COP18 positioner og forviklinger

26. november 2012

Så er COP18 skudt i gang. I de næste 2 uger vil verdens lande dels forsøge at komme nærmere en global klimaaftale, dels prøve at få Kyoto-aftalen fortsat for den lille gruppe lande, som er til sinds at binde sig i årene frem mod 2020.

Herunder vil jeg løbende opdatere med links til artiker mv. om udviklingen i Doha. Tilsvarende er der links til artikler forud for COP18 samlet i blog-indlægget Optakt til COP18.

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Roger Harrabin: Doha climate talks: US faces dilemma over final text, BBC News 08.12.2012.

Alister Doyle & Barbara Lewis: Weak plan to save Kyoto pushes climate talks to brink, Reuters 08.12.2012.

Qatar seeks to extend Kyoto to break climate change deadlock, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 08.12.2012.

James Murray: Doha deal in balance as “Loss and Damage” text tabled, Businesss Green 08.12.2012.

Ed King: UN climate talks: Why is loss and damage so controversial? RTCC 08.12.2012.

Bangladesh, Maldives front runners in adapting to climate change impacts: WB, The Daily Star 08.12.2012.

John Parnell: ‘Loss and damage’ to make or break Doha climate talks, RTCC 08.12.2012.

Steps taken to save Amazon forests, 08.12.2012.

Karl Ritter: UN Climate Talks: Aid To Developing Countries Disputed On Final Day, (AP) Huffington Post 08.12.2012.

Bikash Singh: Several areas in Assam witnessing change in rainfall pattern: Study on climate change, The Times of India 08.12.2012.

Zack Beauchamp: U.S. Senator Protests Climate Talks With Activist Who Believes The UN Is The Anti-Christ, Climate Progress 08.12.2012.

Sophie Trevitt: The Morning After Stock-Take, International Political Forum 08.12.2012.

Countries have to close ranks to cut greenhouse gas emission: Al-Naimi, Saudi Gazette 08.12.2012.


Selina Juul: Kom ud af hamsterhjulet. COP18: Nekrolog for klimabølgen, Jyllandsposten 07.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Doha climate talks stall over draft text wording, The Guardian 07.12.2012.

Submission from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, UNFCCC 07.12.2012 (pdf).

Ed King: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & UAE make mysterious climate pledge, RTCC 07.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: UN climate summit’s Qatari hosts under fire as talks drag on, The Guardian 07.12.2012.

Roger Harrabin: ‘Hot-air’ release at Doha climate talks dispels tension, BBC News 07.12.2012.

Karl Ritter: Money in focus as UN climate talks enter last day, AP 07.12.2012.

Michael Casey: UN climate talks go into overtime in Qatar, (AP) Contra Costa Times 07.12.2012.

Jesper Løbenbalk Hansen: Klimakampens uovervindelige ildsjæle, Information 07.12.2012.

Jesper Løbenbalk Hansen: Dagbog fra Doha: Håbløshedens logik, Information 07.12.2012.

Jørgen Steen Nielsen: Permafrosten tør, og FN’s klimapanel tier, Information 07.12.2012.

Rebecca Lefton & Andrew Light: Deadlock In Doha: Is Qatar Going To Be The Place Where International Agreements Go To Die? Climate Progress 07.12.2012.

Jessica Shankleman: But COP18 talks likely to continue into tomorrow as negotiators attempt to tie together key strands, Business Green 07.12.2012.

Richard Harris: At Doha Climate Talks, Modest Results At Best, NPR 07.12.2012.

John Parnell: Most vulnerable nations urged not to sign weak climate deal, RTCC 07.12.2012.

UN Climate Talks in Doha, (audio m. transscript, interview med Alden Meyer) Living on Earth 07.12.2012.

Ed King: Clock ticking for UN climate talks as tempers fray in Doha, RTCC 07.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: A Hotter World Is a Hungry World, IPS 07.12.2012.

Michael Marshall: Doha climate talks stumbling towards a deal, New Scientist 07.12.2012.

John Parnell: Tension mounts as UN climate talks enter final day in Doha, RTCC 07.12.2012.

Louise Gray: Climate change deal limping towards ‘disappointing’ conclusion, 07.12.2012.

Nicole Ghio: World Bank’s New Climate Strategy: Keep Financing Coal, Just Don’t Call It A Coal Plant, Climate Progress 07.12.2012.

