10. september 2012 arkiv

IUCN – Nature + people & governance: Can conservation tackle poverty?

10. september 2012

Nature + people & governance: Can conservation tackle poverty? –  den fjerde af fem “World Leaders Dialogues” ved IUCNs biodiversitetskonference i Korea 10.09.2012 – 91:13 min. video.

Oplægget til nature + people & governance

People everywhere depend directly or indirectly on nature for their wellbeing. From food, fuel and freshwater, to crop pollination, flood protection and climate regulation, nature provides the fundamental infrastructure needed for our societies to survive and prosper. Nature’s benefits, however, are not equally shared. Richer countries are better placed to reap benefits from nature, while poorer nations bear the cost of biodiversity loss and see little benefit. All too often, nature is absent from development aid.

Can we strike a better balance?
Can we achieve conservation without sacrificing social justice?
What can we change in our current model for nature’s benefits to be properly reflected
in national economies and individual incomes?
How can we ensure that the rights of indigenous and other vulnerable communities
are truly taken into account?

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