Fukushima links – år 2

11. november 2011

Den første side med links om udfoldelsen af problemerne efter Fukushima Daiichi-katastrofen var efterhånden blevet så lang, at det var på tide at opdele den. Herunder finder man således links for andet år, 11.03.2012 til 11.03.2013, mens det forudgående indlæg, Fukushima links – år 1, rummer links fra det første år efter katastrofedagen 11.03.2011. Et tredje indlæg Fukushima links – år 3, rummer links fra 11.03.2013 og frem.

Siden juni 2012 har jeg næsten dagligt lavet små optegnelser over udviklingen omkring genstarten af de japanske reaktorer og vedtagelsen af en ny energiplan, som bringer Japan ind i en udvikling baseret på vedvarende energi. Disse optegnelser er samlet månedsvis, se: junijuliaugustseptemberoktobernovemberdecember 2012 samt januarfebruarmartsaprilmajjunijuliaugust og september 2013. I den forbindelse er der medtaget ganske mange links til belysning af den politiske side af energiplanens tilblivelse, som ikke findes herunder.

Gå direkte til links for marts, april, maj, juni, juli, august, september, oktober, november, december 2012 samt januar og februar 2013.

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Se samtlige blog-indlæg om Fukushima.


1.-11. marts 2013

Steve Chao: Japan tsunami exacts heavy toll two years on, Aljazeera 11.03.2013.

Former Prime Minister: Half the people in Japan were close to being evacuated after start of Fukushima crisis, Energy News 11.03.2013.

Steven Mufson: In U.S., nuclear energy loses momentum amid economic head winds, safety issues, Washington Post 11.03.2013.

Marissa Fessenden: A Silver (Actually Cesium) Lining: Traces of Fukushima Disaster Fallout Help Scientists Track Tuna, Scientific American 11.03.2013.

Charles Digges: Displaced Fukushima survivors come to terms with never going home again, Bellona 11.03.2013.

Report: Fukushima Daiichi equal to or greater than Chernobyl? “Some startling results”, Energy News 11.03.2013.

Lucas W. Hixson: Two years have passed since Japan nuked the rest of the world, Enformable 11.03.2013.

Political leadership needed for disaster recovery, (leder) Mainichi 11.03.2013.

The top priority is building homes for disaster victims, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Two years after the 3/11 disasters, (leder) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Nuclear watchdog vows to regain trust 2 yrs after Fukushima accident, Kyodo 11.03.2013.

Ian Wilson: David Suzuki Says Japan Wasted Time to Rework Atomic Plan, Bloomberg 11.03.2013.

Antony Froggatt: Nuclear reactor operators must be financially liable for disasters, The Guardian 11.03.2013.

Geoff Bumfiel: Depression And Anxiety Could Be Fukushima’s Lasting Legacy, NPR (audio) 11.03.2013.

Japan marks 2nd anniversary of March 11 disasters, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Wolfgang Weiss: Long-term impact on mental health the main concern in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

A recharged power industry, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Fukushima plant decommissioning may last until 2051, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Elanor Warnock: Food Exports Still Restricted by Radiation Fears, Wall Street Journal 11.03.2013.

‘Light of hope’ transferred to tsunami memorial in Fukushima Prefecture city, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Uprooted by Tsunami, Church’s Flock Regroups, New York Times 11.03.2013.

Tetsuya Kasai: About 60 percent of Fukushima evacuees cannot return home by 2017, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Justin McCurry: Japan marks tsunami anniversary, The Guadian 11.03.2013.

Mizuho Aoki: Residents failed by fitful rebuilding, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Let there be no mistake, the Fukushima crisis continues, (Vox Populi) Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

TEPCO vows to stand by Fukushima people 2 yrs after nuclear accident, Kyodo 11.03.2013.

Fukushima family holds hope for daughter born on March 11, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Master woodworker puts grief into altar for 3 children lost to tsunami, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Lynne Peeples: Fukushima And The Navy: Sailors Sue Japan Nuclear Plant Owner, Saying Disaster Made Them Sick, Huffington Post 11.03.2013.

Solar plant domes spring up in Fukushima’s shadow, New Scientist 11.03.2013.

Activists fault WHO report on Fukushima radiation, (AFP) Global Post 11.03.2013.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes: Fukushima disaster: Long road to nuclear clean-up, BBC News 11.03.2013.

Kumi Naidoo: Fukushima disaster: holding the nuclear industry liable, The Guardian 11.03.2013.

Aya Takada & Yuriy Humber: Fukushima Seeks Revival in Radiation-Free Farms With No Soil, Bloomberg 11.03.2013.

Fukushima Meltdown’s 2nd Anniversary Brings Protests Against Japan’s Reliance on Nuclear Power, (video) Democracy Now 11.03.2013.

Lennox Samuels: Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup Bogged Down in Bureaucracy, Could Take Decades, The Daily Beast 11.03.2013.

Asger Røjle: Japan: Atomulykke tvinger unge par til skilsmisse, DR 11.03.2013.

Nation marks second year since calamity, (Kyodo) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Then and now: Photos compare changes in disaster zone, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Son recalls fond memories of climbing mountain with mom before tsunami, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief says U.S. plants safer since Fukushima, (AP) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Kasumasa Sugimura: Memories of wife, daughters help disaster victim move forward, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Evacuees may have to leave private housing used as temporary units, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Shunichi Kawabata: Ishinomaki: Two years on, firefighters still searching for bodies, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Tepco’s survival tied to reactors, rate hikes, (Jiji) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Radiation in most seafood products from disaster areas below limit: agency, Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Masakatsu Higashino: Otsushi: Many survivors are leaving, deterred by slow recovery, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Eric Johnston: Nuclear evacuees bide time in Kyoto but fret over future, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Takayuki Kihara: Okuma: Town that co-hosts Fukushima plant remains deserted, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Abe vows to create disaster-resilient Japan on quake anniversary, (Kyodo) Mainichi 11.03.2013.

Victims of 2011 disaster remembered; survivors move on, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Radiation within 80-km radius of Fukushima plant fallen by half, (Kyodo) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Recovery slow as Japan marks 2 years since tsunami, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Mami Maruko: Unable to return, Futaba residents fear becoming lost tribe, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Louis Templado: Checking Back: British father who refused to flee feels vindicated 2 years later, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Ayako Mie: Protesters rail against Abe, reactors, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Satioshi Shiba: American woman returns to keep disaster victims in peoples’ thoughts, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Dreux Richard: Toxic management erodes safety at ‘world’s safest’ nuclear plant, Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Tetsuya Kasai: About 60 percent of Fukushima evacuees cannot return home by 2017, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Rikuzentakata, Okuma remember disaster victims, (Kyodo) Japan Times 11.03.2013.

Hidefumi Nogami: Prometheus Trap / ‘Shadow units’ (4): Selection of personnel for Fukushima mission limited by unit makeup, Asahi Shimbun 11.03.2013.

Roger Pulvers: Tohoku has been truly rent asunder for untold generations yet to be born, Japan Times 10.03.2013.

Helen Caldicutt: Ravages of Fukushima disaster will never end, Sydney Morning Herald 10.03.2013.

Fukushima forests found to be radioactive, Aljazeera 10.03.2013.

Thousands protest against nuclear power in Japan, (AFP) The Raw Story 10.03.2013.

Mari Saito and Sophie Knight: Thousands in Japan anti-nuclear protest two years after Fukushima, Reuters 10.03.2013.

Thousands protest in Japan on eve of Fukushima nuclear disaster anniversary, Deutsche Welle 10.03.2013.

Anti-nuclear rallies mark run-up to Fukushima anniversary, (video) Euronews 10.03.2013.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Fitting In: Disaster catalyst for foreign women seeking true home in Japan, Asahi Shimbun 10.03.2013.

Jason Clenfield: Fukushima Toxic Waste Swells as Japan Marks March 11 Disaster, Bloomberg 10.03.2013.

Tepco: It’s ‘really impossible’ for us to keep storing liquid from Fukushima reactors We need to think about discharging it into ocean, (video) Energy News 10.03.2013.

Tepco to wait to decommission Fukushima plant? – Official: “The radiation will be reduced”, (video) Energy News 10.03.2013.

James Green: Filmmaker reveals enduring cost of Fukushima contamination, Asahi Shimbun 10.03.2013.

Winifred Bird: Two years on, Fukushima evacuees seek justice and a normal life, Japan Times 10.03.2013.

Tsunamien: Så vildt var det – og sådan ser der ud i dag, (dobbeltbilleder) Politiken 10.03.2013.

Eric Johnston: Plummeting debris estimates belie pleas for disposal aid, Japan Times 10.03.2013.

Ko Ota: Manga artists creating book to help orphans in disaster areas, Asahi Shimbun 10.03.2013.

Matthew Daly: Nuclear chief: US plants safer after Japan crisis, AP 10.03.2013.

Winifried Bird: Giving the children of Fukushima a place to play is not easy, Japan Times 10.03.2013.

Anti-nuke protests fill streets around world before 3/11 anniversary, Asahi Shimbun 10.03.2013.

Radiation ‘may affect reproduction’, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.03.2013.

The pall of Fukushima overshadows our energy future, (leder) New Scientist 10.03.2013.

Stolen JAEA laptops had Fugen data, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.03.2013.

Yuri Kageyama: Protesters in Tokyo demand end to nuclear power, AP 09.03.2013.

Fukushima Workers: Smoke was pouring out of Unit 1 before tsunami hit – “No doubt” quake crippled reactors – Could torpedo Japan’s attempts to restart nuclear plants, Energy News 09.03.2013.

Protesters in Japan demand end to nukes, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

March 2011 disasters directly affected 1.1 million jobs: survey, (Kyodo) Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Fumikazu Asai: Radiation levels from internal exposure dropping in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Kazuaki Nagata: Nuke safety body touts voluntary measures, Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Kazumi Tako: Pressure-washer robot to aid Fukushima decontamination, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Fukushima deletes radiation data needed for exposure assessment, Mainichi 09.03.2013.

Fukushima residents hold anti-nuclear demonstration, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Jun Hongo: A quick blow, then lingering death for devastated towns, Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Radioactive decontamination work far behind schedule in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Kyoko Hasegawa: Two years on, Fukushima suffers in nuclear shadow, AP 09.03.2013.

‘Fukushima fear’ deters tourists from entire northeastern Japan, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Kazuaki Nagata: NRA gets strict, must prove credibility, Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Yuri Oiwa: Ministry: Rate of Fukushima thyroid abnormalities roughly normal, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Worried Fukushima cops considered fleeing posts after 3/11, (Kyodo) Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Akira Kudochi: Two years on: Fukushima’s ‘Samurai City’ struggles to recover lost tourists, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Kazuaki Nagata: Water is both the savior and the bane at Fukushima No. 1, Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Seiji Kanda: Turning to the northeast in silent prayer, (1 af 5) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Seiji Kanda: Evacuees of Futaba head for new home in Saitama, (2 af 5) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Seiji Kanda: Doing right by the evacuees, (3 af 5) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Seiji Kanda: Evacuees get old school on third ‘migration’, (4 af 5) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

Seiji Kanda: Evacuated Futaba mayor stands his ground, (5 af 5) Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

3/11 disaster-linked failures reach 1,139 in two years, (Jiji) Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Ko Shu-ling: 68,000 stage antinuclear protests in Taiwan, Kyodo 09.03.2013.

Fukushima needs help beyond protests in Tokyo: sociologist, (Jiji) Japan Times 09.03.2013.

44 economies still ban, limit Japan food imports over radiation fears, Kyodo 09.03.2013.

Employment survey shows enduring cost of 2011 disaster, Asahi Shimbun 09.03.2013.

State to build 20,000 housing units in disaster-hit areas by March 2016, (Kyodo) Japan Times 09.03.2013.

Kazuhiro Taira: Two years on: NPO continues volunteer activities to provide radiation data in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013

Mari Saito & Linda Sieg: Two years after Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear lobby bounces back, Reuters 08.03.2013.

Hidefumi Nogami: Prometheus Trap / ‘Shadow units’ (3): Keeping the public in the dark, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

Evacuated Fukushima farmer pledges not to lose to disaster, Mainichi 08.03.2013.

Shintaro Hirama: Two years on, tsunami survivor remains in despair over family loss, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

Yukiya Amano: Statement on Second Anniversary of Fukushima Accident, IAEA 08.03.2013.

Gov’t needs to do more in managing Fukushima residents’ health, (leder) Mainichi 08.03.2013.

Lesson from the nuclear disaster: Too much focus on laws and systems instead of true leadership, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

NRA not budging on judgment Tsuruga plant sits above active fault, Kyodo 08.03.2013.

Yuri Oiwa & Teruhiko Nose: Residents concerned on effects of thyroid doses in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

2 computers containing data on Fugen reactor stolen from agency office, Kyodo 08.03.2013.

Attacks on nuclear sites are best prevented by abolishing the plants, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

James Topham & Mari Saito: Flooding complicates clean-up at Japanese nuclear plant, Reuters 08.03.2013.

Tatsuya Sasaki: 9/11 and tsunami firefighter deaths bring families together, Asahi Shimbun 08.03.2013.

Macolm Foster: Stress emerges as major health issue in Fukushima, AP 08.03.2013.

Robot looks for reactor 2 water leaks, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.03.2013.

Mitsuru Obe: Inside the Fukushima Daiichi Emergency Control Room, Wall Street Journal 07.03.2013.

AJW e-book chronicling March 11 disaster available here, free to access, Asahi Shimbun 07.03.2013.

Disaster-hit areas to apply for extensions for temporary stores, factories, schools, Mainichi 07.03.2013.

Marc Willacy: Fukushima workers ‘told to ignore radiation alerts’, (video) ABC News 07.03.2013.

Shunsuke Kimura: Cleanup work progresses in Fukushima, but residents still concerned, Asahi Shimbun 07.03.2013.

Elaine Kurtenbach: Tsunami-hit towns still barren as rebuilding lags, (AP) Denver Post 07.03.2013.

Shintaro Egawa: Tsunami victim’s father keeps her dream alive, Asahi Shimbun 07.03.2013.

Fukushima police officers struggled with fears amid nuclear crisis, Kyodo 07.03.2013.

Jenny W. Hsu: Taiwan Faces Meltdown Over Nuclear Referendum, Wall Streeet Journal 07.03.2013.