Julia Whitty: Yikes! Government Details 6 Most Terrifying Arctic Trends, Mother Jones 07.12.2012.

Invention demonstrates how humidity can be turned into water, 07.12.2012.

Regan Doherty: Qatar deports activists after climate talks protest: group, Reuters 07.12.2012.

Religions agree prayer has a role in war on climate change, 07.12.2012.

Avaaz launch drive to boost US climate finance contributions, RTCC 07.12.2012.

Sophie Trevitt: Stop Blaming Civil Society, International Political Forum 07.12.2012.

Ed King: Doha protests as doubts grow over Qatari leadership at UN climate talks, RTCC 07.12.2012.


The Doha Climate Change Conference: Getting to ‘Yes’ – 194 Times, Zahwya 06.12.2012.

Vesela Todorova: Middle East faces extreme climate change, The National 06.12.2012.

John Vidal: Will Philippines negotiator’s tears change our course on climate change? The Guardian 06.12.2012.

Philippines negotiator makes emotional plea at Doha climate talks – video, The Guradian 06.12.2012.

Ministers from 25 Nations Commit to Scaling Up Voluntary Action to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, UNEP 06.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Rare note of harmony at Doha as action agreed on black carbon, The Guardian 06.12.2012.

Jörg Schindler: US Disappoints at Doha Climate Talks, Der Spiegel 06.12.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg: US envoy’s cutting remark on C02 emissions fails to add up, The Guardian 06.12.2012.

‘Big shift’ seen in US position at Doha climate talks, (Blomberg) Sydney Morning Herald 06.12.2012.

China hopes Durban Platform upholds core principles of UNFCCC, (Xinhua) Global Times  06.12.2012.

Wu Wencong & Lan Lan: Washington shies away from commitments, China Daily 06.12.2012.

Ed King: Doha protests as doubts grow over Qatari leadership at UN climate talks, RTCC 06.12.2012.

Melanie Hart. Why China Is So Wary Of Ambitious International Climate Targets, Climate Progress 06.12.2012.

India fighting to salvage equity in Doha climate talks, Pakistan Today 06.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Money talks – how the Doha conference really comes down to cash, The Guardian 06.12.2012.

John Parnell: Will climate finance pledges break Doha deadlock? RTCC 06.12.2012.

Vesela Torova: UAE wants world governments to extend Kyoto Prootocol, The national 06.12.2012.

Meena Menon: NGOs lament lack of clarity, The Hindu 05.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha climate conference diary: Monckton v camel, The Guardian 06.12.2012.

John Parnell: Venezuela: Climate finance is a form of blackmail, RTCC 06.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha climate talks: should rich countries shoulder ‘responsibility’ for carbon cuts? The Guadian 06.12.2012.

Leo Hickman: Doha climate talks: should rich countries shoulder ‘responsibility’ for carbon cuts? The Guardian 06.12.2012.

Luke Morgan: Carol Browner: ‘Stunning’ Climate Denial In The House Prevents Any Action On Climate In Washington, Climate Progress 06.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha’s most progressive country on climate change? Wales, The Guadian 06.12.2012.

Viet Nam, Norway and UN Announce US$30 Million for REDD+ in Viet Nam at UN-REDD COP18 Event, UNEP 06.12.2012.

Corporate Climate Champions Meet at COP18, UNEP 06.12.2012.

Ministers from 25 Nations Commit to Scaling Up Voluntary Action to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, UNEP 06.12.2012.

UNEP Launches New Initiative to Support Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, UNEP 06.12.2012.

Regan Doherty & Daniel Fineren: Cash row threatens Doha climate talks, Reuters 06.12.2012.

John Parnell: Climate talks “sleepwalking towards disaster” – NGO coalition, RTCC 06.12.2012.

Xu Wei & Shi Yingying: China unveils pollution reduction plan, China Daily 06.12.2012.

Growing Qatar planning its long term water supply, 06.12.2012.

David McLaughlin: More than words required, The Vancouver Sun 06.12.2012.

McCartney pushes for meat-free days, (AAP) The West Australian 06.12.2012.

World Bank: Arab nations must face climate change realities, RTCC 06.12.2012.

Jeremiah Brown: When Did We Stop Caring? International Political Forum 06.12.2012.

70m euros set aside for projects in developing nations, 06.12.2012.


Ban Ki-moon: rich countries are to blame for global warming, (AP) The Guardian 05.12.2012.

