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Ti nye klimabud på rap

28. juni 2015

Pope Francis: The 10 Climate Commandments [RAP NEWS 33] 5:40 min YouTube video.

Australske Juice Rap News bringer nyheder på vers. I den seneste udgave har Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant skabt en forrygende rap-baseret ekstrakt af Pave Francis’ nylige encyklika, Laudato Si’ i form af ti nye klimabud. Efterfølgende bliver et par selvmodsigelser i det pavelige perspektiv ristet, ikke mindst at man ikke agter at gøre noget ved befolkningstilvæksten. Herunder følger de ti reviderede klimabud:

If you still want to get to heaven on the Day of Judgment
heed my revised list of the NEW ten commandments:

  1. Thou shalt emulate my namesake, saint Francis of Assisi
    hang out with all creation: animals, plants and seaweeds.
  2. Thou shalt value the Earth, more than money and wealth
    turn not this planet into an immense pile of filth.
  3. Thou shalt have a revolution to avert smoggy darkness
    and rely not on the magic of technology or the markets!
  4. Thou shalt see water as a holy human right
    that shall not be profited off, polluted, or privatised.
  5. Thou shalt maybe consider generations not born yet
    in all decisions regarding use of resources,
    Like drilling the arctic, destroying the reef and amazon fauna,
    causing the sick mass extinction of the planet’s fauna.
  6. Thou shalt transition as rapidly as possible
    to renewable energy and divest from fossil fuels.
    Australia: That means wind and sun rays coming down.
    cutting down trees and burning them doesn’t count!
  7. Thou shalt modify thine own personal frikkin life style
    be not wasteful, and diligently recycle.
  8. Move thyself away from consumerism, a new frame of mind
    get AFK , talk to people on the train, ride a damn bike.
  9. Thou shalt heed the cry of the poor of the world for it is they
    who art already getting screwed by climate change,
    and who have least blame for tainting ocean and land.
    Eco-justice and people-justice shall go hand in hand.
  10. Thou shalt be united, with the conviction strong
    that we are a single human family: We Are One!

With these new commandments, we can save the planet.
Go forth, Christians, Catholics, infidels, all humanity, make it happen! 

Den fulde tekst kan downloades her: RAP NEWS 33: Pope Francis raps on Climate Change (pdf).

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