Weekly anti-nuclear protests losing steam after change in government, Asahi Shimbun 07.03.2013.

Mitsuru Obe: Inside the Fukushima Daiichi Emergency Control Room, Wall Street Journal 07.03.2013.

Justin McCurry: Fukushima two years on: the largest nuclear decommissioning finally begins, The Guardian 06.03.2013.

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant making progress on fuel rod removal, (AP) CTW News 06.03.2013.

Justin McCurry: Life as a Fukushima clean-up worker – radiation, exhaustion, public criticism, The Guardian 06.03.2013.

Japan’s ‘Long War’ to shut down Fukushima, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 06.03.2013.

Fukushima farmer fights uphill battle to sell vegetables amid radiation rumors, Mainichi 06.03.2013.

David McNeill: Two years on the deadly battle to save Fukushima from an invisible, odourless enemy goes on, The Independent 06.03.2013.

2 utilities may see delay in household electricity rate hikes, Kyodo 06.03.2013.

Areva plans 1st nuclear fuel shipment to Japan since Fukushima, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 06.03.2013.

Fukushima no-go district towns urged merged, (Jiji) Japan Times 06.03.2013.

Fumikazu Asai & Akiyoshi Abe: Cesium levels still exceed standards in wild mushrooms, seafood, game, Asahi Shimbun 06.03.2013.

TEPCO considers dumping water from Fukushima nuclear plant into ocean, Mainichi 06.03.2013.

Morichaka Nakamoto: Weekly rallies keeping antinuclear movement alive after LDP’s return, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.03.2013.

Marine product processers still struggling to recover after March 11 disaster, Mainichi 06.03.2013.

Online archive for 3/11 Tohoku disasters opens Thursday, (Jiji) Japan Times 06.03.2013.

Hidefumi Nogami: Prometheus Trap / ‘Shadow units’ (2): SDF rescuers don heavy protective gear plus diapers, Asahi Shimbun 06.03.2013.

Local mayor seeks long-term support to recover from Fukushima fallout, Mainichi 06.03.2013.

Tsunami ‘Noah’s Ark’, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.03.2013.

Two years after tsunami, bereaved family makes effort to move on, Mainichi 06.03.2013.

LDP gives victims disaster relief pitch, (Jiji) Japan Times 06.03.2013.

Japan denies nuclear reactor restart claims, (AFP) Global Post 05.03.2013.

Faulty equipment checks prompt NRA safety inspection of Monju, (Kyodo) Japan Times 05.03.2013.

Nuclear power capacity grew again in 2012: IAEA, AFP 05.03.2013.

60% in Fukushima say more than 2 decades needed to return to pre-disaster lifestyles, Asahi Shimbun 05.03.2013.

Fukushima 50 Special: Unit 4 pool “had boiled dry, raising the spectre of a nuclear fission chain reaction” – Feared nearby nuclear plant would be evacuated, Energy News 05.03.2013.

Workers sent to disaster areas committed suicide after questioning own usefulness, Mainichi 05.03.2013.

Tetsu Kobayashi: LDP boots anti-nuke advocates from environment panel, Asahi Shimbun 05.03.2013.

Yasuhiko Shima: Teenage tsunami survivor to deliver speech at U.N., Asahi Shimbun 05.03.2013.

Municipalities in disaster-hit areas suffer from acute staff shortages, Mainichi 05.03.2013.

Shigeko Segawa: Study: Formation of large seabed fissures likely increased tsunami height, Asahi Shimbun 05.03.2013.

Huge wind turbine starts off Chiba, (Kyodo) Japan Times 05.03.2013.

Saiko Nozu & Shu Nomura: After wife, sons die in tsunami, suicidal man finds solace in funeral job, Asahi Shimbun 05.03.2013.

80 percent of evacuees from 3 prefectures won’t return to hometowns: survey, Mainichi 05.03.2013.

Kanisch, G. & M.-O. Aust: Does the Fukushima NPP disaster affect the caesium activity of North Atlantic Ocean fish? in Biogeosciences Discussions vol. 10, 05.03.2013, pp. 4127-56 (pdf).

Hidefumi Nogami & Hiroyoshi Itabashi: Prometheus Trap / ‘Shadow units’ (1): Secret rescue mission at the Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 04.03.2013.

Nuclear disaster guidelines must put lessons from Fukushima into practice, Mainichi 04.03.2013.

Michiko Kawahara: English version of 3/11 disaster documentary to be screened in Tokyo, London, Asahi Shimbun 04.03.2013.

Tokyo Professor: Radionuclides are being released continuously into ocean from Fukushima plant – Coming from somewhere around reactor housings, Energy News 04.03.2013.

Residents miffed by taxes on Fukushima nuclear disaster compensation, Mainichi 04.03.2013.

New concrete plants to counter shortage in tsunami region, Asahi Shimbun 04.03.2013.

Fukushima decontamination workers’ exposure doses go unchecked, Mainichi 04.03.2013.

Yuri Oiwa: Study: Higher radiation risk found at one evacuation route used after nuclear disaster, Asahi Shimbun 04.03.2013.

Japan’s nuclear plants unlikely to restart operations this year: survey, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.03.2013.

Study turns up cesium in wildlife, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.03.2013.

Tariku Kurosawa: Study: 22 million Japanese at risk for next tsunami, Asahi Shimbun 03.03.2013.

Shunsuke Kimura: Monument to victims of 2011 disaster dedicated in Futaba, Asahi Shimbun 03.03.2013.

Collective exposure dose still remains high at Fukushima Daiichi, (Kyodo) Japan Times 03.03.2013.

Kazumasa Sugimura: Preserved ‘miracle’ tree is fitted back together, Asahi Shimbun 03.03.2013.

C.W. Nicol: Trying to get things done in the wake of 3/11, Japan Times 03.03.2013.

Mari Fujizaki: Streamlined energy panel has fewer anti-nuke advocate, Asahi Shimbun 02.03.2013.

David McNeill: ‘I am one of the Fukushima fifty’: One of the men who risked their lives to prevent a catastrophe shares his story, The Independent 02.03.2013.

Shuichi Abe: Spent fuel reprocessing issue must be tackled head-on now, Mainichi 02.03.2013.

Morichika Nakamoto: Activists hope to maintain momentum of antinuclear protests, Kyodo 02.03.2013.

Toshio Tada & Jun Sato: 63 workers exposed to higher radiation than logged in their records, Asahi Shimbun 02.03.2013.

High radiation in fish caught off No. 1 plant, (Kyodo) Japan Times 02.03.2013.

Hiroshi Ishizuka: Declining radiation measured near Fukushima plant, some blown elsewhere, Asahi Shimbun 02.03.2013.

Top Economist: Nuclear power is over – “Frankly I think from a business perspective it’s over, I think it’s over… here’s the situation”, (video), Energy News 01.03.2013.

Prominent antinuclear experts dropped from Japan energy policy panel, Kyodo 01.03.2013.

Monte Morin: Cancer risk from Fukushima disaster small, report says, Los Angeles Times 02.03.2013.

Cherrie Lou Billones: Nuclear plant operators say new safety standards will cost them $10.8 billion, Japan Daily Press 01.03.2013.

Rally calls for elimination of nukes on 59th anniv. of Bikini Atoll test, Kyodo 01.03.2013.

More reactors to restart if safety verified: Amari, (jiji) Japan Times 01.03.2013.

Survey: Half of disaster-hit communities need 6 to 10 more years to rebuild, Asahi Shimbun 01.03.2013.

Brian Wingfield: Lobbying Flurry Precedes U.S. Vote on Fukushima Rules, 01.03.2013.

Miracle pine’ dated at 173 years old, (Jiji) Japan Times 01.03.2013.

Crooked Cleanup: Workers break silence to allege boss ordered corner-cutting, Asahi Shimbun 01.03.2013.

WHO says only slightly higher cancer risk for Fukushima residents, (AP) Japan Times 01.03.2013.

Record cesium level found in Fukushima fish, Asahi Shimbun 01.03.2013.

Michael Smith: Cancer Risk From Fukushima Found in Japanese Infants, ABC news 01.03.2013.

Tepco mulls power cuts for industries refusing its rate hike, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.03.2013.

Hiroyoshi Itabashi: Prometheus Trap (15): U.S. maintained sense of urgency over nuclear accident, Asahi Shimbun 01.03.2013.

Reform is needed to get crisis info flowing: Edano, (Jiji) Japan Times 01.03.2013.

Winifred A. Bird & Jane Braxton Little: A Tale of Two Forests: Addressing Postnuclear Radiation at Chernobyl and Fukushima, Environmental Health Perspectives 01.03.2013.

Februar 2013

Hisashi Hattori: Nuclear watchdog: No easy task to scrap Fukushima reactors safely, Asahi Shimbun 28.02.2013.

Declan Butler: Much of Fukushima’s fallout was gone with the wind, Nature 28.02.2013.

Martin Fackler & Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan to Begin Restarting Idled Nuclear Plants, Leader Says, New York Times 28.02.2013.

Stephanie Nabehai: Higher cancer risk after Fukushima nuclear disaster: WHO, Reuters 28.02.2013.

Jun Sato & Toshio Tada: TEPCO fails to submit dose data on 21,000 Fukushima plant workers, Asahi Shimbun 28.02.2013.

World Health Organisation Downplays Health Impacts of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Greenpeace 28.02.2013.

Record radiation levels found in fish at Fukushima Daiichi, Enformable 28.02.2013.

‘Higher cancer risks’ after Fukushima crisis, Aljazeera 28.02.2013.

Global report on Fukushima nuclear accident details health risks, (pressemeddelelse) WHO 28.02.2013.

Ben Brumfield: Fukushima’s radiation damaged more souls than bodies, CNN 28.02.2013.

Japan Physician: Many children in greater Tokyo area complained of similar symptoms after 3/11 – Radiation levels in large cities in Fukushima exceed Chernobyl’s high contamination areas, (video) Energy News 28.02.2013.

Radioactive waste reaches Aomori, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.02.2013.

Shinichi Koike: AKB48, film director honor postquake efforts, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.02.2013.

Nuclear agency updates disaster mitigation rules, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.02.2013.

Marubeni to conduct geothermal power research in national park, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.02.2013.

Japan’s efforts to move past Fukushima Daiichi disaster draws criticism from experts and jeers from public, Enformable 27.02.2013.

Japanese disaster films highlight victims’ stories, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 27.02.2013.

TEPCO mulls cutting off power to companies refusing rate hike, Kyodo 27.02.2013.

Hidefumi Nogami: Prometheus Trap (14): Gap grew between Japan, U.S. in providing support, Asahi Shimbun 27.02.2013.

Opposition demands fair referendum on new Taiwan nuclear plant, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 27.02.2013.

Japan updates post-Fukushima crisis disaster mitigation guidelines, Kyodo 27.02.2013.

Jin Nishikawa & Ryuta Koike: Nuke plant operators put tab on new safety standards at 1 trillion yen, Asahi Shimbun 27.02.2013.

Yuri Oiwa: U.N. panel: Thyroid radiation doses in Fukushima infants within safe limits, Asahi Shimbun 27.02.2013.

Population drops by 72,000 in disaster-hit prefectures, delaying reconstruction, Asahi Shimbun 26.02.2013.

Ministry forced to start radioactive waste disposal site plan over, Asahi Shumbun 26.01.2013.

Japan to rethink candidate sites for nuclear waste disposal, (Jiji) Japan Times 26.02.2013.

Survey: 45% of local leaders want nuclear phaseout; 35% say reactors are needed, Asahi Shimbun 25.02.2013.

35% of tsunami debris disposed of, (Jiji) Japan Times 25.02.2013.

Hiroyoshi Itabashi: Prometheus Trap (13): U.S. officials frustrated with Japanese at crisis meetings, Asahi Shimbun 25.02.2013.

LDP to revise target for cutting greenhouse gas, NHK 25.02.2013.

Nobuyoshi Nakamura & Saiko Nozu: Quake victims allowed to stay in temporary housing another year, Asahi Shimbun 25.02.2013.

Ko Shu-ling: Taiwan looks at halting construction of 4th nuclear plant, Kyodo 25.02.2013.

Eryn Brown: Radioactive tuna from Fukushima? Scientists eat it up, Los Angeles Times 25.02.2013.

Survey: No nuclear plants meet new safety standards, Asahi Shimbun 24.02.2013.

Abigali Haworth: After Fukushima: families on the edge of meltdown, The Guaddian 24.02.2013.

Japanese Banks Project Japanese Solar Market To Be Worth $19 Billion In Next Few Years, Solar Love 23.02.2013.

Akemi Kanda: Nearly half of Tohoku disaster debris disposed of, Asahi Shimbun 23.02.2013.

Nationwide nuclear plant monitoring system stops working for over an hour, Mainichi 22.02.2013.

Michael Florcreutz: China’s Push For Nuclear Power: Alternative Energy And Export Potential, International Business Times 22.02.2013.

Global team must dismantle No. 1: IAEA, (Kyodo) Japan Times 22.02.2013.

Fukushima radiation spread to residential areas hours before venting, Mainichi 22.02.2013.

Hiroyoshi Itabashi: Prometheus Trap (12): Inject more water into the reactor, Asahi Shimbun 22.02.2013.

Fukushima No. 1 water cleaner to be tested, (Jiji) Japan Times 22.02.2013.

Aaron Sankin: Radioactive Fish Found In California: Contamination From Fukushima Disaster Still Lingers, Huffington Post 22.02.2013.

TEPCO to face lawsuits over hospital evacuation deaths, Asahi Shimbun 22.02.2013.

Masami Ito: Suicide prompts wife to sue Tepco, Japan Times 22.02.2013.

Tepco presentation shows clumps of melted nuclear fuel outside containment vessel  “Many unexpected situations are expected”, Energy News 21.02.2013.

Takashi Sugimoto & Tairiku Kurosawa: 60% of thermal power plants stand in quake-prone areas, Asahi Shimbun 21.02.2013.

Michael Fröhlingsdorf, Udo Ludwig and Alfred Weinzierl: Abyss of Uncertainty: Germany’s Homemade Nuclear Waste Disaster, Der Spiegel 21.02.2013.

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TEPCO forms 3rd-party verification panel over false info to block on-site reactor probe, Mainichi 19.02.2013.