Ban calls for compromise at UN climate talks, Al Jazeera 05.12.2012.

Ewa Krukowska: UN Set to Delay Hot Air Debate as Surplus Harmless Until 2020, Bloomberg 05.12.2012.

John Parnell: Ban Ki-moon weighs into finance debate at Doha climate talks, RTCC 05.12.2012.

Alex Morales & Kim Chipman: UN’s Ban Seeks Details on $100 Billion in Climate Pledges, Bloomberg 05.12.2012.

Paul McCartney asks climate change talks to consider introducing ‘Meat Free Monday’, NME 05.12.2012.

Santiago Ortega Arango: Clean development threatened as Kyoto Protocol expires – experts, Alert Net 05.12.2012.

Regan Dogerty: Activists accuse Arab states over climate change at U.N. talks, Reuters 05.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: China pledges ‘due contribution’ on emissions cuts, The Guardian 05.12.2012.

Humeyra Pamuk: Saudi Arabia sees need to act on climate change, Reuters 05.12.2012.

Todd Stern: Shale gas boosting US climate action, RTCC 05.12.2012.

Rosanne Skirble: Developing Countries Want Rich Nations to Pay for Climate Change, Voice of America 05.12.2012.

Roger Harrabin: Climate compensation row at Doha, BBC News 05.12.2012.

Andrew Restuccia: Fiscal cliff worries overshadow Qatar climate talks, Politico 05.12.2012.

John Vidal: Frustration over lack of climate cash for poor countries rises in Qatar, The Guardian 05.12.2012.

Urmi Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Drought looms as India faces rain deficit, The Times of India 05.12.2012.

Alister Doyle & Barbara Lewis: China demands timetable to $100 billion climate aid for developing world, Reuters 05.12.2012.

Meena Menon: Doha talks enter critical phase, The Hindu 05.12.2012.

Kumi Naidoo: An Open Letter to Barack Obama: We Are Running Out of Time, Huffington Post 05.12.2012.

Karl Ritter: AP Interview: UN chief blames rich for warming, AP 05.12.2012.

John M. Broder: At Climate Talks, a Struggle Over Aid for Poorer Nations, New York Times 05.12.2012.

Meena Menon: Informal Ministerial roundtable gets under way at Doha, The Hindu 05.12.2012.

Japan eyes reduced emission cut target, AFP 05.12.2012.

Betwa Sharma: India, World’s Largest Livestock Owner, Balks at Farming Gas Curbs in Doha, New York Times India 05.12.2012.

Jennifer Duggan: China timber trade ‘fuels climate change’, Al Jazeera 05.12.2012.

Ed King: Korolec: Poland not for budging on Kyoto Protocol ‘hot air’ in Doha, RTCC 05.12.2012.

John Parnell: Brazil: Absence of acceptable Kyoto deal threatens UN climate process, RTCC 05.12.2012.

Michael Casey: Clashes over financing threat UN climate talks, (AP) San Francisco Chronicle 05.12.2012.

Hedegaard: Time to ask what USA and China are offering in Doha, RTCC 05.12.2012.

John Ashton: Doha climate talks: diplomacy begins at home, The Guardian 05.12.2012.

Yang Fuqiang: Climate change responsibilities, China Daily 05.12.2012.

Chris Wright: Australia: Funding Climate Change through Fossil Fuels, International Political Forum 05.12.2012.

China backs developing countries to combat climate change: official, Xinhua 05.12.2012.

Passionate plea to leaders as Arab youth demand action, 05.12.2012.

WWF, Oxfam in call to fund developing countries, 05.12.2012.


Fiona Harvey: Lord Stern: developing countries must make deeper emissions cuts, The Guardian 04.12.2012.

Matthew Carr: UN Carbon Credits May Be Used in 2020 Global Market, Brazil Says, Bloomberg 04.12.2012.

Ban calls for compromise at UN climate talks, Al Jazeera 04.12.2012.

Arctic states call for attention to Arctic climate change at UN climate talks, Nunatisiaq News 04.12.2012.

Nitin Sehti: India not to enhance its pledge of reducing emissions, The Times of India 04.12.2012.

Will Nichols: Lord Stern: Poorer countries must share carbon-cutting burden, Business Green 04.12.2012.

John Vidal: Climate change will mean more malnourished children, experts warn, The Guardian 05.12.2012.

Big gaps as climate talks enter final day, AAP 04.12.2012.

