COP18 reaktioner og konklusioner

8. december 2012

Links til reaktioner på COP18 og The Doha Gateway vil løbende blive opdateret herunder i de kommende dage.

Christiana Figueres på Twitter: “All #COP18 decisions adopted by acclamation. We have a Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol !!!”

Roger Harrabin på Twitter: “Take-out thought. Exhibition of green technology linked to #cop18 showed Saudi plans for carbon capture and storage. To force out more oil.”

Lad mig blot starte med denne 1½ min. opsummering fra Alden Meyer, som er leder af afdelingen for policy og strategi i Union of Concerned Scientists, som siger, at vi netop her i Doha har set, at det var den fossile industri, som vandt – at sceancen i Doha er en trade fair, og ikke som den burde, bygget på en afklaring af den nødvendige indsats på baggrund af den tilgængelige videnskab.

I videoen til højre gør Kumi Nadoo fra Greenpeace status: Vi kom med små forventinger, og er endda blevet skuffede. “Any government walking out of these negotiations saying that this was a success, is suffering from a terrible case og cognitive dissonance. Where the reality is telling us that we are running out of time, and the science is telling us that we need much greater ambition, and we have to call this a substantial failure. All we are seeing is baby steps in the positive direction. Our governments now have to realise that the science is not negotiable. We cannot change the science,” siger Naidoo.

Ed King 13.12.: COP19 hosts Poland maintained its stash of hot air credits, a relic from the Soviet era, but found its potential buyers renounce their addiction one by one. Imagine winning the lottery and finding no-one used money anymore.

John McCormick skrev i en diskussionsspalte på Climate Progress 10.12., at: “UNFCCC agreed to hold the next COP (Number 19 when 18 COPs produced nothing) in Poland. A huge coal burner. Instead, COP 19 should be held on the Philippines southern island of Mindanao so the delegates can experience the real suffering climate change is ravaging around the world. Let them sleep in the refuge camps and talk with the survivors to get a real sense of the issue.”


Syed Mujtaba Hussain: Doha Climate Change Conference another lost opportunity to enhance ambition, The Nation (Pakistan) 31.12.2012.


Seoul Mayor calls for climate funds to be channelled through cities, RTCC 28.12.2012.


Olga Dobrovidova: A letter on behalf of the climate to Russia’s Father Christmas, RTCC 27.12.2012. 


Tseming Tang: Quicker fix for climate change, CNN 26.12.2012.


Iraq calls for Arab action on climate change, AFP 24.12.2012.

Pano Kroko: 18 years wasted just talking about Climate Change… Bleeding Edge Blog 24.12.2012.


Gerald Tenywa: We can’t depend on foreign aid for our environment, New Vision 22.12.2012.


Four GCC Countries Pledge to Bring Forward Climate-Smart Economic Diversification Plans, (WAM) Zawya 21.12.2012.


Marion Davis: Communicating climate change: It’s about people, Stockholm Environment Institute 20.12.2012.

DR Congo gets first validated and verified REDD+ project, Mongobay 2012.2012.

Hilma Hashange: Namibia: Country Contributes to Climate Change Mitigation, All Africa 20.12.2012.

Monde Kingsley Nfor: Cameroon: Fighting to Save Africa’s Richest Rainforest, All Africa 20.12.2012.

Nina Chestney: EU carbon market seen shrinking by a third in 2012, Reuters 20.12.2012.

Urmi A. Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: India, China must move to new low-emission development pathway, The Economic Times 20.12.2012.

Belarus concerned over outcome of climate conference in Doha, BelTA 20.12.2012.

Daniel Pruzin: U.S., 16 Other Countries Weigh Options to Curb Aviation Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Bloomberg 20.12.2012.

Ed King: The road to 2015: Where next for the international climate talks? RTCC 20.12.2012.

Michael Jacobs: Turn up the heat on climate negotiators for 2015 deal, South China Morning Post 20.12.2012.


John Parnell: UK government expects 2014 EU climate ambition boost, RTCC 19.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Ed Davey defers decision on aviation and shipping in carbon targets, The Guardian 19.12.2012.

Alister Doyle: Norway seeks to slow deforestation as climate “first aid”, Reuters 19.12.2012.

Ed King: Masdar sustainability chief says Middle East at green energy “tipping point”, RTCC 19.12.2012.

Barbara Lewis: Czech Republic, Hungary get EU approval for carbon schemes, Reuters 19.12.2012.

