8. september 2012 arkiv

IUCN – Nature + food: Can we feed the world Sustainably?

8. september 2012

Nature + food: Can we feed the world Sustainably? – den anden af fem “World Leaders Dialogues” ved IUCNs biodiversitetskonference i Korea 08.09.2012 – 88:52 min. video.

Oplægget til nature + food

Food production systems rely on the richness and diversity of natural ecosystems. One billion people worldwide rely on fish as their primary protein source, while bush meat provides 80% of the protein and fat intake for rural communities in Central Africa. Pollination services are worth an estimated USD 153 billion annually. Agriculture everywhere relies on adequate and well-managed water resources. Fisheries production also relies on healthy marine and freshwater ecosystems – and at the moment is far from sustainable. To secure food supplies, equitable and sustainable use of natural resources is required. Food security is also linked to human security on a broader level.

Are we serious about redirecting ‘perverse’ subsidies that currently wipe out biodiversity
on land and in the sea?
What impacts are biofuels likely to have on food production and food security?
What is the role of technology in feeding the world?
Can sound environmental management help prevent or reduce conflicts and improve
human security?

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