11. september 2012 arkiv

IUCN – Nature +: Saving nature, why bother?

11. september 2012

Nature +: Saving nature, why bother? den afsluttende “World Leaders Dialogue” ved IUCNs biodiversitetskonference i Korea 11.09.2012 – 92:36 min. video.

Oplægget til den sammenfattende nature + dialog

The four World Leaders Dialogues will culminate in the final dialogue of the Forum by seeking to answer the central question: saving nature, why bother? This session, while closing the Forum, will also serve to directly link the World Leaders Dialogues to the overall message of the Forum and to lead into the next segment of the Congress: the IUCN Members’ Assembly.

Are we overestimating the importance of conserving biological diversity?
What does biodiversity mean for development?
Who is responsible for conserving nature?
Can development happen without nature?
Can we live without nature?

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