EU puts EUR1.2 bn into pilot renewable energy projects, AFP 19.12.2012.

Indonesia climate efforts surpass Australia, ABC News Australia 19.12.2912.


Avoiding disaster in Doha, (leder) Japan Times 18.12.2012.

Rosemary Randall: Indifference and effects of COP18: have we missed the boat on climate change? The Guardian 18.12.2012.

Ed King: Should loss and damage calculations be based on post 1990 emissions? RTCC 18.12.2012.

Yamide Dagnet and Jennifer Morgan: Measuring and reporting success of COP18 talks in Doha, RTCC 18.12.2012.

EU declares no winner in carbon capture competition, (Reuters) Guardian 18.12.2012.

Ed King: EU panel calls for fossil fuel subsidies cut by 2020, RTCC 18.12.2012.

Jim Schultz: From Doha To Divestment: The Search For A Real Strategy To Combat Climate Change, Climate Progress 18.12.2012.

John Parnell: Secretary of Hope: John Kerry on climate change, RTCC 18.12.2012.

Karolin Schaps: EU to award rest of green energy fund within 12 months, Reuters 18.12.2012.

EU President Barroso demands greater climate action in 2013, RTCC 18.12.2012.

EU lauds Nepal for efforts at reducing climate change impact, The Himalayan 18.12.2012.

Oleg Vukmanovic: Britain sets five-year plan to spur solar, biomass energy, Reuters 18.12.2012.

Bernice Napach: Climate Change Is Killing Economy: Here’s How to Stop It, CNBC 18.12.2012.

Dhaka concerned over outcome of climate change conference, Financial Express (Bangladesh) 18.12.2012.

Pablo Solon: Strike four for climate change negotiations – rethinking our strategies, LINKS 18.12.2012.

Magnus Benzie: Loss and damage: Doha deal signals adaptation is not enough, RTCC 18.12.2012.


Christiana Fingueres: Progress still too slow on climate, The Canberra Times 17.12.2012.

Cheryl Hogue & Alex Scott: Symbolic Extension Of Kyoto Protocol Clears The Way For Talks On New Climate Treaty, Chemical & Engineering news 17.12.2012.

EU targets air pollution with tightened shipping rules, RTCC 17.12.2012.

Izzy Braithwaite: Climate talks and Doha declaration on climate, health and wellbeing, The Guardian 17.12.2012.

Steve Herz: Dithering In Doha: We Need To Re-Frame The Politics Of Climate, Climate Progree 17.12.2012.

Jeffrey Gogo: Africa: No Joy for Africa At Doha, All Africa 17.12.2012.

Reynard Loki: C4C at COP18: The Role of Business in the Global Climate Fight, Just Means 17.12.2012.

Saurabh Kumar: Gloomy climate at Doha, Business line 17.12.2012.

Barbara Lewis: Carbon market fix a boost for most in EU: Commission note, Reuters 17.12.2012.

Tierney Smith: Kyoto Protocol departure leaves Canadians cold, RTCC 17.12.2012.

Nitin Sethi: India, developing nations worried over consensus being buried in climate talks, The Times of India 17.12.2012.

Chisaki Watanabe: Japan to Trade Emission Credits Through 2015, Government Says, Bloomberg 17.12.2012.


Action by 2020 Key for Limiting Climate Change, Science Daily 16.12.2012.


What Doha did. No progress today, but a slightly better chance of progress tomorrow, The Economist 15.12.2012.

Four GCC states pledge more eco-friendly plans, Khaleej Times 15.12.2012.

Meena Menon: Doha dithers on equity, The Hindu 15.12.2012.


Christiana Figueres: Global deal on climate complex but possible, RTCC 14.12.2012.

Connie Hedegaard: Why the Doha climate conference was a success, The Guardian 14.12.2012.

Don’t ditch the UN climate process yet, says Christiana Figueres, The Third Pole 14.12.2012.

Pano Kroko: Polluter’s Charter, Bleeding Edge Blog 14.12.2012.

Jennifer Morgan: Reflections on COP 18 in Doha: Negotiators Made Only Incremental Progress, WRI Insigths 14.12.2012.

Graham Lloyd: Doha’s politics of envy, The Australian 14.12.2012.

Alister Doyle & Barbara Lewis: Turning despair into hope by 2015, (Reuters) Climate Spectator 14.12.2012.

Olga Dobrovidova: Russia negotiators complain of ‘legal nihilism’ at UN climate talks, RTCC 14.12.2012.

