rio+20 solutions too Northern, say South Asian analysts, Science and Development Net 11.06.2012.

Tetsu Kobayashi: Tough talks expected at Rio+20 as economic power shifts, Asahi Shimbun 11.06.2012.

Steven Leahy: Indigenous Message to Rio+20: Leave Everything Beneath Mother Earth, Tierramérica 11.06.2012.

Press Conference on Contributions of Sustainable Development Commission to Rio+20, FN 09.06.2012.

French President calls for action ‘today’ ahead of Rio+20 conference in Brazil, 08.06.2012.

Rachel Hall: Speak up for children at Rio+20 Earth summit, The Guardian 08.06.2012.

Louis Templado: Japan representatives won’t enter Rio+20 empty-handed, Asahi Shimbun 08.06.2012.

John Vidal: Rio+20 Earth summit: leaked draft reveals conflict among countries, The Guardian 08.06.2012.

Ban Ki-moon: “We want to make Rio+20 a conference of decisive impact and ambition”, 08.06.2012 (hele Ki-moons tale 06.06.). 

World Remains on Unsustainable Track Despite Hundreds of Internationally Agreed Goals and Objectives, UNEP 08.06.2012.

Hirohiko Nakamura: Nations divided ahead of Rio+20, Asahi Shimbun 07.06.2012.

Reiji Takeuchi: Rio+20 needs fresh momentum for sustainable growth, Asahi Shimbun 07.06.2012.

Akemi Kanda: Rio+20 Interview: Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba, Asahi Shimbun 07.06.2012.

John Vidal: Many treaties to save the earth, but where’s the will to implement them? The Guardian 07.06.2012.

Hirohiko Nakamura: Nations divided ahead of Rio+20, Asahi Shimbun 07.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Q&A: Rio+20 Earth summit, The Guardian 06.06.2012.

Jonathan Watts: Rio+20 Earth summit: Ban Ki-moon ‘optimistic’ about sustainability deal, The Guardian 06.06.2012.

Rio+20 must result in ‘concrete’ decisions to advance sustainable development – Ban, FN 06.06.2012.

John Vidal: Rio+20 Earth summit could collapse, WWF warns, The Guardian 06.06.2012.

Jeff Tollefson & Natasha Gilbert: Earth summit: Rio report card, Nature 06.06.2012.

Return to Rio: Second chance for the planet, Nature 06.06.2012.

Jeff Coelho & David Fogarty: U.N. sounds environment alarm ahead of Rio summit, Reuters 06.06.2012.

Suzanne York: Rio+20 Here We Come: But Will Population Issues Be Heard? 05.06.2012.

Steven Leahy: Activists Call for Creation of a High Commissioner for Future Generations at Rio+20, Tierramérica 04.06.2012.

Progress on Rio+20 Preparations as New York Talks Conclude; Countries to Finalize Negotiations in Rio on New Sustainable Development Actions, (pressemeddelelse) FN 03.06.2012.

Ania Rok & Stefan Kuhn: Local Sustainability 2012. Taking Stock And Moving Forward – Global review, ICLEI, Bonn 31.05.2012 (pdf).

FAO: World can feed more people more efficiently, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 30.05.2012.

Hannah Friffiths: Memo to Rio+20: ‘green economy’ doesn’t mean monetising nature, The Guardian 29.05.2012.

Gro Harlem Brundtland & Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Rio+20’s opportunity will be squandered without courage and vision, The Guardian 28.05.2012.

Penny Woods: Rio+20 should prioritise sustainable agriculture, says Caroline Spelman, The Guardian 24.05.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg: Ban Ki-moon calls Rio Earth summit negotiations ‘painfully slow’, The Guardian 24.05.2012.

Ban Ki-moon: The Future We Want, New York Times 23.05.2012.

Jørgen Steen Nielsen: Rio-mødets vært under pres for at ofre regnskov, Information 20.05.2012.

List of more than 500 side events now available, 18.05.2012 (opdateret program over side events).

Vanessa Meadu: Halting deforestation: lessons from Brazil, Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security 17.05. 2012.

Declaration of Indigenous Peoples of Africa on Sustainable Development and Rio +20, 15.05.2012.

Political shift will make or break Rio+20 summit, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 11.05.2012.

Twenty Small Island Developing States announce new actions that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and end poverty, 09.05.2012.

Blog by Rio+20 Secretary-General, Mr. Sha Zukang, 07.05.2012.

New Report issues a warning about humanity’s ability to survive without a major change in direction, The Club of Rome 07.05.2012.

Wanted: Human Rights in Rio, United Nations Human Rights 02.05.2012.

Shawn McCarthy: China bests Canada in tackling climate change, Strong says, Globe and Mail 30.04.2012.

Blue carbon: a tool to mitigate climate change and preserve key marine and coastal ecosystems, 24.04.2012.

Fabíola Ortiz: Civil Society Determined to Have an Impact on Río+20, Tierramérica 23.04.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg: Ban Ki-moon calls Obama’s presence ‘crucial’ at Rio+20 Earth summit, The Guardian 20.04.2012.

Simon Day: Governments must stop short-term outlook, warns UN development head, The Guardian 18.04.2012.

Manaus Declaration, 16.04.2012.

UNESCO: Providing scientific leadership towards Rio+20, 10.04.2012.

Fabíola Ortiz: More Ecology, Less Economy for Rio+20, Tierramérica 26.03.2012.

Indigenous Peoples Contributions to Sustainable Development, 26.03.2012.

Petition from Ibon International, 26.03.2012.

Ban urges integrating environmental, social and economic aspects of development, 17.03.2012.

World Bank says U.N. goal of halving poverty met, 01.03.2012.

From Soil Carbon to Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors, UNEP Year Book Highlights Key Emerging Issues, 17.03.2012.

John Vidal: Set greener goals at Rio+20: Caroline Spelman, The Guardian 09.02.2012.

Caroline Spelman’s speech on Rio+20 summit – full text, The Guardian 09.02.2012.

New Report Adds Clarity to Rio+20 Agenda, 07.02.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Use Rio+20 to overhaul idea of growth, urges EU climate chief, The Guardian 06.02.2012.

Kazuhiko Takemoto: Collaborating for Landscapes, 31.01.2012.

With new blueprint in hand, Ban calls for action to chart more sustainable future, 30.01.2012.

Robert Blasiak & Kaoru Ichikawa: Revitalising socio-ecological production landscapes, UNU 30.01.2012.

First round of negotiations for Rio+20 conclude, 30.01.2012.

The Future Idigenious Peoples Want, 27.01.2012.

NGOs Respond to Zero Draft, 23.01.2012.

Mario Osawa: Only Civil Society Can Save Rio+20, Say Activists, Tierramérica 23.01.2012.

Rio+20 may be the largest event in the history of the United Nations, 10.01.2012.

Paul Brown and Jan Rocha: Earth summit: Rio opens with plea for proof of global brotherhood, The Guardian 14.06.1992.