John Parnell: Room for optimism on climate finance at UN talks, RTCC 04.12.2012.

The road to a climate change deal goes through Doha, (leder) Washington Post 04.12.2012.

Alex Morales and Kim Chipman: UN’s Ban Joins Push for Details on Climate Aid Pledges, Blomberg 04.12.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg: Scientists to reveal full extent of Arctic ice loss amid climate change fears, The Guardian 05.1.2012.

Stephen Leahy: A Storm Brews in Doha, IPS News 05.12.2012.

Barbara Lewis & Alister Doyle: Extreme weather is new normal, U.N.’s Ban tells climate talks, Reuters 04.12.2012.

Britain makes climate pledge, AFP 04.12.2012.

Thomas Færgeman: COP18 kommer ikke til at redde verden, Concito 04.12.2012.

Alex Morales: U.K. $2.9 Billion Climate Aid Pledge Is First for 2013, Bloomberg 04.12.2012.

John Vidal: UK pledges £133m more for Africa to tackle climate change, The Guardian 04.12.2012.

Karl Ritter: At climate talks, UN chief rejects warming doubts, AP 04.12.2012.

Ed King: Australia opens door to future Kyoto ambition, RTCC 04.12.2012.

Helena Wright: Climate Negotiations Week 1 – Taking Stock, Adopt A Negotiator Project 04.12.2012.

Daphne Wysham: Why the World Bank Must Divest from Fossil Fuels, The Nation 04.12.2012.

Frank McDonald: Next Kyoto Protocol phase in place from start of 2013, predicts UN climate chief, Irish Times 04.12.2012.

Kim Chipman & Alex Morales: Islands Seek Funds for Climate Damage at UN Discussions, Bloomberg 04.12.2012.

Babs McHugh: Environmentalists back carbon capture technology, ABC Rural 04.12.2012.

Urmi A Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon urges industrialised countries to do more, The Times of India 04.12.2012.

John Parnell: US sets out terms for 2015 global climate deal, RTCC 04.12.2012.

Louise Gray: Doha: fighting climate change best hope for UK economy, The Telegraph 04.12.2012.

John Parnell: “Hollow” Kyoto bad omen for Durban deal, says African advisor, RTCC 04.12.2012.

Mark Tran: World ‘on collision course with nature’, OECD green growth report warns, The Guardian 04.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha climate conference diary: Qatar’s generosity keeps us guessing, The Guardian 04.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha climate conference diary: youth activists bring energy and urgency, The Guardian 04.12.2012.

Olga Dobrovidova: Doha: Russia backsliding on 25% emissions reduction goal, RTCC 04.12.2012.

International leaders stress need for urgent action, 04.12.2012.

Byan Walsh: As the World Keeps Getting Warmer, California Begins to Cap Carbon, Time 04.12.2012.

Napp Nazworth: Obama May Address Climate Change in 2nd Term Without Congress, Christian Post 04.12.2012.

Mariette le Roux: Rich nations alone can’t halt global warming: report, AFP 04.12.2012.

UN desertification chief anger at lack of progress in Doha, RTCC 04.12.2012.

Lan Lan: Emission target ‘set to be met’, China Daily 04.12.2012.

Rubin Makomere: Doha Briefs: Approaching the End, International Political Forum 04.12.2012.

Day 9 hears call for decisive action on climate change, 04.12.2012.

Linda Solomon: Canada ranked as worst performer in the developed world on climate change, Vancouver Observer 04.12.2012.


Extending the Kyoto Protocol, (leder) Japan Times 03.12.2012.

Emmanuel K. Dogbevi: Africa’s lead negotiator puts out four-point agenda to salvage COP 18, Ghana Business Views 03.12.2012.

Terry Tamminen: In The Fight Against Climate Change, Spending Money To Make Money, Scientific American 03.12.2012.

Kim Chipman: Obama Plans for Climate Deal as Fiscal Cliff Talks Rage, Bloomberg 03.12.2012.

Ed Davey: Four reasons to hope we can still avert the worst impacts of climate change, The Guardian 03.12.2012.

Nitin Sehti: Jayanthi Natarajan not to lead climate negotiations, The Times of India 03.12.2012.

Christof Siedler: Scientists Forecast Dramatic Temperature Increase, Der Spiegel 03.12.2012.

Jean Chemnick & Lisa Friedman: International climate world not wowed as Obama enters second term, E&E 03.12.2012.