Chris Lang: REDD at COP18, Doha: At a crossroads or stuck in neoliberalism’s dead end? 14.12.2012.


Dinesh E. Sharma: Qatar tries to paint the desert green, India Today 13.12.2012.

Ed King: What next for the UN climate talks after Doha? RTCC 13.12.2012.

Africa: Time for Climate Justice, (editors note) All Africa 13.12.2012.

Urmi A. Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012 failed to fashion action but got all nations on one platform, The Times of India 13.12.2012.

Dines Sharma: After superstorm Sandy, climate change debate stalls in Doha, Al Jazeera 13.12.2012.

Tierny Smith: What next for REDD+ following Doha disappointment? RTCC 13.12.2012.

NZ to join int’l body to fight short-lived climate pollutants, (Xinhua) China Daily 13.12.2012.

Larry Swatuk: Some hard truths in Doha’s wake, The Record 13.12.2012.

John Parnell: USA holds key to global deal on airline emissions, RTCC 13.12.2012.

Margaret Evans: Rising sea levels prompt rising global concern, The Progress 13.12.2012.

Kim Chi: Vietnam can see great opportunities from carbon market, Vietnam Net 13.12.2012.


Bianca Jagger: COP18 Failed to Turn Down the Heat, Huffington Post 11.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: China and US hold the key to a new global climate deal, The Guardian 12.12.2012.

Words are not enough, (leder) Nature 12.12.2012.

Mukul Sanwal: Transition to sustainable growth, China Daily 12.12.2012.

Urmi A. Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Doha meet fails to pledge for huge emission cuts, The Times of India 12.12.2012.

New laws in key nations vital to climate deal, Bangkok Post 12.12.2012.

Africa: Disappointing Outcome for Forests in Doha, but Redd+ Can Still Move Forward, All Africa 12.12.2012.

Another year wasted by climate negotiators, New Scientist 12.12.2012.

John Vidal: Bangladesh’s climate compensation push a ray of light after dismal Doha, The Guardian 12.12.2012.

PwC: Doha experience proves 2015 treaty agreement will be tough, RTCC 12.12.2012.

Meena Menon: A Gateway for developed nations to baulk at commitments, The Hindu 12.12.2012.

Govt must reshape strategy for new CO2 framework, Yomiuri Shimbun 12.12.2012.

Alon Mwesigwa: Ugandan Companies Urged to Join CDM, All Africa 12.12.2012.

Doha Gateway: What was agreed at COP18 climate summit, RTCC 12.12.2012.

Doha climate change talks, a step forward to Kyoto protocol! The Pioneer (Indien) 12.12.2012.


Isolda Agazzi: Youth Call for ‘Change of Course’ to Solve Climate Crisis, IPS 11.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: Critics Brand Climate Talks Another Lost Opportunity, IPS 11.12.2012.

John Parnell: Belarus threaten to leave Kyoto Protocol after Doha controversy, RTCC 11.12.2012.

Gloomy Doha climate conference, (leder) Orange County Register 11.12.2012.

Tierney Smith: Countries plan Kyoto walkout after Doha climate change talks, RTCC 11.12.2012.

O.P. Rana: Doha delivers ‘dead’ deal on climate change, China Daily 11.12.2012.

Steve Trent: Loss and damage won’t go far enough for climate migrants, RTCC 11.12.2012.

Kennedy Mbewa: Doha Briefs: Of Apples, Mangoes and Gateway, International Political Forum 11.12.2012.

Craig Rucker: Did Doha sputter – or succeed? CFACT Insights 11.12.2012.

Chris Lang: Reactions to COP18′s Doha Gateway: “Open to irreversible climate change, shut to equity”, 11.12.2012.

John Parnell: Same old story from USA and Obama at UN climate talks, RTCC 11.12.2012.

Mathilde Boesen & Kristoffer Rosenkjær: De voksne er ligeglade med vores fremtid, Politiken 11.12.2012.

UN Climate Conference Extends Kyoto Protocol, The Chosunsilbu 11.12.2012.


Has Doha finally laid the ghosts of Copenhagen to rest? The Telegraph 10.12.2012.

Michael Jacobs: The Doha climate talks were a start, but 2015 will be the moment of truth, The Guardian 10.12.2012.

Ban welcomes outcome of climate talks, The Nation (Pakistan) 10.12.2012.