Panel deems quake faults at Higashidori nuclear plant active, Mainichi 19.03.2013.

Japan to help Kazakhstan develop nuclear power plants, Asahi Shimbun 19.03.2013.

NRA secretariat must halt collusion, (leder) Japan Times 19.02.2013.

Nuclear evacuee dies alone at temporary housing unit in Fukushima, Mainichi 19.02.2013.

Japansk atomkraftværk sender regningen til ofrene, Greenpeace 19.02.2013.

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Concrete measures needed to implement true electricity reforms, (leder) Mainichi 18.02.2013.

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Nuclear body’s stance on reactor checks not consistent with LDP gov’t policy, Mainichi 15.02.2013.

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Major tsunami occurred in Sea of Japan off eastern Japan every 1,000 years, Mainichi 14.02.2013.

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Fukushima nuclear disaster investigation must continue, (leder) Mainichi 09.02.2013.

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Tohoku Electric eyeing 11% household electricity rate hike, Kyodo 08.02.2013.

TEPCO accident causes new problem at Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 08.02.2013.

New gov’t panel to oversee decommissioning of Fukushima reactors, Kyodo 08.02.2013.

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Hidefumi Nogami: Prometheus Trap (6): SDF poised for dangerous mission into Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 08.02.2013.

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Fukushima Town Mayor to Quit over Clash with Assembly, Jiji 07.02.2013.

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Tepco exec’s interview records seized in probe, (Jiji) 04.02.2013.

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M6.5 quake hits Japan’s Hokkaido, relation with 2011 quake unclear, Mainichi 03.02.2013.

Prosecutors grill nuclear safety chief over Fukushima, (APF, Jiji) Japan Times 03.02.2013.

Care house for March 11 disaster orphans set for construction, Mainichi 03.02.2013.

Senior NRA official axed over data leak, (Kyodo) Japan Times 03.02.2013.

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Wei Tian: Self-developed nuclear reactor ready for export, China Daily 02.02.2013.

Nuclear watchdog in hot water over leaked report to Tsuruga plant operator, Asahi Shimbun 02.02.2013.

NRA safety rules may keep reactors offline for years, (Bloomberg, Jiji) Japan Times 02.02.2013.

Photos show workers’ eye views of Fukushima disaster aftermath, Asahi Shimbun 02.02.2013.

Fukushima reactor buildings to be cleaned by robots from late July, (Kyodo) Mainichi 01.02.2013.

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First debris removed from previous restricted area in Fukushima, Mainichi 01.02.2013.

Police struggle to prevent gangsters from profiting in disaster areas, Asahi Shimbun 01.02.2013.

NRA to mull screening nuke workers, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.02.2013.

Agency drafts new safeguards for reactors that may delay restarts, Asahi Shimbun 01.02.2013.

Jin Nishikawa: Japan elevates nuclear safety to international levels, Asahi Shimbun 01.02.2013.


Januar 2013

Demolition and Removal of Structures Damaged or Contaminated as a Result of the Fukushima Accident, (præsentation ved IAEA International Experts’ Meeting on Decommissioning and Remediation after a Nuclear accident) januar 2013 (pdf).

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PM maintains low profile in Diet session as he seeks policy alliance with opposition, Mainichi 31.01.2013.

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Ex-Tepco chief quizzed on suspected negligence over nuclear disaster, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.01.2013.

Tepco plans to dump ‘cleaned’ Fukushima No. 1 water, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.01.2013.

25% emissions cut goal to be pared, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.01.2013.

Nuclear regulators present criteria for evacuation in emergencies, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.01.2013.

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Stay on the nonnuclear path, Japan Times (leder) 24.01.2013.

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Frustrated mayor of Fukushima town to quit, Mainichi 24.01.2013.

TEPCO unveils additional teleconference footage, (Kyodo) Japan Times (se nede på siden) 23.01.2013.

Assembly nixes Niigata nuclear referendum, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.01.2013.

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Filter issue clouds restart of BWRs, (Kyodo) Japan Times 19.01.2013.

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Utilities voice disagreement over new safety criteria for reactors, Kyodo 18.01.2013.

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Nuclear watchdog to require filtered ventilation system for boiling-water reactors, Mainichi 18.01.2013.

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Crooked Cleanup: Photos, videos show contractors lied in decontamination reports, Asahi Shimbun 17.01.2013.

Resumption of Japan’s boiling water reactors may be delayed, Kyodo 17.01.2013.

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Industry minister vows to maintain nuclear fuel recycling policy, Kyodo 17.01.2013.

Troubling thoughts, (leder) Nature 16.01.2013.

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Rob Gilhooly: Japan to build world’s largest offshore wind farm, New Scientist 16.01.2013.

Nuclear Regulation Authority to broaden definition of active faults, Mainichi 16.01.2013.

Crooked Cleanup: Ministry to investigate after companies admit only 3 violations in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 16.01.2013.

2 more cases of sloppy decontamination work uncovered in Fukushima, Mainichi 16.01.2013.

Experts remain divided over whether Oi plant sits above active fault, Kyodo 16.01.2013.

Only 40% of buildings built before 1981 meet current quake-resistance standards, Mainichi 15.01.2013.

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Obama urged to discourage Japan from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, Kyodo 15.01.2013.

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TEPCO and gov’t must rush to bring relief to disaster victims, (leder) Mainichi 14.01.2013.

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Shiga Gov. Kada regrets believing Ozawa sweet talk on general election, Mainichi 14.01.2013.

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Katsumoto Horikawa: Weekly anti-nuclear rallies resume in central Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun 12.01.2013.

Nuke foes ponder election meltdown, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.01.2013.

Daisuke Shimizu: Writers pledge to step up calls for nuclear phase-out, Asahi Shimbun 11.01.2013.

Legal Expert: 3 police died of acute leukemia after being sent to Fukushima within 50 kilometers of plant, Energy News 11.01.2013.

Shin Matsuura: Japan Atomic Power posts record profits with all its reactors offline, Asahi Shimbun 11.01.2013.

Justin McCurry: Japan seeks to reverse commitment to phase out nuclear power, The Guardian 11.01.2013.

Eric Johnston: Slogan ‘Do you Kyoto?’ stumps most in city of protocol, Japan Times 10.01.2013.

Yuri Aowa: Death rates spike among elderly evacuees from Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 11.01.2013.

Japan to clamp down on Fukushima clean-up firms, (AFP) The West 10.01.2013.

TEPCO intends to accept compensation claims beyond legal time limit, (Kyodo) Mainichi 10.01.2013.

Croocked Cleanup: Environment Ministry failed to act on Asahi tip-off, Asahi Shimbun 10.01.2013.

Mizhuho Aoki: As radiation fears dwindle, so do checkups, Japan Times 10.01.2013.

Japan quake study sounds alarm at ‘creeping fault’ doctrine, (AFP) The West 10.01.2013.

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Nuclear regulator says checking all reactors in 3 yrs difficult, (Kyodo) Mainichi 10.01.2013.

Croocked Cleanup: Decontamination workers say cutting corners came naturally, Asahi Shimbun 09.01.2013.

Mizuho Aoki: Fukushima cleanup crews cut corners, Japan Times 09.01.2013.

Radiation-tainted water left after decontamination work in 2 Fukushima districts, Mainichi 08.01.2013.

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Yosuke Akai & Atsushi Takahashi: In future evacuations, pets may come too, Asahi Shimbun 04.01.2013.

TEPCO’s Fukushima headquarters starts operations, (Kyodo) Mainichi 04.01.2013.

Crooked Cleanup 1 af 3: Radioactive waste dumped into rivers during decontamination work in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 04.01.2013.

Crooked Cleanup 2 af 3: Some decontamination workers sorry for following orders, Asahi Shimbun 04.01.2013.

Crooked Cleanup 3 af 3: Reporters document extent of shoddy decontamination practices, Asahi Shimbun 04.01.2013.

Fukushima nuke plant workers not checked for radiation doses to arms, legs, Mainichi 04.01.2013.

Ian Steadman: Japan’s new government to ‘consider’ more nuclear power, Wired 03.01.2013.

Analysis of how far corium penetrated underneath Fukushima reactor, Energy News 03.01.2013.

Shiga governor to resign as leader of anti-nuclear Tomorrow Party of Japan, Asahi Shimbun 03.01.2013.

Kada to quit Nippon Mirai helm, focus on governor job, (Kyodo) Japan Times 03.01.2013.

Erik Holm: 9.000 ton finsk atomskrot begraves i Olkiluoto, Ingeniøren 03.01.2013.

Kazumasa Sugimori: Divers, fishermen join hands to restore ocean off Iwate, Asahi Shimbun 03.01.2013.

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More residents refuse nuclear benefits after Fukushima disaster, Asahi Shimbun 02.01.2013.

Kiyoko Miichi: Japan sees largest population drop in more than a century, Asahi Shimbun 02.01.2013.

TEPCO sets up ‘Fukushima recovery headquarters’ near disaster-hit plant, Mainichi 01.01.2013.

Back to the future for Japan? (leder) Japan Times 01.01.2013.

Over 10 nuclear plants in Japan have flawed fire-prevention equipment: sources, Mainichi 01.01.2013.

Kazuaki Hagi: Eiji Oguma: Despite poll results, anti-nuke protests have changed society, (interview) Asahi Shimbu 01.01.2013.

Kazuaki Nagata: NRA has final reactor say-so: Motegi, Japan Times 01.01.2013.


December 2012

Hiroshi Hiyama: Japan PM supports new nuclear reactors: reports, AFP 31.12.2012.

Mizuho Aoki: Altering nonnuclear principles not on the table, Kishida says, Japan Times 31.12.2012.

Reiji Yoshida: July election to keep hawk Abe in cage, Japan Times 31.12.2012.

Survey: 76% of nuclear evacuees would tolerate waste storage facilities near their homes, Asahi Shimbun 31.12.2012.

U.S. nuke crisis team’s Fukushima findings wasted, (Kyodo) Japan Times 31.12.2012.

Masakatsu Ota: U.S. nuclear special team sent to Japan right after 3.11, Kyodo 31.12.2012.

Christopher Hobson: Wakeup call for Japan’s politicians, Japan Times 30.12.2012.

LDP government must learn from its nuclear policy mistakes, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 29.12.2012.

Japanese experts still divided over status of allegedly active fault beneath Oi nuclear power plant, (Kyodo) Japan Times 30.12.2012.

Abe maintains plan to review nuke-free policy, Asahi Shimbun 30.12.2012.

Abe visits Fukushima plant, thanks workers, (Kyodo) Japan Times 30.12.2012.

New Japan PM visits tsunami-wrecked nuclear plant, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 29.12.2012.

Karyn Poupee: Fukushima ‘unprecedented challenge’: new Japan PM, AFP 29.12.2012.

LDP government must learn from its nuclear policy mistakes, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 29.12.2012.

NRA team starts second fault survey at Oi plant, (Jiji) Japan Times 29.12.2012.

Mari Fujisaki & Eiji Zakoda: Motegi: Budget earmarked to decommission Fukushima nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 29.12.2012.

Atomic Energy Commission lied about secret meetings to prime minister’s office, Mainichi 29.12.2012.

Pro-nuclear bureaucrats back in the picture under Abe, Asahi Shimbun 29.12.2012.

Demonstrators protest Abe Cabinet review of zero nuclear policy, Mainichi 29.12.2012.

Japan: Oprydning på Fukushima er uden fortilfælde, (Ritzau) Politiken 29.12.2012.

Suspicions of active fault under Japan’s only operational nuke plant persist, Mainichi 29.12.2012.

Official projects China’s 2015 nuclear power, (Xinhua) China Daily 29.12.2012.

Abe government questions ‘no nuke’ future hours after taking office, Asahi Shimbun 28.12.2012.

Yoree Kooh: U.S. Sailors File Suit Against Fukushima Nuclear-Plant Operator, Wall Street Journal 28.12.2012.

Chisaki Watanabe & Yuji Okada: Japan to Review ‘Nuclear-Free by 2030s’ Goal, Minister Says, Bloomberg 28.12.2012.

LDP must not overturn zero-nuclear policy, (leder) Mainichi 28.12.2012.

Masami Ito: Abe Cabinet signals big changes ahead, Japan Times 28.12.2012.

Torben R. Simonsen: Søfolk stævner Fukushima-ejere: Vi sejlede lige ind i radioaktivitet, Ingeniøren 28.12.2012.

Hisashi Hattori: Nuclear watchdog to urge shutdown of Oi plant if active fault found, Asahi Shimbun 28.12.2012.

Ayako Mie & Reiji Yoshida: Nippon Mirai breaks up as Ozawa, allies veer off, Japan Times 28.12.2012.

Antinuclear Tomorrow Party of Japan to split over internal feud 1 month after launch, Mainichi 27.12.2012.

Eric Johnston: Nippon Mirai poised to break apart, Japan Times 27.12.2012.

Abe administration to overhaul nuclear, monetary policies, Asahi Shimbun 27.12.2012.

TEPCO seeks more assistance for nuclear crisis compensation, Kyodo 27.12.2012.

Abe administration puts plans to end nuclear power by 2030s under review, Mainichi 27.12.2012.

U.S. sailors sue Tokyo Electric over Fukushima radiation, Kyodo 27.12.2012.

LDP must prove change through action, (leder) Mainichi 27.12.2012.

Japan’s nuclear policy shift triggers anger and welcome, Kyodo 27.12.2012.

Justin McCurry: Fukushima radiation fears are linked to increase in obesity among children, The Guardian 27.12.2012.

Tohoku Electric fails to convince NRA that faults are inactive, (Kyodo) Japan Times 27.12.2012.

Stuck indoors, Fukushima children have highest obesity rates, Asahi Shimbun 26.12.2012.

Abe reiterates need to spend up to 10 yrs to determine energy mix, Kyodo 26.12.2012.

LDP’s vague nuclear energy policy, (leder) Japan Times 26.12.2012.

Flimsy waste tanks cause new delay in Fukushima plant decontamination, Asahi Shimbun 26.12.2012.

Jiang Xueqing & Wu Wencong: Nuclear program will bring more power, China Daily 24.12.2012.

Tomoyuki Yamamoto: New test identifies radioactive cesium in the environment, Asahi Shimbun 23.12.2012.

