Road to COP22 – en videorapport fra Marokko

7. november 2016

Road to Cop22: Green Tourism in Marrakech (Episode 1)

Dette blog-indlæg består i al sin enkelhed af en serie af små korte videoer, som Euronews har udarbejdet forud for FNs klimatopmøde COP22 i Marrakech, som starter i dag. De seks videoer, hver omkring 3 min. i længden, giver tilsammen et godt billede af klimaindsatsen og klimaforandringerne i et land som Marokko, hvor ørkenen trænger sig på sydfra mens et stigende hav graver langs kysterne mod nord og vest. Jeg har i første omgang ladet Euronews’ små engelske introduktionstekster blive stående.

The Moroccan city of Marrakech, which is hosting the COP22 climate change summit in November, has dedicated itself to eco-tourism. Marrakech, where culture and history merge in an ambitious vision for the future, has created a number of sustainable development initiatives.

The city which is nicknamed “ochre city” is developing into a green city that encourages eco-tourism. More than 30 hotels carry the prestigious Green Key, the Eco label awarded to tourism establishments for ecological commitment and environmental responsibility.

Tourism is the second source of income in the kingdom – it makes up 12 percent of its GDP. In 2015 more than ten million tourists visited Morocco. The country’s national tourism office integrates environmental protection programmes into the tourism sector.


Road to COP22: Blue Belt initiative of Agadir (Episode 2)

Increasing temperatures, rising sea levels and ocean acidification amplify extremes of climate change. Finding a solution to minimise the impact on coastal areas has become a priority. As part of our series “Road to Cop 22” we’re in Moroccan city of Agadir to find out more about the Blue Belt initiative.”

The Blue Belt initiative stemmed from the Blue Growth concept, launched by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation in 2013. It aims to encourage sustainable fishing, from seas and lakes to consumers’ plates, to allow marine resources to renew themselves. Better fishing practices lead to less food waste.


Road to Cop22: Switch to clean energy in Morocco (Episode 3)

Ouarzazate, the gateway to the desert has opened its doors to the future. The city, famous for its film history, now houses the Noor solar plant, the largest in the world. A project that aims to provide Morocco with clean, sustainable energy.

Noor 1 in Ouarzazat is the first phase of the four Noor power plants, which aim to produce clean energy in a country that imports more than 94 % of its energy needs. In Noor 1, there are half a million mirrors extending across 450 hectares, producing 160 megawatts of electricity.

The Moroccan Solar Energy Agency (MASEN) has developed the solar plants using CSP (concentrated solar power) technology.


Road to Cop22: Morocco cleans up its act for COP22 (Episode 4)

Morocco considers that action in favour of the environment coming from civil society is of the utmost importance. In Casablanca several initiatives inspired by young people have led to the setting up of associations that are working to protect the environment and get the message across to the people that clean and green go together.

One of them, Bahri, is trying to involve Moroccans in environmental causes to keep the cities and coasts clean. Since its inception in 2010 Bahri has organized more than 27 mass cleaning operations in different cities. The latest attracted more than 5000 volunteers.


Road to Cop22: World’s largest oasis threatened by climate change (Episode 5)

The world’s largest oasis in the Moroccan region of Tafilalet is being threatened by climate change. Morocco has three major objectives: recognizing issues related to climate change, preserving oases, and developing them to a single model of resilience.

Morocco has launched a sustainable environmental protection program promoting local products and ecotourism as well as the conservation and development of oases.

Water is very important to preserving Morocco’s oases. Various methods are used to get the precious liquid from the desert: wells, underground pipes, canals and dams.


Road to Cop22: Morocco launches Triple A initiative to tackle climate change ( Episode 6)

For the final stop along the Road to Cop 22, we’re in Souss Massa Draa, in southern Morocco. This region is the home of the country’s Triple A initiative which aims to transform the continent’s agriculture to face the challenges of climate change.

The Triple A initiative is part of the Green Morocco Plan which deals with agriculture and the agro-industry. It aims to address three challenges facing the African continent: funding, increasing agricultural productivity, and the increased carbon sequestration in African soils.

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