Coral Davenport: It’s Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change, National Journal 03.12.2012.

Op Rana: Doha is going the Durban way, China Daily 03.12.2012.

Urmi Goswami: UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Developed countries not made any commitment on further reduction in emissions, The Economic Times 03.12.2012.

Humeyra Pamuk & Regan Doherty: US says climate plan on track, EU wants more, Reuters 03.12.2012.

Jennifer Morgan: Africa: Moving Forward on Seven Key Issues at Doha, All Africa 03.12.2012.

Eco talks enter new round on conference Day 8, 03.12.2012.

Steen Gade: Danmark kan gøre en forskel i Doha, Politiken 03.12.2012.

Mat McDermott: Rich Nations Spend 5x More Money on Subsidizing Fossil Fuels Than Climate Change Assistance, Treehugger 03.12.2012.

Betwa Swarma: A Conversation With: India’s Chief Climate Change Negotiator, New York Times – India 03.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: Civil Society, Youth Pushed to the Margins at Doha, IPS News 03.12.2012.

Christopher F. Schuetzhe: What the Doha Climate Talks Could Do for Sustainable Development, International Herald Tribune 03.12.2012.

Carbion dioxide emissions to touch 35.6 billion tonnes in 2012, (IANS) The Times of India 03.12.2012.

Study: Global carbon emissions reach new high, Al Jazeera 03.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: Rich Countries Spend Five Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Climate Aid, Climate Progress 03.12.2012.

Justin Guay: Why India’s Coal Plans Are An Illusion, Climate Progress 03.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: As Global CO2 Emissions Rise, Scientists Warn 2-Degree Target Is Nearly Out Of Reach: ‘We Need A Radical Plan’, Climate Progress 03.12.2012.

John Vidal: Climate change compensation emerges as major issue at Doha talks, The Guardian 03.12.2012.

Stephen Leahy: The Big Fight in Doha Is Over Climate Finance, IPS News 03.12.2012.

Ed King: Ambition deadlock frustrating climate talks in Doha, RTCC 03.12.2012.

Ben Cubby: It’s the end of the world as we know it, Sydney Morning herald 03.12.2012.

Graham Lloyd: Greenhouse target ‘still achievable’, despite a sharp rise in emissions, The Australian 03.12.2012.

Nation in top three for carbon emissions, (AAP) The Australian 03.12.2012.

Despite weak economy, CO2 emissions to grow 2.6 percent in 2012, Asahi Shimbun 03.12.2012.

Danmark kåret som verdens klimaduks, (Ritzau) Politiken 03.12.2012.

John Parnell: Room for optimism on climate finance at UN talks, RTCC 03.12.2012.

Doha Climate Conference: Kyoto Protocol And Other Issues Remain Unresolved, (Reuters) Huffington Post 03.12.2012.

Ed King: EU alliance with small island states vital to success of Doha talks – UK minister, RTCC 03.12.2012.

Mariette le Roux: Climate talks deadlocked at halfway point, AFP 03.12.2012.

Lan Lan & Wu Wencong: Doha talks move forward at glacier’s pace, China Daily 03.12.2012.

CO2 emissions rises mean dangerous climate change now almost certain, (Reuters) The Guardian 03.12.2012.

Andrew Simmins: Why Haringey should be the next venue for global climate talks, The Guardian 03.12.2012.

Louise Gray: Will the Arab World lead the way on climate change? The Telegraph 03.12.2012.

Robin Hood Tax campaign comes to the conference, 03.12.2012.

Conference ‘headed in right direction’ Figueres says, 03.12.2012.

Will Nichols: Davey heads to Doha ‘hopeful’ a deal can be struck, Business Green 03.12.2012.

Alexandra Di Stefano Pironti: Doha Faces an Indonesian Test, IPS News 02.12.2012.

Martin Kohr: Bleak week at Doha talks, The Star 03.12.2012.

Kennedy Mbewa: Doha Briefs: Pulling off the Blinders, International Political Forum 03.12.2012.

Sophie Trevitt: Conflict in Climate Change and Africa, International Political Forum 03.12.2012.

Ruth Nyambura: African Union on COP18, International Political Forum 03.12.2012.

Michael Mazengarb:Piracy to Solve Climate Change? International Political Forum 03.12.2012.

Daniel Wasonga: Climate Change and Africa’s Health, International Political Forum 03.12.2012.