Gov’t should continue to promote competition in electric power market, (leder) Mainichi 25.12.2012.

Abe hints at scrapping reactor ban, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.12.2012.

Japan’s Abe ‘to review Fukushima’ atomic crisis, AFP 23.12.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: Upgraded hazard maps show increased seismic risk in eastern Japan, Asahi Shimbun 22.12.2012.

Yuri Kageyama: Japanese flee radiation in Fukushima to faraway Okinawa, plan class-action after nuke disaster, (AP) The Vancouver Sun 22.12.2012.

Construction of new reactors could get go-ahead from new government, Asahi Shimbun 22.12.2012.

NRA should re-examine faults, crustal structure below Aomori nuclear plants, (leder) Mainichi 22.12.2012.

Nuclear safety watchdog’s quake risk assessments deserve respect, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 22.12.2012.

Abe repeats need to review policy of not allowing new nuclear reactors, (Kyodo) Mainichi 22.12.2012.

Opponents of nuclear power vow to continue protests under new government, Asahi Shimbun 22.12.2012.

43 percent of disaster-hit residents didn’t fear tsunami after March 11 quake: survey, Mainichi 22.12.2012.

Kazuya Matsumoto: Anti-nuclear protests continue on theme of nonviolence, Asahi Shimbun 22.12.2012.

Probability of strong quakes revised upward for eastern Japan, (Kyodo) Japan Times 22.12.2012.

TEPCO ready to restart debris removal from No. 3 reactor building, Asahi Shimbun 21.12.2012.

Abe hints at reviewing policy of not allowing new reactors, Kyodo 21.12.2012.

Host towns hope new LDP regime will see reactors restarted, (Kyodo) Japan Times 21.12.2012.

Active fault decision could affect all nuclear facilities in Aomori Prefecture, Asahi Shimbun 21.12.2012.

NRA to examine method for fault impact forecast on nuke plants, Mainichi 21.12.2012.

Chubu Electric adding 4 meters to breakwater at Hamaoka nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 21.12.2012.

Tepco settles over nuke evacuee death, (Jiji, Kyodo) Japan Times 21.12.2012.

Fukushima nuke plant workers remove dropped beam from spent fuel pool, Mainichi 21.12.2012.

NRA: Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant has level 1 incident, (Kyodo) Japan Times 21.12.2012.

Hamaoka plant to be protected by 22-meter seawall to counter tsunami, (Kyodo) Mainichi 21.12.2012.

Atomic Rats, Fishing For Beams & Cleaning Up The Common Pool At Daiichi, SimplyInfo 2012.2012.

Early Japan reactor restarts unlikely despite LDP win, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 20.12.2012.

Tsunami warning after Dec. 7 quake caused heavy traffic jams in northeast cities, Mainichi 20.12.2012.

NHK tsunami warning lambasted by viewers for ‘bringing back painful memories’, Mainichi 20.12.2012.

Kentaro Uechi & Akira Minami: Fukushima plant operator to press LDP government for bailout, Asahi Shimbun 20.12.2012.

Mayor targeted with no-confidence motion over temporary storage facility for radioactive soil, Mainichi 20.12.2012.

NHK to again rethink wording used in tsunami warnings, Asahi Shimbun 20.12.2012.

Japan is tipped to stick with renewables agenda, Yngli Solar 19.12.2012.

No turning back the clock on nuclear policy, (leder) Mainichi 19.12.2012.

Kyoko Hasagawa: Quake risk at Japan atomic recycling plant: experts, phys.org 19.12.2012.

Nuclear regulatory body nixes any impact from change of gov’t, Kyodo 19.12.2012.

Optimism rises in ‘nuclear village’ after LDP’s victory, Asahi Shimbun 19.12.2012.

Quake risk at Japan atomic recycling plant: experts, phys.org 19.12.2012.

Hakodate OKs budget to sue if work resumes on Aomori nuclear plant, (Kyodo) Japan Times 19.12.2012.

Fukushima gov’t tried to kill proposal to store baby teeth for future radiation checks, Mainichi 19.12.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: Researcher: Gravity of moon, sun likely unleashed Tohoku quake, Asahi Shimbun 18.12.2012.

Yuriy Humber, Anna Kitanaka and Aya Takada: Nuclear Stock Rally in Japan Ignores Public Opposition, Bloomberg 18.12.2012.

Martin Fritz: Fukushima conference wraps up on positive note, Deutsche Welle 18.12.2012.

Naota Kon: Fukushima plant situation ‘volatile,’ a year after cold shutdown declared, Asahi Shimbun 18.12.2012.

Dennis Normile: Japan Likely to Reembrace Nuclear Power in Wake of Elections, Scinece Insider 17.12.2012.

IAEA to set up base in Fukushima for nuclear accidents in Asia, Asahi Shimbun 17.12.2012.

Future of nuclear power in Japan fuzzier with LDP win, Mainichi 17.12.2012.

WHO downplayed health effects of nuclear crisis on Fukushima residents: German physician, (Jiji) Japan Times 16.12.2012.

LDP’s victory likely to lead Japan to retract nuclear phase-out goal, (Kyodo) Mainichi 16.12.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: NRA commissioners tap views of non-Japanese nuclear experts, Japan Times 15.12.2012.

Yuri Aono: Political parties not holding enough discussion on nuclear waste, Mainichi 15.12.2012.

Eric Johnston: Idled reactors’ fate holds center stage in nuclear hub Fukui, Japan Times 15.12.2012.

Ryuta Koike & Yu Kotsubo: Regulators: Faults beneath Higashidori nuclear plant likely active, Asahi Shimbun 15.12.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Tokyo rally seeks to keep alive quest to end nuclear power, Japan Times 15.12.2012.

Magnitude 10 temblor could happen: study, (Kyodo) Japan Times 15.12.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: Watchdog chief blasts nuclear industry for lax safety precautions, Asahi Shimbun 15.12.2012.

Fault risk for Aomori nuclear plant is raised, (Jiji) Japan Times 15.12.2012.

Regulator suggests active faults beneath Higashidori nuclear plant, (Kyodo) Mainichi 15.12.2012.

Japan largely excludes foreign firms in Fukushima clean-up, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 15.12.2012.

Detecting active faults near reactors, (leder) Japan Times 14.12.2012.

Noda says Tsuruga reactor will be decommissioned if safety is at risk, Kyodo 14.12.2012.

Fukushima operator Tepco admits culpability, (Reuters) The Guardian 14.12.2012.

Radiation forecast maps corrected again for all nuke plants, Asahi Shimbun 14.12.2012.

All radiation forecast maps riddled with mistakes: NRA, Mainichi 14.12.2012.

Japanese operator in most frank admission over nuclear disaster, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 14.12.2012.

TEPCO accepts criticism over inadequate safety culture, Kyodo 14.12.2012.

Failed political leadership hobbles reconstruction in some disaster areas, Mainichi 14.12.2012.

We built too many nuclear reactors, (Vox Populi) Asahi Shimbun 14.12.2012.

Nuclear Power Emerges as New Japan Campaign Issue, (AFP) naharnet 13.12.2012.

Kyushu Electric: 36% rate hike if no reactors, (Kyodo, Jiji) Japan Times 13.12.2012.

Japan to set tougher standards for nuclear accident evacuation, Kyodo 13.12.2012.

Eriko Arita: Nuclear risks not bound by borders, Japan Times 13.12.2012.

Bent rod found at TEPCO’s Niigata reactor, Asahi Shimbun 13.12.2012.

Mistakes found in all radiation projections, (Kyodo) Japan Times 13.12.2012.

Govt must reshape strategy for new CO2 framework, Yomiuri Shimbun 12.12.2012.

Regulators await detailed report to decide stance on Tsuruga plant, Kyodo 12.12.2012.

Nuclear power most common topic in Twitter messages on election, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.12.2012.

Why flirt with disaster? Decommission Tsuruga nuclear reactor, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 12.12.2012.

Tsuruga nuke plant operator disputes NRA verdict on fault, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.12.2012.

TEPCO unable to locate source of leak in Fukushima reactor, Asahi Shimbun 12.12.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Japan Atomic financial fears deepen, Japan Times 12.12.2012.

Jun Sato: Safety at nuclear plants not even an election issue, Asahi Shimbun 12.12.2012.

Tepco president admits No. 1 plant workers hired via murky system, (AP) Japan Times 12.12.2012.

Energy Policy, NHK 11.12.2012.

Fukushima Worker: Concrete reinforcement of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 is terribly deteriorating… now in a “dangerous state” – Cooling system stopped working, men helicoptered in, Energy News 11.12.2012.

Robot ‘race’ to fix damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, BBC News 11.12.2012.

Nuclear regulatory body’s denial of Tsuruga reactor restart logical, (leder) Mainichi 11.12.2012.

Plant Chief: Fukushima 10 times worse than Chernobyl if containment vessel exploded, Energy News 11.12.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Deserted Minami-Soma remains a city without hope, Asahi Shimbun 11.12.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Book reveals human drama in Fukushima No. 1 crisis, Japan Times 11.12.2012.

Experts fear more nuke reactors may be sited over active faults, Asahi Shimbun 11.12.2012.

Scrapping Tsuruga nuclear plant faces legal hurdles, Mainichi 11.12.2012.

Restart of Tsuruga plant appears difficult due to possible active fault, Kyodo 11.12.2012.

Toshio Toda: 8 companies face order to stop illegal labor practice at Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 10.12.2012.

Fault under reactor at Tsuruga likely active, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.12.2012.

Parties remain ambiguous on phasing out nuclear power, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 10.12.2012.

Chronology of events related to Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear power plant, Kyodo 10.12.2012.

Tsuruga nuclear plant may have to be decommissioned as active fault found, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 10.12.2012.

Hideki Kakiuchi et al.: Concentration of 3H in plants around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Nature 10.12.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Countdown to Dec. 16: Fukushima still divided over radiation hazard, Asahi Shimbun 10.12.2012.

Alexander Martin: Anti-Nuclear Actor’s Latest Role Evokes Don Quixote, Wall Street Journal 10.12.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Chernobyl factored in the fall of a corrupt regime – Fukushima may too, Japan Times 09.12.2012.

Worker wants new government to secure safety at Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 09.12.2012.

Cai Hong & Wen Zongduo: Tokyo raises nuclear fears, China Daily 08.12.2012.

7.3-magnitude temblor triggers tsunami alert, (AFP-Jiji, Kyodo) Japan Times 08.12.2012.

Tomoya Fujita: Hitachi unveils robot to help cleanup at Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 08.12.2012.

Solar plant glut seen headed for Hokkaido, (Kyodo) Japan Times 08.12.2012.

Dec. 7 quake: larger aftershocks possible, Asahi Shimbun 08.12.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Panel set up to monitor new nuclear watchdog, Japan Times 08.12.2012.

Lessons of 2011 led to better evacuations this time, Asahi Shimbun 08.12.2012.

Few parties focus on negative side of renewable energy expansion, Mainichi 08.12.2012.

Addressing the nuclear power issue, (leder) Japan Times 07.12.2012.

TEPCO loses 3,350 corporate contracts after rate hike, Mainichi 07.12.2012.

Strong earthquake strikes off northeastern Japan, Asahi Shimbun 07.12.2012.

METI panel votes for open power market, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.12.12.

Parties must present concrete plans on future of nuclear power, (leder) Mainichi 07.12.2012.

Japan could restart some nuclear reactors next summer: NRA, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.12.2012.

Takshi Kinda: IAEA, Fukushima Prefecture to set up joint decontamination program, Asahi Shimbun 07.12.2012.

Radiation data shows elevated cancer risk for dozens of Fukushima workers, Asahi Shimbun 07.12.2012.

NRA to add three foreign advisers, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.12.2012.

Tsunami Nation – Then and Now, Wall Street Journal 07.12.2012.

Both webcams capture strong quake rattling Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEOS), Energy News 07.12.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japanese Quake Stirs On-Air Alarm, but No Damage to Nuclear Plants Is Reported, New York TImes 07.12.2012.

Strong Quake Hits Off Japan Near Fukushima, (Reuters) New York Times 07.12.2012.

Justin McCurry: Japan earthquake and tsunami triggers Fukushima fears, The Guardian 07.12.2012.

Andy Coghlan: North-east Japan quake rattles same fault as last year, New Scientist 07.12.2012.

Justin McCurry: Test passed? Japan’s earthquake causes quick response near Fukushima, Christian Science Monitor 07.12.2012.

Japan bags second ‘fossil’ award for CO2 goal omission, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.12.2012.

Dangerous fault alleged 25 years ago at Shika nuclear plant site, Kyodo 07.12.2012.

Carbon emissions up 3.9% amid reactor halt, (Blomberg, Jiji) Japan Times 07.12.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: Violations of safety regulations found at Monju reactor, Asahi Shimbun 06.12.2012.

Kansai Electric seeks to skip summer bonus payments, Kyodo 06.12.2012.

Japan scientists took utility money, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 06.12.2012.

Tsuruga nuke plant’s reactivation faces further obstacles, Mainichi 06.12.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: Team creates fabric that can absorb 99% of radioactive cesium, Asahi Shimbun 05.12.2012.

Japan’s nuclear regulatory body decides to have 3 foreign advisers, Kyodo 05.12.2012.

Toshio Tada: TEPCO: Half of contract workers at Fukushima work under dodgy conditions, Asahi Shimbun 05.12.2012.

Japan eyes reduced emission cut target, AFP 05.12.2012.

Parties offer variety of choices on future of nuclear energy in Japan, Asahi Shimbun 05.12.2012.

Ucilia Wang: Japan: a beacon for weary solar makers, gigaom.com 05.12.2012.

Japan election campaigning begins, Al Jazeera 04.12.2012.

Matt Lucky: Is Japan on the Cusp of a Renewable Energy Revolution? Worldwatch institute 04.12.2012.

TEPCO moves up schedule to remove nuclear fuel from Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 04.12.2012.

Britain to return radioactive waste to Japan around Feb., Kyodo 04.12.2012.

Nuclear energy, economic policy focus of Lower House election campaign, Asahi Shimbun 04.12.2012.

40 residents near Fukushima nuke plant seek 1.94 billion yen from TEPCO, Mainichi 04.12.2012.