John Gummer et al.: Doha showed that only domestic policy can drive international co-operation, The Guardian 10.12.2012.

Tierny Smith: COP18 outcome branded ‘extremely weak’ on short term ambition, RTCC 10.12.2012.

Global climate talks stall – again, The baltimore Sun 10.12.2012.

Ed King: Weak Doha climate deal leaves world on pathway to 3°C by 2040, RTCC 10.12.2012.

Frank McDonald: Doha climate conference closes on ‘weak deal’ unlikely to stem emissions, The Irish Times 10.12.2012.

Will Nichols: Doha: Davey demands climate ambition after “modest step forward”, Business Green 10.12.2012.

Lisa Friedman: After a bruising parley, climate conference veers toward a successor to Kyoto pact, Scientific American 10.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: Doha Climate Summit Ends With No New CO2 Cuts or Funding, IPS 10.12.2012.

Michael Marshall: Doha summit launches climate damage aid, New Scientist 10.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: December 10 News: Despair After Doha, As Climate Talks Bring ‘A Process That Simply Provides For Talk And No Action’, 10.12.2012.

Dean Chemnick: Debate begins anew – do U.N. talks matter in Washington, E&E 10.12.2012.

Sarah Clarke: No genuine greenhouse gas cuts from Doha, (audio) AM 10.12.2012.

Urmi a Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Admitting to 20 years of mixed results, Doha agrees to fresh gas emission cuts, The Times of India 10.12.2012.

David Vroe: Doha climate talks fall short, critics say, Sydney Morning Herald 10.12.2012.

Richard Harris: Latest Climate Talks Wrap Up In Doha, (3:11 min. audio) NPR 10.12.2012.

Bangladesh sceptical of COP18 outcome, Al Jazeera 10.12.2012.

Hurting ourselves for no good reason on climate change, Australian Financial Review 10.12.2012.

Sabra Lane: Doha talks important but more needs to be done, (audio) AM 10.12.2012.

Duncan Alfreds: New Kyoto climate deal condemned, News24, 10.12.2012.

Chris Bourke: New Zealand Has Kyoto Carbon Access Until 2015, Government Says, Bloomberg 10.12.2012.

Exit from the Kyoto Protocol ‘won’t affect Russian economy’, Russian Times 10.12.2012.

Ed King: UN climate chief dismisses Russia ‘hot-air’ protest in Doha, RTCC 10.12.2012.

Steen Gade: Verden fik et magert klimaresultat i ørkenen, Politiken 10.12.2012.

FN står impotent tilbage over for klimaforandring, (leder) Politiken 10.12.2012.


Juliet Eilperin: Kyoto Protocol extended in contentious U.N. climate talks, Washington Post 09.12.2012.

Jeff Tollefson: UN climate talks stumble as scientists raise alarm, Nature 09.12.2012.

Christopher M. Schuetze: Ignoring Planetary Peril, Profound ‘Disconnect’ Between Science and Doha, New York Times 09.12.2012.

Barbara Lewis & Alister Doyle: Despair after climate conference, but U.N. still offers hope, Reuters 09.12.2012.

Doha Gateway: The reaction, Business Green 09.12.2012.

Doha Climate Conference Opens Gateway to Greater Ambition and Action on Climate Change, UNEP 09.12.2012.

Germany hails climate package, News 24, 09.12.2012.

Karl Ritter: After climate talks, eyes on US for next round, (AP) San Francisco Chronicle 09.12.2012.

Linh Do: Doha, a Process Win that Won’t Solve Climate Change, International Political Forum 09.12.2012.

Fractious Doha talks bode ill for 2020 deal, observers say, AFP 09.12.2012.

Barbara Lewis & Valerie Volcovici: U.S., China turned EU powers against airline pollution law, Reuters 09.12.2012.

Kyoto extension to limit carbon market access to some nations, (Blomberg) Sydney Morning Herald 09.12.2012

Omid Ghoreishi: Canada Announces New Funding to Help Poorer Countries Combat Climate Change, The Epoch Times 09.12.2012.

Doha climate talks end with a whimper, (Reuters) Sydney Morning Herald 09.12.2012.

Poor to seek UN climate change compensation scheme in 2013, Reuters 09.12.2012.

The climate talks bring pain, not gain, The Telegraph 09.12.2012.

8-yr 2nd commitment period for Kyoto pact adopted, (Kyodo) Mainichi 09.12.2012.