Call to action for Arab women to fight climate change, 03.12.2012.

Doncan Clark: Doha climate talks: why cutting CO2 is more important than stopping methane, The Guardian 03.12.2012.

2012 set to be record year for CO2 emissions, RTCC 03.12.2012.

Indicators Can Support Transition to Inclusive, Resource-Efficient Green Economy, Says UNEP Report, UNEP 03.12.2012.

Sahara Forest project starts to cultivate the desert, 03.12.2012.

John Vidal: Doha climate conference diary: Qatar’s first environmental march, The Guardian 03.12.2012.

Jan Burck, Lukas Hermwille & Laura Krings: The Climate Change Performance index 2013, GermanWatch & CAN december 2012 (pdf).

Ulrik Andersen: Dansk klimapolitik vinder international 4.-plads. Ingen lande fortjener topplaceringer, Ingeniøren 03.12.2012.

Danmark kåret som verdens klimaduks, (Ritzau) Politiken 03.12.2012.


Fazeema Saleem: Activists call for solutions to climate change, The Peninsula 02.12.2012.

Rhodri Davies: Can Qatar’s food security plan ripen? Al Jazeera 02.12.2012.

Qatari Presidency holds bilateral meet with UNFCCC, 02.12.2012.

Ewa Krukowska & Alessandro Vitelli: Japan Aims to Push China, U.S. on Pollution Without Kyoto, Bloomberg 02.12.2012.

Alexandra Di Stefano Pironti: Doha Faces an Indonesian Test, IPS News 02.12.2012.

David Fogarty: Despite weak economy, CO2 emissions to grow 2.6 percent in 2012: study, Reuters 02.12.2012.

Jesper Løvenbalk Hansen : Kampen om de grønne penge, Information 02.12.2012.

Joe Romm: IPCC’s Planned Obsolescence: Fifth Assessment Report Will Ignore Crucial Permafrost Carbon Feedback! Think Progress 02.12.2012.

Some Wish Islam Would Inform Climate Debate, (AP) 02.12.2012.

Li Jing: China’s top Doha negotiator attacks lack of climate control progress, South China Morning Post 03.12.2012.

Justin Gillis & John M. Broder: With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High, Worries on How to Slow Warming, New York TImes 02.12.2012.

Mark Kinver: Carbon emissions are ‘too high’ to curb climate change, BBC News 02.12.2012.

John Parnell: Historic Doha march heaps pressure on Qatar to make carbon cut pledge, RTCC 02.12.2012.

Nitin Sethi: Doha round unlikely to raise emission cuts target, The Times of India 03.12.2012.

Frank McDonald: Robinson calls on US to act on climate change, Irish Times 03.12.2012.

Karin Kloosterman: Activists at COP18 in Qatar: Islam and the Arab-world Not Eco Enough, Green Propeht 02.12.2012.

Pilita Clark: Gulf shows signs of green revolution, Financial Times 02.12.2012.

Yu Shujun: No breakthrough at Doha climate talks, 03.12.2012.

Alister Doyle: Geo-Engineering Wins Scant Enthusiasm at U.N. Climate Talks, (Reuters) Scientific American 02.12.2012.

Sophie Trewitt: Where COP18 Talks Are At, International Political Forum 02.12.2012.

Ed King: Qatar facing dose of climate reality at UN talks, RTCC 02.12.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Carbon credits row could derail UN climate talks, says Brazil, The Guardian 02.12.2012.


Karl Ritter: Climate activists march outside UN talks in Qatar, (AP) Idaho Statesman 01.12.2012.

OPEC member Qatar says to start embracing solar energy, Reuters 01.12.2012.

Ed King: Hardline Nauru stance risks stalling Doha climate talks, RTCC 01.12.2012.

15% carbon cut needed for UN goal, AFP 01.12.0212.

Gwynne Taraska: Negotiations Over The Kyoto Protocol Continue At The Doha Climate Talks, Climate Progress 01.12.2012.

At Qatar Expo, Saudi firms highlight progress toward sustainability, Arab News 02.12.2012.

Sam Bollier: Gulf states quiet on climate change pledges, Al Jazeera 01.12.2012.

UN official says significant progress hopeful at Doha talks, Xinhua 01.12.2012.

Bjørn Bredal: Klimatopmøde i Gangnam style, Politiken 01.12.2012.

China’s stance in Doha climate talks constructive: UN official, Xinhua 01.12.2012.