Kenichiro Inoue: Nuclear disaster evacuee feels discrimination as ‘refugee’, Asahi Shimbun 04.12.2012.

Road to zero-nuclear Japan a rocky one, Mainichi 04.12.2012.

Masakazu Honda: TEPCO considers net in nuke plant port to prevent irradiated fish from heading seaward, Asahi Shimbun 04.12.2012.

Tepco moves up nuclear salvage schedule for Fukushima fuel rods to 2014, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.12.2012.

Rampant illegal hiring practices suspected at Fukushima nuke plant, Mainichi 04.12.2012.

Inspection begins at Tsuruga N-plant, Yomiuri Shimbun 03.12.2012.

Takao Yamada: Nuclear power issue no easy nut to crack, but parties must have solid plan to try, Mainichi 03.12.2012.

Japex plans LNG plant in Fukushima, cross-country link, (Jiji) Japan Times 03.12.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Why is the potential turning point of 3/11 being allowed to slip away? Japan Times 02.12.2012.

New footage shows discussions leading to release of radioactive water into Pacific after Fukushima nuclear meltdowns, (Kyodo) Japan Times 02.12.2012.

82 MW Of Solar Power Plants On 17 Sites In Japan (FTW!), Solar Love 01.12.2012.

Martin Rand: Fukushima inspires safety features for Georgia nuclear reactors, CNN 01.12.2012.

NRA begins Tsuruga fault investigation, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.12.2012.

Fumikazu Asai: Tests show normal rate of thyroid cysts in Fukushima children, Asahi Shimbun 01.12.2012.

Party leaders butt heads over N-power vision, Power Engineering 01.12.2012.

Another suit filed against Kansai Electric over Oi nuclear plant, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.12.2012.

Yuri Oiwa: High thyroid radiation doses in 178 Fukushima workers, Asahi Shimbun 01.12.2012.

Naoya Kon: Fukushima plant chief defied TEPCO headquarters to protect workers, Asahi Shimbun 01.12.2012.

TEPCO failed to respond to dire warning of radioactive water leaks at Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 01.12.2012.


November 2012

Hiroko Tabuchi: New View from Inside Fukushima: Chaos and Uncertainty, New York TImes 30.11.2012.

‘We’ll die if it explodes’: Gov’t ignored Fukushima plant manager’s plea, Mainichi 30.11.2012.

NRA to draw up uniform health check guidelines for Fukushima residents, Mainichi 30.11.2012.

Shoji Hashimoto et al.: Radioactive Contamination of Natural Ecosystems: Seeing the Wood Despite the Trees, Environmental Science & Technology 30.11.2012.

Taking iodine before fallout hits is key: NRC, (Kyodo) Japan Times 30.11.2012.

Nuclear power issue dominates election talk on Twitter, Asahi Shimbun 30.11.2012.

Natsuko Fukue: Media grill party chiefs in televised debate, Japan Times 30.11.2012.

1,100 seek suspension of Oi nuclear plant, Kyodo 29.11.2012.

In-depth discussions needed on nuclear power, (leder) Mainichi 29.11.2012.

Fukushima governor accepts surveys for radioactive waste storage facility, Asahi Shimbun 29.11.2012.

Natsuko Fukue: Nippon Ishin qualifies nuclear phaseout goal, Japan Times 29.11.2012.

Erik Holm: Første britiske a-kraft-værk i 25 år skal ligge ved Bristol, Ingeniøren 29.11.2012.

Kada’s party sets 2022 end for atomic power, (Kyodo) Japan Times 29.11.2012.

Fukushima inquiry reports become bestsellers, Asahi Shimbun 28.11.2012.

“Something wrong” in TEPCO’s safety culture: regulatory body chief, Kyodo 28.11.2012.

Kepco’s electricity bill increase has industries worried, (Jiji) Japan Times 28.11.2012.

Kyoko Hasegawa: Japan anti-nuclear groups join forces ahead of poll, AFP 28.11.2012.

Kyushu Electric seeks 8.5% home rate hike, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.11.2012.

3 more electric power companies plan rate increases, Asahi Shimbun 28.11.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: U.S. scientists find lessons from Japan nuke crisis, AP 27.11.2012.

Hiroshi Hayama: Japan’s ruling party promises to phase out nuclear power, AFP 28.11.2012.

Andreas Lang Hedegaard: Tjernobyl får kæmpe stål-tag, Ingeniøren 28.11.2012.

Torben R. Simonsen: Massiv kritik af danske planer for atomaffaldsdepot, Ingeniøren 28.11.2012.

Eric Johnston: Shiga’s Kada readies party; Ozawa joins, Japan Times 28.11.2012.

NHK: One person stops working at Fukushima plant each day – A serious problem, conditions deteriorating (VIDEO), Energy News 27.11.2012.

Kyushu Electric seeks 8.5% hike in home electricity charges, Kyodo 27.11.2012.

Despite 2011 disaster, pro-nuclear party could win power in Japan, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 27.11.2012.

Japan won’t retract pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, Mainichi 27.11.2012.

Shiga governor mulls new no-nuclear party, (Kyodo) Japan Times 27.11.2012.

2 parties to merge with governor’s anti-nuclear group; Your Party snubs Ishihara, Asahi Shimbun 27.11.2012.

Yaita residents angry over government’s radioactive disposal site proposal, Mainichi 27.11.2012.

Commission recommends revising disposal plans for dangerous nuclear plant waste, Mainichi 27.11.2012.

Voters’ choice: Fukushima town crowd disappointed by Hashimoto’s weak anti-nuclear stance, Mainichi 27.11.2012.

Dennis Normile: Lack of Humility and Fear of Public Misunderstandings Led to Fukushima Accident, Science 26.11.2012.

Fukushima teachers’ union member advocates lessons about radiation, human rights, Mainichi 26.11.2012.

Rush is on to raise power rates, (leder) Japan Times 26.11.2012.

Japan split over nuclear energy policy as Lower House election nears, Asahi Shimbun 26.11.2012.

Municipal nuclear addiction, (Sentaku Magazine) Japan Times 26.11.2012.

Nearly 100 employees of utilities serve on local assemblies, Asahi Shimbun 26.11.2012.

Kepco applies for 12% household rate hike in April,(Kyodo) Japan Times 26.11.2012.

Shiga governor mulls new no-nuclear party, (Kyodo) Japan Times 26.11.2012.

Martin Fackler: Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan’s Displaced, New York Times 26.11.2012.

WHO forecasts no significant increase in cancer patients in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 25.11.2012.

Parties must show voting public concrete vision for Japan’s energy future, (leder) Mainichi 23.11.2012.

Wieland Wagner: India Pursues Massive Nuclear Expansion, Der Spiegel 23.11.2012.

Kepco plans two reactor restarts, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.11.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: Yet again, data errors discovered in radiation forecast maps, Asahi Shimbun 23.11.2012.

Britain can reuse plutonium extracted from Japan’s spent fuel: expert, Kyodo 23.11.2012.

Shigeko Segawa: Researcher: Japan should prepare for worst-case magnitude-10 earthquake, Asahi Shimbun 23.11.2012.

Faulty fallout forecasts’ firm industry-linked, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.11.2012.

Ahead of election, hard times for DPJ grandee Kan, Asahi Shimbun 22.11.2012.

Edano raps LDP’s pledge on energy, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.11.2012.

Nuclear policy splits parties into 2 camps for candidates in Tokyo governor race, Mainichi 22.11.2012.

Thomas Boel: Klodset Fukushima-robot snublede under generalprøven, Ingeniøren 22.11.2012.

Utility to end some digging work to check faults at Oi plant in Dec., Kyodo 22.11.2012.

Miki Aoki: Most Fukushima nuke plant workers ineligible for free cancer checks, Asahi Shimbun 22.11.2012.

Kansai, Kyushu utilities to apply for rate hikes, (Jiji) Japan Times 22.11.2012.

Mutsumi Mitobe: Wild mushrooms far from Fukushima show high levels of cesium, Asahi Shimbun 21.11.2012.

Yuri Kageyama: Toshiba shows off robot meant to help at nuke site, (AP) Washington Post 21.11.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: Hamaoka reactor likely wrecked in seawater accident, Asahi Shimbun 21.11.2012.

Eric Johnston: Parties jockey over tax, nukes, TPP, Japan Times 21.11.2012.

Shigeko Segawa: 2011 quake sparked new study, rethink of seismic theory, Asahi Shimbun 20.11.2012.

Ozawa, Kamei to fight election on anti-nuclear line, Asahi Shimbun 20.11.2012.

TEPCO can handle water loss at Fukushima No. 3 fuel pool: regulators, Kyodo 20.11.2012.

Parties should detail plans to reduce nuclear power generation, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 2011.2012.

Hamaoka reactor inspection delay may push back planned restart, Mainichi 20.11.2012.

TEPCO adds missing radiation data to online archive, Asahi Shimbun 20.11.2012.

Fukushima releases full expert panel minutes on internal radiation exposure, Mainichi 20.11.2012.

Yuri Oiwa: Thyroid gland tests on kids in Nagasaki to be compared with Fukushima findings, Asahi Shimbun 20.11.2012.

Renewable energy loans surge, (Jiji) Japan Times 20.11.2012.

Satoshi Seii: Naturally derived cleaning agent helps decontaminate Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 20.11.2012

Fukushima health survey committee chair apologizes over secret meetings, Mainichi 19.11.2012.

Jake Richardson: Solar Shipments Increased 80% In Japan In 3 Months, Clean Technica 19.11.2012.

Eiji Oguma: Japan’s nuclear lobby will die soon, Asahi Shimbun 19.11.2012.

Tomoko Otake: The muddy issue of cesium in a lake, Japan Times 19.11.2012.

High radiation exposure level in Fukushima resident puzzles experts, Asahi Shimbun 19.11.2012.

Erik Holm: Efter Fukushima: Kina sikrer a-kraft-værker for 72 mia. kr., Ingeniøren 18.11.2012.

Miya Tanaka: Japan’s nuclear phase-out goal in precarious state as election looms, Kyodo 17.11.2012.

Shinichi Sekine: DPJ’s draft manifesto fails to outline Noda’s TPP plans, Asahi Shimbun 17.11.2012.

Karen Vale: Nuke Matters: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima…Plymouth? Wicked Local 16.11.2012.

Fukushima trout log radioactivity level over 100 times gov’t limit, Kyodo 17.11.2012.

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Oktober 2012

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福島第一原発、1号機の原子炉格納容器内映像を公表 東京電力, 2:13 min YouTube video-uddrag af reaktorundersøgelsen 11.10.2012.

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Farming family in Fukushima village decontaminate own land, Mainichi 07.10.2012.

Group: Ministry may have manipulated Fukushima radiation readings, Asahi Shimbun 06.10.2012.

Fukushima disaster-response video now online, Asahi Shimbun 06.10.2012.

Gov’t not to allow new nuclear plant in Yamaguchi: Edano, Mainichi 06.10.2012.

Junko Watanabe: New nuclear plant splits residents of straitened town, Asahi Shimbun 06.10.2012.

New government could revive frozen nuclear plant plan, Asahi Shimbun 06.10.2012.

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Reactor restarts not the responsibility of new watchdog body, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 05.10.2012.

All nuclear plants to undergo quake fault assessment: NRA official, Mainichi 05.10.2012.

Yamaguchi rejects Chugoku Electric’s license for new nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 05.10.2012.

Fukushima Prefecture prepared proceedings for nuke radiation meeting, Mainichi 05.10.2012.

Fiona Harvey: EU energy chief ‘satisfied’ with nuclear safety despite critical report, The Guardian 04.10.2012.

TEPCO fits new thermometer to melted-down reactor, Asahi Shimbun 04.10.2012.

Tony Paterson: Europe’s ‘dangerous’ nuclear plants need €25bn safety refit, The Independent 04.10.2012.

Phred Dvorak: Japan Energy Watchers’ Quiz: Test Your Amp Savvy, Wall Street Journal 04.10.2012.

With government wary, decision on reactor restarts up in the air, Asahi Shimbun 04.10.2012.

Climate change skepticism highest in U.S. and Britain, AFP 04.10.2012.

Shunsuke Kimura & Akira Hatano: Scientists in groundbreaking study on effects of radiation in Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 04.10.2012.

Gov’t may judge resumption of reactors to be unnecessary: spokesman, (Kyodo) Mainichi 04.10.2012.

Oil-needy Japan taps into first domestic shale oil, Asahi Shimbun 04.10.2012.

Tanaka casts doubt on ‘contradictory’ energy strategy, (Kyodo) Japan Times 03.10.2012.

Regulatory body not to judge whether to restart nuclear reactors, Kyodo 03.10.2012.

Terry Macalister and Adam Vaughan: British nuclear plans suffer blow as Chinese investors pull out, The Guardian 03.10.2012.

Nuke plants come up short in EU stress tests, (Jiji, Kyodo) Japan Times 03.10.2012.

Phred Dvorak: In Japan, People Get Charged Up About Amping Down, Wall Street Journal 04.10.2012.

Hokuriku Elec. asserts safety of Shika nuclear plant in court, Kyodo 03.10.2012.

Pro-nuclear agency’s mission draws to an end, (leder) Mainichi 03.10.2012.

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Secret meetings held on Fukushima nuclear crisis’s impact on human health, Mainichi 03.10.2012.

Fukushima communities still crippled as evacuees choose to stay away, Asahi Shimbun 02.10.2012.

Tepco removing fuel from reactor at Fukushima No. 2, (Kyodo) Japan Times 03.10.2012.

Restart of construction on Oma nuke plant angers some, pleases locals, Asahi Shimbun 02.10.2012.

Claire Rosemberg & Christian Spillmann: Europe’s nuclear plants need €25-bln upgrade, AFP 02.10.2012.

‘Hundreds of problems’ at EU nuclear plants, BBC News 02.10.2012.

Hakodate mayor to file suit demanding halt to construction of nuke plant, Mainichi 02.10.2012.

New Cabinet at odds over nation’s future nuclear policy, Asahi Shimbun 02.10.2012.

Disaster reconstruction funds ending up in the wrong hands, slowing work, (Jiji) Japan Times 02.10.2012.

Gundersen: Fill Fukushima reactors with cement and come back in 100 years — It’s too radioactive, 1:24 min. audio Energy News 02.10.2012.