Noorhan Barakat: World Bank: Arab world hit hard by climate change, Gulf News 09.12.2012.

Agreement to combat climate change reached at Doha meet, (AFP) Times of Oman 09.12.2012.

Alex Morales & Ewa Krukowska: Pollution Limits Renewed With UN Push for Climate Aid, Blomberg 09.12.2012.

Climate activists livid at absence of decisive action at Doha, Zeenews 09.12.2012.

Jennifer Morgan: More voices needed in climate debate, CNN 09.12.2012.

Doha climate talks throw lifeline to Kyoto Protocol, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 09.12.2012.

Kyoto signing good for industry, Trade Minister Craig Emerson says, (AAP) Herald Sun 09.12.2012.


Ban Ki-moon: Statement by the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, New York, 08.12.2012.

Ban welcomes outcome of UN climate change talks in Doha, UN News Centre 08.12.2012.

Doha climate conference opens gateway to greater ambition and action on climate change, UNFCCC 08.12.2012 (pdf).

Qatar-strophe – climate talks end without meaningful action, (pressemeddelelse) Friends of the Earth (UK) 08.12.2012.

‘Climate action drought’ in Doha risks condemning the world to more hunger, (pressemeddelelse) Oxfam 08.12.2012 (pdf).

Danske NGO’er skuffede over resultat fra klimatopmøde – intet øget ambitionsniveau, 92-gruppen – Forum for Bæredygtig Udvikling 08.12.2012 (pdf).

Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam & Climate Action International reax to Doha deal, RTCC 08.12.2012.

Doha climate deal: EU, USA, Russia, Brazil, Africa & Pacific Island reaction, RTCC 08.12.2012.

Next Time You Come to a Climate Conference, Do Your Homework Beforehand, Scrapbook of a Climate Hawk 08.12.2012.

Karl Ritter & Michael Casey: UN conference adopts extension of Kyoto accord, (AP) San Francisco Chronicle 08.12.2012.

John Parnell: Kyoto Protocol extended in Doha, but doubts over short term climate ambition, 08.12.2012.

Roger Harrabin: UN climate talks extend Kyoto Protocol, promise compensation, BBC News 08.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Doha climate change deal clears way for ‘damage aid’ to poor nations, The Guardian 08.12.2012.

Louise Gray & Richard Gray: Doha: climate change talks end with compensation deal for poor nations that could cost billions, The Telegraph 08.12.2012.

Doha climate resolution ‘disappointing’ – Moscow, The Voice of Russia 08.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: EU pushes for Kyoto protocol deal as climate talks wind down, The Guardian 08.12.2012.

Jennifer Morgan: Climate Talks Wrap Up with a Deal in Doha, World Resources Institute 08.12.2012.

UN Climate Summit, Doha – PwC comment on Kyoto II, Loss & Damage, finance, and negotiations process, PricewaterhouseCooper 08.12.2012.

Mariette le Roux: Climate pact injects symbolic life into Kyoto, AFP 08.12.2012.

Kate Sheppard: Another Disappointing Climate Meeting Draws to a Close, Mother Jones 08.12.2012.

Conference leaders hail Gateway after agreement, 08.12.2012.

Doha Outcome: Kyoto Protocol Lives, Global Climate Deal by 2015, Evironment New Service 08.12.2012.

Alister Doyle & Barbara Lewis: Doha climate talks throw lifeline to Kyoto protocol, (Reuters) Live Mint 08.12.2012.

Kelly Rigg: Finding Hope in the Final Hours of the Doha Climate Conference, Huffington Post 08.12.2012.

Ban Ki-moon: Klimaaftale er kun et første skridt, (Ritzau) Politiken 08.12.2012.

Hedegaard om COP18-aftale: Et lille, men vigtigt skridt, (Ritzau) Politiken 08.12.2012.

Michael Rothenborg & Rasmus Dam: Lidegaard er »ikke i nærheden af at juble« over ny klimaaftale, Politiken 08.12.2012.

Kyoto-aftalen er forlænget til 2020, (Ritzau) Information 08.12.2012.

Danske klimafolk: Få lyspunkter i skuffende aftale, (Ritzau) Informaton 08.12.2012.

Tatiana Tilly: NGO’er: De rige lande har brudt klimaløfter til de fattige, Politiken 08.12.2012.

Rasmus Dam Nielsen: Dan Jørgensen dumper Doha: Det er klimaprocessens lavpunkt, Politiken 08.12.2012.

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