15. juni 2012 arkiv

Rio+20: Alliance mellem Afrika, Vestindien, Oceanien og EU

15. juni 2012

Udviklingsminister Christian Friis Bach har lige sendt følgende meddelelse ud på Facebook: “Det holdt hårdt, men lykkedes. Over 100 lande fra Afrika, Vestindien og Stillehavet enige om stærk Rio+20 erklæring her i Vanuatu. Bliver svær at komme uden om i Brasilien i næste uge.”

I en meddelelse fra PINA siger Bach: “‘It comes at a critical moment when the negotiation in Rio are in a stalemate under very difficult circumstances and here we have ACP and European Union countries standing together in a strong statement sharing a vision that we would like to come together and we would like to develop a set of sustainable development goals building upon prolonging strengthening the current Millennium development goals.’

‘It’s a statement that emphasise the green economy is a win win opportunity. It’s a statement that stresses the need for institutional innovations in sustainable development creating a mechanism that can hold us accountable by having a review mechanism and strengthening the United Environmental programme into an international and specialized agency. It is a statement that stresses the need for improving our management of marine resources and ocean in what is called the Blue economy,’ Bach told journalists.

Bach says he’s confident consensus can be reached at the RIO plus meeting next week.”¹

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