Top US Nuclear Official: Technologies don’t exist yet to clean up Fukushima site… very difficult to overstate difficulty, 1:41 min. audio Energy News 01.10.2012.

Anti-nuclear rallies pass the 6-month mark, Asahi Shimbun 01.10.2012.

Jochen Legewie: Flip-flop on no-nuclear energy policy bodes ill for the future of Japan, Japan Times 01.10.2012.

Hospital blameless in patient deaths during nuke disaster evacuation: report, Mainichi 01.10.2012.

Mari Iwata: Confessions of an Unlikely Anti-Nuclear Convert, Wall Street Journal 01.10.2012.


September 2012

Survey: 1 percent of food samples exceeded radioactive limit, Asahi Shimbun 30.09.2012.

Hiroshi Hisata: Gov’t must iron out inconsistencies in nuclear strategy through true public discussion, Mainichi 30.09.2012.

J-Power may resume building nuke plant, (Jiji) Japan Times 29.09.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Minister: Japan Must Quickly Phase out Nuke Energy, AP 29.09.2012.

Edano’s new book says government should run nuke plants, (Kyodo) Japan Times 29.09.2012.

Edano: Not up to government to decide reactor restarts, Asahi Shimbun 29.09.2012.

Criminal probes planned, (Jiji – se nederst på siden) Japan Times 29.09.2012.

Natalie Bennett: Nuclear power is the Betamax of the energy world, The Guardian 28.09.2012.

Christian Loiborg: Farligt atomaffald sejles ugentligt gennem dansk farvand, Ingeniøren 28.09.2012.

Japan utility eyes resuming nuclear plant construction, Kyodo 28.09.2012.

Yuri Oiwa & Teruhiko Nose: Fukushima residents failing to complete radiation-dose paperwork, Asahi Shimbun 28.09.2012.

Edano proposes state should run nuclear plants in upcoming book, Kyodo 27.09.2012.

New renewable energy generation program gets off to promising start, (Kyodo) Japan Times 27.09.2012.

Nuclear watchdog to have outline of new safety standards by next March, Asahi Shimbun 27.09.2012.

Shaun O’Dwyer: Nuclear crisis lowers curtain on Japan’s Confucian politics, Japan Times 26.09.2012.

Gov’t to urge power companies to withdraw plans to build nuke reactors, Mainichi 26.09.2012.

Rebuilding holdups stall aid to small firms, (Jiji) Japan Times 25.09.2012.

Erik Holm: Tyrkiet bygger atomkraftværker i jordskælvszoner, Ingeniøren 25.09.2012.

New nuclear watchdog to dump reactor stress tests, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.09.2012.

Erik Holm: Japans atom-farvel varede fire dage, Ingeniøren 25.09.2012.

Sediment study backs up Kanto quake’s timing, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.09.2012.

Steve Herman: Japan Plans Restart of Controversial Reactor, Voice of America 25.09.2012.

Mizuho Aoki: Cesium contamination in food appears to be on wane, Japan Times 25.09.2012.

Setting the DPJ on the right track, (leder) Japan Times 25.09.2012.

Nadine & Thierry Ribault: The ‘Bright’ Future of Japan’s Nuclear Industry, The Asia-Pacific Journal 24.09.2012.

Power industry campaigns to pull the plug on the DPJ, (Sentaku Magazine) Japan Times 24.09.2012.

Winifred Bird: Grow Your Own Energy, Fresh Currents 24.09.2012.

Stephen Hesse: Japan’s nuclear phaseout: Is it all smoke and mirrors? Japan Times 23.09.2012.

Philip Brasor: Scrutiny of Tohoku reconstruction funds needed, Japan Times 23.09.2012.

The endorsement that wasn’t, (leder) Japan Times 23.09.2012.

Futaba worst hit by Fukushima fallout, (Kyodo) Japan Times 22.09.2012.

Atomic engineers feel less confident about nuke safety, Asahi Shimbun 22.09.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: No more reactors likely to go online until next year: NRA, Japan Times 22.09.2012.

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher: US confirms plastic storage bin is 1st piece of Japan tsunami debris found off Hawaii, (AP) Vancouver Sun 21.09.2012.

Existence of disaster-hit coastal district in Fukushima threatened, Mainichi 21.09.2012.

Erik Holm: Politikerne spises af med gentagelse af rapport om Risøs atomskrot, Ingeniøren 21.09.2012.

Selection of radioactive waste disposal site creates unhappy locals, Asahi Shimbun 21.09.2012.

Experts who value nuclear power plunged by 30 percent after Fukushima disaster, Mainichi 21.09.2012.

Cabinet fails to OK new nuclear strategy, (Jiji, Kyodo) Japan Times 20.09.2012.

Failure to approve new energy strategy defies calls to scrap nuke power, (leder) Mainichi 20.09.2012.

DPJ’s credibility at stake over lack of vision, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 20.09.2012.

Switch to thermal power sent utilities’ CO₂emissions soaring 29% in 2011, (Jiji) Japan Times 20.09.2012.

Naoko Kawamura: Endangered flower blooms in Fukushima Prefecture after tsunami, Asahi Shimbun 20.09.2012.

German minister hopes for talks with Japan over nuclear phaseout, Kyodo 19.09.2012.

Excessive cesium found in 9 types of fish caught near Fukushima plant, Kyodo 19.09.2012.

Peter O’Neill: Japanese tsunami debris bound for B.C. not likely radioactive: government, Vancouver Sun 19.09.2012.

Gov’t stops short of approving no-nuclear power policy at Cabinet meeting, Mainichi 19.09.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan, Under Pressure, Backs Off Goal to Phase Out Nuclear Power by 2040, New Yor Times 19.09.2012.

Japan’s no-nuke pledge is already fraying at the edges, Asahi Shimbun 19.09.2012.

Matthias Williams: Fukushima fallout seeps into India’s troubled nuclear push, Reuters 18.09.2012.

Ambiguous new nuclear policy, (leder) Japan Times 18.09.2012.

Japanese business circles dismiss government no-nukes goal, Asahi Shimbun 18.09.2012.

Japan finds another gap in its disaster readiness – Mount Fuji, (Reuters) Japan Times 17.09.2012.

Andrew DeWitt: Japan’s Energy Policy at a Crossroads: A Renewable Energy Future? The Asia-Pacific Journal 17.09.2012.

60 percent support gov’t policy of seeking to eliminate nuclear power: Mainichi poll, Mainichi 17.09.2012.

Head of nuclear disaster investigation defends report, Japan Times 17.09.2012.

Mai Iida: Energy shift generates hope, anxiety, (Kyodo) Japan Times 16.09.2012.

How firm is the no-nuke policy? It contains get-outs, contradictions, Asahi Shimbun 15.09.2012.

Public must back Japan’s goal of ending nuclear power in 2030s, Mainichi 15.09.2012.

New reactors could yet go critical in no-nuclear pledge loophole, Asahi Shimbun 15.09.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata & Eric Johnston: No-nuke plan official, quick to draw flak, Japan Times 15.09.2012.

Japanese business circles dismiss government no-nukes goal, Asahi Shimbun 15.09.2012.

Government needs clear road map toward nuclear-free future, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 15.09.2012.

Japan aims to abandon nuclear power by 2030s, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 14.09.2012.

Western allies concerned about Japan’s no-nuke energy policy, Asahi Shimbun 14.09.2012.

Nuclear recycling program to continue amid looming storage crisis, (Kyodo) Japan Times 14.09.2012.

Internal contradictions on nuclear power hobble Japan’s new energy strategy, Mainichi 13.09.2012.

Japan to aim for zero nuclear power reliance in 2030s, (Jiji) Japan Times 13.09.2012.

Japan to aim for nuclear phaseout in 2030s: draft energy policy, (Kyodo) Mainichi 13.09.2012.

Japan aims for zero nuclear power in 2030s, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 13.09.2012.

Muriel Boselli: France seen turning to renewables in policy shake-up, (Reuters) Planet Ark 14.09.2012.

Karolin Schaps: Nuclear sector seeks to regain trust after Fukushima, (Reuters) Planet Ark 14.09.2012.

NISA skipped check of active fault under nuke plant due to ‘lack of data’, Mainichi 14.09.2012.

Peaches become first Fukushima fresh food exported after disaster, Mainichi 13.09.2012.

Incoming top nuclear regulator has political independence concerns, Kyodo 13.09.2012.

Survey finds zero Fukushima plant strontium contamination in soil samples, Asahi Shimbun 13.09.2012.

Tomoya Fujiya: Offshore wind power generation in the spotlight in Japan, Asahi Shimbun 13.09.2012.

Ryan Tracey: Japanese Have Lost Faith in Nuclear Power – U.S. Regulator, Wall Street Journal 13.09.2012.

Britain, France seek Japan’s promise to accept nuclear waste, Asahi Shimbun 13.09.2012.

Tepco reforms seen as reactor restart bid, (Kyodo) Japan Times 13.09.2012.

Zero-nuclear policy ready for inclusion in new energy and environment strategy, Mainichi 12.09.2012.

Kentaro Uechi: TEPCO sets up 3rd-party panel to improve nuclear safety, win trust, Asahi Shimbun 12.09.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: NISA successor to debut Sept. 19, Japan Times 12.09.2012.

TEPCO releases new photos of quake, tsunami and nuclear accident, Asahi Shimbun 12.09.2012.

Thyroid tests for Fukushima children find no effects from accident, Asahi Shimbun 12.09.2012.

Scientists sound alarm on plan to bury nuclear waste, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.09.2012.

Science panel recommends delaying burying radioactive waste, Asahi Shimbun 12.09.2012.

Tohoku long way from healing 18 months on, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.09.2012.

Nobutari Kaji: Radioactive fallout detected far from Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 11.09.2012.

Eva Bjerring: Borgerinddragelse i et japansk stilkaos, Arkitektforeningen 11.09.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: Slow progress containing problems at Fukushima, new ones arise, Asahi Shimbun 11.09.2012.

Jeff Kingston: Japan’s Nuclear Village, The Asia-Pacific Journal 10.09.2012.

Lessons from Fukushima – A Lecture by Arnie Gundersen , Fresh Currents 10.09.2012.

Fukushima-Shanghai flights resume after 18 months, Kyodo 10.09.2012.

Disaster preparedness still has a long way to go, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 10.09.2012.

Gov’t to put off setting new energy policy amid lack of consensus, Kyodo 09.09.2012.

Eric Johnston: Global help urged to avert reactor 4 pool fire, Japan Times 08.09.2012.

Utilities clamor for reactor restarts despite meeting summer demand, Asahi Shimbun 08.09.2012.

75% of out-of-prefecture evacuees considering settling away from hometowns: survey, Mainichi 08.09.2012.

Acting on lessons from the tsunami: Japan plans new national park, IUCN 08.09.2012.

Kerstin Brandt: Russia To Produce Electricity with Former Nukes, Der Spiegel 07.09.2012.

TEPCO chief says no money to develop renewables, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 07.09.2012.

Frederik Dahl: Nuclear safety boosted to help avert another Fukushima -expert, Reuters 07.09.2012.

Nuclear power must go, and we need a plan to make it happen, (leder) Mainichi 07.09.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: As Diet session ends, 13 lawmakers submit bill to end nuclear power by 2025, Japan Times 08.09.2012.

Kerstin Brandt: From Plutonium to Power: Russia To Produce Electricity with Former Nukes, Der Spiegel 07.09.2012.

Gov’t to lift power saving targets as Japan rides out summer demand, (Kyodo) Mainichi 07.09.2012.

Eric Johnston: Eliminating all nuke power cheapest option: Softbank’s Son, Japan Times 07.09.2012.

Nuclear power must go, and we need a plan to make it happen, (leder) Mainichi 07.09.2012

Government rewrites rulebook for nuclear disasters, Asahi Shimbun 07.09.2012.

Cesium level down to quarter on sea floor off Ibaraki: study, Kyodo 06.09.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Investigators fault nuclear culture, Japan Times 06.09.2012.

Lawmakers call for decommissioning 28 of 50 reactors in Japan, Kyodo 06.09.2012.

Aomori Pref. mulling rejecting nuclear waste, Yomiuri Shimbun 06.09.2012.

The No-Nukes Minister, Wall Street Journal 06.09.2012.

Thomas Kaberger: An opportunity for Japanese industry, Kyodo 05.09.2012.

TEPCO videos: Sans equipment, staff, Fukushima crisis spun out of control, Asahi Shimbun 05.09.2012.

Last NISA report on stress tests is issued, (Jiji) Japan Times 05.08.2012.

Takashi Mochizuki: Fukushima Watch: Putting a Household Price on a Nuclear-Free Japan, Wall Street Journal 05.09.2012.

Big Kumamoto solar plant planned, (Kyodo) Japan Times 05.09.2012.

Noda to name head of new nuclear safety body without Diet approval, Kyodo 05.09.2012.

Fukushima zones to be prepared for evacuees’ return in two years, (Kyodo) Japan Times 05.09.2012.

Group proposes end of Japan’s dependence on nuclear energy by 2025, Kyodo 04.09.2012.

¥50 trillion for renewables needed to end nuke power, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.09.2012.

Researchers develop protein to treat high radiation exposure, Mainichi 04.09.2012.

Tomoyuki Yamamoto: Researchers: Protein increases rate of survival from radiation exposure, Asahi Shimbun 04.08.2012.

8 municipalities near Fukushima nuclear plant battling to fix sewage plants, Mainichi 04.09.2012.

Minister: Japan to set energy policy but ‘no stance’ on nuclear, Reuters 04.09.2012.

40% of workers had no dosimeter at nuke plant soon after disaster, Asahi Shimbun 04.09.2012.

Kan rediscovers old roots through March 11 disaster to campaign against nuclear power, Mainichi 03.09.2012.

Many old, damaged structures excluded from decontamination work in Fukushima, Mainichi 03.09.2021.

Radioactive waste disposal site proposed for Tochigi, Mainichi 03.09.2012.

Judges hold rethink on nuke safety, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.09.2012.

Environment ministry to check Fukushima residents’ DNA for radiation damage, Mainichi 01.09.2012.

Fukushima could happen again, investigators say, as insufficient lessons learned, Asahi Shimbun 01.09.2012.