John Parnell: Historic Doha march heaps pressure on Qatar to make carbon cut pledge, RTCC 01.12.2012.

A passionate cry goes up on behalf of Palestinine, 01.12.2012.

Annie Kelly: Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world, The Guardian 01.12.2012.

Joe Romm: Science Stunner: Greenland Ice Melt Up Nearly Five-Fold Since Mid-1990s, Antartica’s Ice Loss Up 50% In Past Decade, Climate Progress 30.11.2012.

Jerico Espinas: Coal Consumption Rising in EU, Greener Ideas 01.12.2012.Sun shines bright on Qatar’s low carbon future, 01.12.2012.

Climate change at ‘critical junction’ Friends of Earth says, 01.12.2012.

Susmita Baral: Sea Level Rising Faster Than Previously Thought, Greener Ideas 01.12.2012.

Protecting the environment, inspired by faith, 01.12.2012.

Susmita Baral: Warm ocean currents accelerating Antarctica glacier melt, Greener Ideas 01.12.2012.

From Peru to the Philippines, UNEP Presents Grassroots Solutions to the Impacts of Climate Change, UNEP 01.12.2012.

Potsdam Institute to share climate research centre in Qatar, 01.12.2012.

Climate march a ‘big first step’, say organisers, 01.12.2012.

A killing climate, Salt Lake Tribune 01.12.2012.

Bianca Jagger adds her voice to call for replanting forests, 01.12.2012.

Suzanne Goldenberg: US government announces opening of Atlantic coast for offshore wind farms, The Guardian 01.12.2012.

Rubin Makomere: Doha Briefs: Common Accounting Mechanism and the Status Quo Games, International Political Forum 01.12.2012.

D.J. Yap: Gov’t to retrofit Metro jeepneys to lessen carbon emissions, Inquirer 01.12.2012.

In Doha, COP18 aims to save Africa, Bikya Masr 01.12.2012.

Theatre of the absurd. After three failures, this year’s UN climate summit has only modest aims, The Economist 01.12.2012.

March: ‘History has been made’ COP18/CMP8 chairman says, 01.12.2012.

Isabel Ovalle: Arab activists take over, The Peninsula 01.12.2012.


Global warming: Study confirms greenhouse gas ‘fingerprint’ in distinct patterns of temperature change, Summit County Citizens Voice 30.11.2012.

Alister Doyle & Marton Kruppa: Pledges to fight global warming inadequate, U.S. off track: study, Reuters 30.11.2012.

Mi Xingang: China explores afforestation to boost carbon sinks, 30.11.2012.

Bid to streamline Doha talks could herald emissions progress, Business Green 30.11.2012.

Alister Doyle: UN calls for urgency on climate, says Doha deal to delight no one, Reuters 30.11.2012.

Yu Shojun: G77: Developed countries to come through, 30.11.2012.

China calls for Japan emission cuts, (Jiji) Japan Times 30.11.2012.

Sam Bickerstedt: Loss and Damage from Climate Change Must Not Become the “New Normal”, IPS 30.11.2012.

James Murray: Brussels unveils new push to phase out environmentally harmful subsidies, Business Green 30.11.2012.

Kevin Rafferty: Expertise on climate is a terrible thing to waste, Japan Times 30.11.2012.

Pano Kroko: Who lied to You? United Nations & IPCC Projections of sea level rise were vastly underestimated, Bleeding Edge Blog 30.11.2012.

‘Time running out’ for Kiribati as seas rise, AFP 30.11.2012.

Ria Voorhaar: Ending the subsidy silence, Climate Action Network 30.11.2012.

John Parnell: Ministers to have last say on ‘hot air’ compromise deal, RTCC 30.11.2012.

Karl Ritter: UN climate boss: No support for tough climate deal, AP 30.11.2012.

John Parnell: EU set for crunch ‘hot air’ talks in Doha, RTCC 30.11.2012.

Food, Water and Livelihoods in Pacific Islands under Increasing Threat from Climate Change, UNEP 30.12.2012.

Olga Dobrovidova: Russia now ‘very unlikely’ to join Kyoto extension in Doha, RTCC 30.11.2012.

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Blog-indlægget Optakt til COP18 rummer en link-oversigt over omtale af COP18 i tiden op til topmødet, mens Klimaforhandlinger i Bonn har links til artikler mv. omkring klimatmødet i Bonn i juni 2012.