August 2012

Expressway in Fukushima nuke disaster no-go zone to be decontaminated by June ’13, Mainichi 31.08.2012.

Renewable energy plan sees no nukes, (Kyodo, Jiji) Japan Times 31.08.2012.

TEPCO: No. 4 reactor building can withstand 6-plus intensity quake, Asahi Shimbun 31.08.2012.

Minister gives verbal warnings to atomic energy panel chiefs over secret meetings, Mainichi 31.08.2012.

Doctor group urges radiation action, (Kyodo) Japan Times 31.08.2012.

Public should prepare for feared massive Nankai Trough quake, (leder) Mainichi 31.08.2021.

Wakato Onishi: Japan architects honored for tsunami zone plans, Asahi Shimbun 30.08.2012.

Fukushima to expand forest areas for radiation decontamination, Mainichi 30.08.2012.

Fukushima blasts environmentalist’s remark about marriage, deformed babies, Asahi Shimbun 30.08.2012.

Gov’t stresses need for anti-disaster steps to cope with possible Nankai Trough quake, Mainichi 30.08.2012.

Feared Nankai Trough quake could cause 50 trillion yen in economic damage: expert, Mainichi 30.08.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan Strives to Go Nuclear-Free, New York Times 29.08.2012.

Huge Nankai quake could kill 320,000 in Japan: gov’t, Mainichi 29.08.2012.

Minoru Matsutani: Nankai quake projected toll radically raised, Japan Times 29.08.2012.

Utilities say 2 nuke plants can withstand quakes triggered by multiple active faults, Mainichi 29.08.2012.

Fukushima vil lære af de danske erfaringer, Klima- energi- og bygningsministeriet 28.08.2012.

Majority of public favors nuclear-free society: gov’t draft report, Kyodo 28.08.2012.

Asahi poll: 47% say nuclear power a top issue in next election, Asahi Shimbun 28.08.2012.

Vestas’ japanske flirt sender aktiekursen i vejret, (Ritzau) Politiken 28.08.2012.

Ken Sakakibara: Government to consider nuclear-free option, Asahi Shimbun 28.08.2012.

Non-Fukushima children to be checked for thyroid abnormalities, (Kyodo) Japan Times 28.08.2012.

Governor backs referendum on Hamaoka nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 28.08.2012.

Aomori ordered to suspend cod shipment after excessive cesium found, Kyodo 27.08.2012.

Huge solar power plants spring up in idle industrial complexes, Mainichi 27.08.2012.

Asahi survey: 42% of Diet members want end to nuclear power, Asahi Ahimbun 26.08.2012.

Tetsushi Kajimoto & Izumi Nakagawa: One in five big Japan firms wants exit from atomic power by 2030, (Reuters) Chicago Tribune 26.08.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Should the public trust Japan’s leaders when the ‘big one’ hits Tokyo? Japan Times 26.08.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Anti-nuclear protests signal new activism in Japan, AP 26.08.2012.

Michael Hoffman: Complacency perished in the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan Times 26.08.2012.

Richard Read: How tenacity, a wall saved a Japanese nuclear plant from meltdown after tsunami, The Oregonian 25.08.2012.

Toru Nakagawa: Ministry to amend law to bury nuclear waste without reprocessing, Asahi Shimbun 25.08.2012.

Tsunami-hit town’s mayor faces probe, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.08.2012.

NISA to order fault surveys at Mihama plant, Monju reactor, Asahi Shimbin 25.08.2012.

METI to demand budget money for hydrogen supply system for fuel-cell vehicles, Mainichi 25.08.2012.

Kimiko Tanigawa: Industry, academia developing next solar technologies, Asahi Shimbun 25.08.2012.

Rolling blackouts this summer averted by public power-saving efforts, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.08.2012.

Nationalist Japan manga author joins anti-nuclear fight, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 25.08.2012.

Atomic energy commission head Kondo took leading role in secret pro-nuclear meetings, Mainichi 25.08.2012.

50,000 signatures collected in Niigata seeking nuke plant vote, Asahi Shimbun 24.08.2012.

Rust found in Hamaoka nuclear reactor water, Mainichi 24.08.2012.

8 workers wore no dosimeter at Fukushima nuke plant, Asahi Shimbun 24.08.2012.

Gov’t must respect public’s readiness for zero dependence on nuclear power, (leder) Mainichi 24.08.2012.

Tetsuya Kasai: All Fukushima rice to be checked for radiation, Asahi Shimbun 24.08.2012.

Worker dies after collapsing at Fukushima nuke plant, Mainichi 23.08.2012.

New Yamaguchi governor to freeze plan to build nuclear plant, (Kyodo) Japan Times 22.08.2012.

Support for nuke-free Japan defies government calculations, Asahi Shimbun 23.08.2012.

Mizuho Aoki: Cesium-laden fish may point to ocean hot spots, Japan Times 22.08.2012.

Science ministry: No further plutonium contamination from Fukushima disaster, Asahi Shimbun 22.08.2012.

Energy policy chief inclined toward nuclear-free Japan, (Jiji, Kyodo) Japan Times 22.08.2012.

Survey: 34 died from stress caused by nuclear accident, Asahi Shimbun 22.08.2012.

2 Fukushima men suffer internal radiation exposure from homegrown vegetables, Mainichi 22.08.2012.

Noda gives no quarter in meeting with anti-nuke activists, Asahi Shimbun 22.08.2012.

Mutant Butterflies and Other Scary Stories, Nuclear Free Planet.org 22.08.2012.

Radiation 258 times legal limit found in fish off Fukushima, Asahi Shimbun 22.08.2012.

Elderly account for 90 percent of disaster-related deaths, Mainichi 22.08.2012.

Support for nuke-free Japan rises to 47% after voter discussions, Asahi Shimbun 22.08.2012.

Mari Iwata & Takashi Mochizuki: Japan Weighs End to Nuclear Power, Wall Street Journal 21.08.2012.

About 50% supportive of ending Japan’s nuclear reliance: gov’t poll, Kyodo 21.08.2012.

Jun Hongo: Power use falls; reactors unneeded, Japan Times 21.08.2012.

Record high cesium detected in fish in sea around Fukushima plant, Kyodo 21.08.2012.

Masakazu Honda: Lawyer, writers call for legislation on nuclear phaseout, Asahi Shimbun 21.08.2012.

Gov’t panel considers completely eliminating nuclear power plants by early ’30s, Mainichi 21.08.2012.

Hikuni Okunuki: Tepco liable for contract workers’ safety in Fukushima, Japan Times 21.08.2012.

Mayors divided over proposed sites to store radioactive waste, Asahi Shimbun 20.08.2012.

TEPCO, Tohoku Power made dubious transactions to Rokkasho nuke plant village, Mainichi 20.08.2012.

Oliver Tickell: Does the world need nuclear power to solve the climate crisis? The Guardian 20.08.2012.

Nuclear power industry’s shady payments since Fukushima crisis, Asahi Shimbun 20.08.2012.

Eriko Arata: Citizens’ groups propel rising wave of antinuclear activism, Japan Times 19.08.2012.

Do not underestimate the severity of the Fukushima nuclear crisis: interview, Mainichi 19.08.2012.

Citizens group questions impartiality of nuclear safety councils, Asahi Shimbun 19.08.2012.

30% of big Japan companies say green energy to be nuclear alternative, (Kyodo) Mainichi 19.08.2012.

Japanese heat wave, (leder) Japan Times 19.08.2012.

No. 1, 2 plants’ reactors written off, (Jiji) Japan Times 18.08.2012.

Studies examine health consequences of meltdown, damage to Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan, Terrs Daily 17.08.2012.

Tepco’s shaky revival plan, (leder) Japan Times 17.08.2012.

Mochizoki: 10% of aphid in Fukushima are deformed “Normally it’s less than 1%.” Fukushima Dairy 16.08.2012.

Fukushima nuclear leaks sparked butterfly mutations, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 16.08.2012.

Ayako Mie: No. 1 workers’ stress, stigma jeopardizing motivation, Japan Times 16.08.2012.

Hristio Boytchev: First study reports very low internal radioactivity after Fukushima disaster, Wahington Post 15.08.2012.

Kevin Rafferty: Japan playing nuclear roulette, Japan Times 15.08.2012.

Osaka Ishin no Kai recruiting Diet members for new party, Asahi Shimbun 15.08.2012.

Lawmakers eye new party with group led by popular Osaka mayor, Mainichi 14.08.2012.

TEPCO video shows delay in using seawater to cool meltdown reactor, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 14.08.2012.

Mark Brown: Fukushima butterflies carry mutations for three generations, Wired 14.08.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Tepco workers face mental health crisis after cost cuts: counselor, Japan Times 14.08.2012.

Mitsuro Obe: What Do Deformed Butterflies Mean for Humans in Fukushima? Wall Street Journal 14.08.2012.

Toru Nakagawa: Ministry to request funding to study burying spent nuke fuel, Asahi Shimbun 14.08.2012.

Natsuko Fukue: Did hearings let public send clear nuke signal? Japan Times 14.08. 2012.

METI wants research fund for burying spent nuclear fuel in budget draft, Mainichi 14.08.2012.

Scrapping nuclear energy just needs a clear commitment, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 13.08.2012.

Nick Crumpton: ‘Severe abnormalities’ found in Fukushima butterflies, BBC News 13.08.2012.

Biomass could turn tables around for renewable energy, (leder) Mainichi 13.08.2012.

The power reform charade, (Sentaku Magazine) Japan Times 13.08.2012.

Takuya Suzuki: DPJ to set up research commission on future nuclear energy policy, Asahi Shimbun 13.08.2012.

DPJ vow for next poll: a nuclear phaseout, (Kyodo) Japan Times 13.08.2012.

Support for Cabinet flat despite passage of tax hike; swing vote rises to 48.5%, (Kyodo) Japan Times 13.08.2012.

Radioactive fallout from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns caused abnormalities in Japan’s butterflies, (Jiji) Japan Times 12.08.2012.

Atsuki Hiyama, et al.: The biological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident on the pale grass blue butterfly, Nature 09.08.2012.

SPEEDI report deepens suspicions, (leder) JKapan Times 11.08.2012.

Monju, Mihama nuke plant sites must be checked for active faults: panel, Mainichi 11.08.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: IAEA only finds light damage at Onagawa, Japan Times 11.08.2012.

Takuya Sumikawa & Akiko Tada: Anti-nuke protesters rally outside Noda’s office after tax bill passes, Asahi Shimbun 11.08.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Yuko Fujita: Lone wolf physicist calls for Nagasaki’s awakening, (interview) Asahi Shimbun 10.08.2012.

Nuclear plant locales to get aid, Edano says, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.08.2012.

Asako Hanafusa: Nagasaki vows to help Fukushima victims, urges end to nukes, Asahi Shimbun 09.08.2012.

Address by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony, Thursday August 9, 2012.

Nagasaki calls for worldwide nuclear abolition treaty, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.08.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Ex-Nagasaki Mayor Motoshima: Nuclear-free Japan a ‘matter of course’? (interview) Asahi Shimbun 09.08.2012.

Seawater option for meltdown galled execs, (Jiji) Japan Times 09.08.2012.

Lead shields masked radiation readings up to 30%, Asahi Shimbun 09.08.2012.

Louis Templado: Former Prime Minister Kan still in the nuclear spotlight, Asahi Shimbun 08.08.2012.

Make maximum use of wind power’s potential, (leder) Mainichi 08.08.2012.

Nuclear-free not bad for economy: Edano, (Jiji, AFP) Japan Times 08.08.2012.

Minister Edano says Japan can abandon nuclear power by 2030, Kyodo 07.08.2012.

Masami Ito: Noda hints abolition a theoretical energy option, Japan Times 07.08.2012.

Morality crucial in dealing with nuclear power, Mainichi 06.08.2012.

PM Noda vows to examine possibility of zero nuclear dependency, Kyodo 06.12.2012.

Miki Aoki, Toshio Tada & Tamiyuki Kihara: Nuclear power plants: A hidden world of untruths, unethical behavior, Asahi Shimbun 06.08.2012.

Nuclearphobia, The Economist 06.08.2012.

Toru Nakagawa & Junki Watanabe: Close to 70 percent favor zero nuclear plants in 2030, Asahi Shimbun 06.08.2012.

Malcolm Foster: Doctors: Japan nuclear plant workers face stigma, AP 05.08.2012.

Nuclear energy wild card in Japan poll which Democrats likely to lose, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 04.08.2012.

TEPCO must be condemned for news media restrictions, (leder) Mainichi 04.08.2012.

TEPCO should release all of nuke accident video, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 04.08.2012.

Akira Minami: Noda gives in, will meet leaders of anti-nuke protesters, Asahi Shimbun 04.08.2012.

Gov’t appears closer to supporting 15% nuclear power dependence rate, (Kyodo) Mainichi 04.08.2012.

Miki Aoki & Jun Sato: Worker at Fukushima plant ‘forgot’ to wear dosimeter, Asahi Shimbun 04.08.2012.

DPJ faces strife over appointments to new nuclear power watchdog, Mainichi 03.08.2012.

Public trust will further erode if nominees for new commission are hastily approved, Asahi Shimbun 03.08.2012.

Gov’t must power up energy efficiency strategies, (leder) Mainichi 03.08.2012.

Pilita Clark, Rebecca Bream & Guy Chazan: Wind taken out of nuclear power’s sails, Financial Times 02.08.2012.

Ozawa’s new party aims to abolish all nuclear plants within 10 years, Asahi Shimbun 02.08.2012.

Secret meetings on nuclear fuel cycle influenced subcommittee discussion: report, Mainichi 02.08.2012.

Nominee for new nuclear watchdog fails to silence critics, Asahi Shimbun 02.08.2012.

70 percent of citizens willing to attend policy hearings support zero-percent nuclear option, Mainichi 02.08.2012.

Nuclear watchdog candidate vows to make safety top priority, Asahi Shimbun 01.08.2012.

Oi reactors will be idled if fault under them is active, new nuclear safety chief warns, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.08.2012.

Fukushima residents say resounding ‘no’ to nuclear energy, (Reuters) 01.08.2012.

Natsuko Fukue: Fukushima residents rip nuke power, Japan Times 01.08.2012.

Yoshitaka Koyama: Noda administration runs into roadblocks on two major challenges, Mainichi 01.08.2012.

¥1 trillion puts Tepco under state control, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.08.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Former PM Kan Sets Out Vision for Nuclear-Free Japan, Wall Street Journal 01.08.2012.

Antinuclear demonstrators meet with lawmakers, seek talks with Noda, (Kyodo) Japan Times 01.08.2012.


Juli 2012

Anti-nuke protests offer an opportunity to move democracy forward, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 31.07.2012.

Kaname Ohira & Mari Fujisaki: Taxpayers, electricity users finance TEPCO bailout, Asahi Shimbun 31.07.2012.

Kepco logs ¥99.5 billion net loss in first quarter, (Kyodo) Japan Times 31.07.2012.

TEPCO will relax conditions on release of nuke crisis videos, Asahi Shimbun 31.07.2012.

Ministry tells train companies to cut power use by 20%, Asahi Shimbun 31.07.2012.

Pilita Clark: Nuclear ‘hard to justify’, says GE chief, Financial Times 30.07.2012.

David H. Slater: From a Dysfunctional Japanese-Style Industrialized Society to an ‘Ordinary Nation’? (interview med Oguma Eiji) The Asia-Pacific Journal, 30.07.2012.

Fred Pearce: Are Fast-Breeder Reactors A Nuclear Power Panacea? The Guardian 30.07.2012.

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Ex-bureaucrat Yamamoto wins Yamaguchi gubernatorial race, (Kyodo) Mainichi 30.07.2012.

Majority at public hearings want nuclear-free Japan, Asahi Shimbun 30.07.2012.

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Koji Sonoda: Japanese Green Party forms with an eye on national politics, Asahi Shimbun, 30.07.2012.

Natsuko Fukue: New Green party launched to contest Upper House election, Japan Times 29.07. 2012.

Hiroshi Matsibara: NAGASAKI PEACE SYMPOSIUM: Fukushima disaster figures big in discussions, Asahi Shimbun 29.07.2012.

Voting starts in Yamaguchi governor’s race, focus on nuclear plant, (Kyodo) Mainichi 29.07.2012.

Hiroshi Ishizuka & Yuta Hanano: Science ministry admits failings in handling of SPEEDI data, Asahi Shimbun 28.07.2012.

NISA dismisses fears over failing Genkai reactor strength, Asahi Shimbun 28.07.2012.

Nuclear agency deems aging No. 1 reactor at Genkai plant safe until 2033, Mainichi 28.07.2012.

Minoru Nagata: Keidanren pans government’s three nuclear energy proposals, Asahi Shimbun.

Yuka Hayashi & Toko Sekiguchi: Political Clout of Japan’s Anti-Nuke Movement Tested, Wall Street Journal 27.07.2012.

Candidates for nuclear regulatory commission paid by power utilities, Asahi Shimbun 27.07.2012.

Tunnel eyed to probe fault at nuke plant, (Jiji) Japan Times 27.07.2012.

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Japan needs major shift in energy policy to cut ties to nuclear power, (leder) Mainichi 26.07.2012.

Kepco pushes Takahama restart, (Kyodo) Japan Times 26.07.2012.

Independent team should monitor radiation doses at Fukushima plant, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 25.07.2012.

Some Fukushima workers may have been illegally recruited, Asahi Shimbun 25.07.2012.

Cristopher Hobson: Japan’s accountability crisis, Japan Times 25.07.2012.

Noda’s atomic energy stance on trial in local poll, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 25.07.2012.

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Shizuoka pressed on Hamaoka, (Kyodo) Japan Times 24.07.2012.

Paying heed to disaster warnings, Mainichi 24.07.2012.

GOVERNMENT PROBE: Nuclear accident panel urges shift in disaster preparedness, Asahi Shimbun 24.07.2012.

New nuke disaster report cue for Japanese people to join energy debate, (leder) Mainichi 24.07.2012.

Fukushima-rapport: Japanske myndigheder troede på myte om atomkraft, (Ritzau) Politiken 23.07.2012.

Fukushima report casts doubt on other nuclear plants’ disaster preparations, (Reuters) The Gaurdian 23.07.2012.

Fukushima disaster caused by human error that could have been prevented: gov’t panel, Mainichi 23.07.2012.

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Japan as number four, (leder) Japan Times 22.07.2012.

TEPCO sub-subcontractor urged employees to cover up their exposure to radiation, Mainichi 21.07.2012.

Jun Hongo: Constant splintering keeps politics in a rut, Japan Times 21.07.2012.

Jun Sato et al.: TEPCO subcontractor used lead to fake dosimeter readings at Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun 21.07.2012.

Funds eyed for U.S., Canada cleanup, (Kyodo) Japan Times 21.07.2012.

Tepco to review Fukushima report amid contradictions, (Jiji) Japan Times 20.07.2012.

Tepco gets nod for 8.47% price hike, (Kyodo) Japan Times 20.07.2012.

Former Prime Minister Hatoyama joins anti-nuclear demo outside his old office, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 20.07.2012.

Gov’t to tap Shunichi Tanaka for new nuclear body chief, (Kyodo) Mainichi 20.07.2012.

Fault probes at nuclear plants overdue in quake-prone Japan, (leder) Mainichi 20.07.2012.

Oi’s reactor 4 achieves criticality, (Kyodo) Japan Times 20.07.2012.

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TEPCO to remove 2 unused assemblies from Fukushima No. 4 spent fuel pool, (Kyodo) Mainichi 18.07.2012.

Kepco again fires up Oi plant’s reactor 4, (Koydo) Japan Times 18.07.2012.

Tetsuya Endo: Atomic energy law should be amended again to revise security clause, Kyodo 18.07.2012.

Gov’t should be fair in listening to public opinion on nuclear power, (leder) Mainichi 18.07.2012.

Shika nuclear plant may sit on active fault, (Kyodo) Japan Times 18.07.2012.

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Dementia dire among elderly in quake zone, (Jiji) Japan Times 16.07.2012.

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Volunteer numbers rise due to 3/11, (Jiji) Japan Times 15.07.2012.

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Tepco chief seeks swift rate hike deal, (Kyodo) Japan Times 15.07.2012.

Japan’s ‘man-made’ nuclear fiasco, (leder) Japan Times 14.07.2012.

Obayashi sets up first renewable energy unit, (Jiji) Japan Times 14.07.2012.

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Shizuoka group collects 100,000 signatures for nuke plant vote, Asahi Shimbun 13.07.2012.

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Mere slogans won’t help Ozawa convince voters, (leder) Mainichi 12.07.2012.

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Eric Johnston: Hashimoto’s pro-TPP group snubs Ozawa tieup, Japan Times 12.07.2012.

Daisku Nakai: Western media: Don’t blame Fukushima on ‘culture’, Asahi Shimbun 12.07.2012.

Nuke disaster evacuees ask court to force shuttering of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, Mainichi 12.07.2012.

Ozawa launches ‘People’s Lives First’ party, faces search for political allies, Mainichi 12.07.2012.

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With fishing suspended, Fukushima fishermen return to sea to catch disaster debris, Mainichi 11.07.2012.

Hideaki Kimura & Kaname Ohira: TEPCO to release teleconference videos after all, Asahi Shimbun 11.07.2012.

Masami Ito: Ozawa creates new party to counter Noda, Japan Times 11.07.2012.

Japan’s energy future too important to be left to experimental polling method, Mainichi 11.07.2012.

Yuri Iowa: Study finds lifetime thyroid doses of radiation in Fukushima children, Asahi Shimbun 11.07.2012.

Harvesting nears for lettuce grown in disaster-stricken city, Asahi Shimbun 11.07.2012.

Restarted Oi reactor generating at full capacity, 10.07.2012.

Numerical power saving targets attained in first week of July, Asahi Shimbun 10.07.2012.

Atomic Energy Commission held undocumented, closed-door meetings for more than a decade, (Kyodo) Japan Times 09.07.2012.

Kansai’s energy corset to be loosened a notch after Oi restart, Asahi Shimbun 09.07.2012.

Fukui reactor restarts not enough to let Kepco off power crunch hook, (Jiji) Japan Times 07.07.2012.

Nuke protesters’ ire increasingly centers on Noda, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Reactor 1 quake-damaged? Japan Times 07.07.2012.

State to pursue offshore wind farms, storage cells, (Kyodo) Japan Times 07.07.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Diet commission chairman: Fukushima accident ‘Made in Japan’, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Final Report (1) : TEPCO, NISA’s dilly-dallying caused ‘man-made disaster’, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Final Report (2): Concern for people’s lives was not a priority, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Final Report (3): 80% of evacuees did not know about Fukushima crisis on 3/11, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Final Report (4): TEPCO failed to warn nuke plant workers after 3/11, Asahi Shimbun 07.07.2012.

Average income of households in 2010 down to 1988 level, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.07.2012.

Oi nuclear plant back on power grid, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.07.2012.

Gov’t, legislators must take Diet panel’s nuclear crisis report seriously, (leder) Mainichi 06.07.2012.

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Takashi Sugimoto: Radioactive river mud threatens lakes, Tokyo Bay, Asahi Shimbun 05.07.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Inquiry Declares Fukushima Crisis a Man-Made Disaster, New York Times 05.07.2012.

Japan regains nuclear power as first reactor resumes operations, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 05.07.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Probe says Fukushima disaster ‘man-made,’ as nuclear power returns to Japan, Globe and Mail 05.07.2012.

TEPCO spends billions on Fukushima No. 2 plant to avoid huge liabilities, Asahi Shimbun 05.07.2012.

Population shift from Fukushima Prefecture to Tokyo up 26 percent in 2011, Mainichi 05.07.2012.

Edan Corkill: Sakamoto gently rallies the troops for No Nukes 2012, Japan Times 05.07.2012.

NISA calls for more studies on faults under three Fukui nuclear plants, (Kyodo, Jiji) Japan Times 05.07.2012.

Japan regains nuclear power supply with Oi reactor’s transmission, Kyodo 05.07.2012.

NISA calls for reviews of fault lines near Fukui nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 04.07.2012.

Monju costs far surpass usual nukes, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.07.2012.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Mankind cannot live with nuclear energy, Asahi Shimbun 04.07.2012.

Japan’s energy future must be decided by its people, (leder) Mainichi 04.07.2012.

Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku: Breaker, breaker: How to conserve energy without thinking too much, Japan Times 04.07.2012.

Reactor restarts, but Japan’s energy policy in flux, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 04.07.2012.

Nuclear watchdog to bar industry insiders, (Kyodo) Japan Times 04.07.2012.

Go Yamshita: New regulatory commission to exclude those with close ties to nuclear industry, Asahi Shimbun 03.07.2012.

Oi’s reactor 3 first to go critical after Fukushima, Japan Times 03.07.2012.

Japan heads into 2nd summer with power shortages looming, Asahi Shimbun 03.07.2012.

Paul Watson: Son’s Energy Manifesto, Wall Street Journal 02.07.2012.

Fukushima evacuees angered by restart of Oi nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 02.07.2012.

Mitsuro Obe: Report on Nuclear Disaster Holds Key to Reactors’ Fate, Wall Street Journal 02.07.2012.

Amid protests, No. 3 reactor at Oi plant reaches criticality, Asahi Shimbun 02.07.2012.

Eric Johnston: Residents ponder escape routes as restart begins, Japan Times 02.07.2012.

Erik Holm: Første japanske atomreaktor i gang, Ingeniøren 02.07.2012.

Feed-in tariff era gets under way, (Kyodo) Japan Times 02.07.2012.

First Japan reactor goes online since nuclear crisis, Asahi Shimbun 01.07.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Ryuichi Sakamoto reminds Japanese what’s the score on nuclear blame, Japan Times 01.07.2012.

Reactor to be rebooted, 1st after checkups since Fukushima accident, (Kyodo) Mainichi 01.07.2012.

Confrontational rallies seek to stop restart of Oi plant, (med billedserie) Asahi Shimbun 01.07.2012.

Pia Buhl Andersen: Japan genopliver atomreaktor trods store protester, Politiken 01.07.2012.

Protests in Japan as nuclear power plant reopens, (AP) The Guardian 01.07.72012.

Antinuclear protesters block road to Oi plant ahead of restart, Mainichi 01.07.2012.


Juni 2012

Kazuaki Nagata: Protest rally against Noda, Oi reactor restarts intensifies, (med billedserie) Japan Times 30.06.2012.

Gov’t energy council sets 3 options for energy and anti-global warming policy, Mainichi 30.06.2012.

Eric Johnston: Feed-in tariff has solar advocates sky high, Japan Times 30.06.2012.

Meltdown scenario excluded from nation’s emergency drill plan, (Kyodo) Mainichi 30.06.2012.

Toru Nakagawa & Mari Fujisaki: Phasing out nuclear power could reduce Japan’s GDP by 7%, Asahi Shimbun 30.06.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Protest rally against Noda, Oi reactor restarts intensifies, Japan Times 30.06.2012.

Martin Fackler: In Tokyo, Thousands Protest the Restarting of a Nuclear Power Plant, New York Times 29.06.2012.

‘The Nuclear Power Chapter Has Come to an End’, Der Spiegel 29.06.2012.

Anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo Friday 29th June, Kyoto Journal via Facebook 29.06.2012.

Lawmakers call for immediate decommissioning of 24 reactors, Asahi Shimbun 29.06.2012.

Tepco: Restart Niigata reactors, (Kyodo) Japan Times 29.06.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Maverick lawmaker: Reactor restarts show Noda is a puppet of the bureaucrats, Asahi Shimbun 29.06.2012.

Tepco’s self-justifying report, (leder) Japan Times 29.06.2012.

Mitsuru Obe: Lawmakers Rank the Safety of Japan’s 50 Reactors, Wall Street Journal 29.06.2012.

Kentaro Uechi: New TEPCO leaders to push restarts of reactors in Niigata, Asahi Shimbun 29.06.2012.

New TEPCO president says utility not set on reactivating Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, Mainichi 28.06.2012.

Lawmakers’ group identifies Japan’s most dangerous nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 28.06.2012.

Julina Ryall: Japan ignores protests to resume nuclear power, Telegraph 28.07.2012.

Local governments turn their backs on utilities, Asahi Shimbun 28.06.2012.

TEPCO to withdraw from Vietnam nuclear plant project, Mainichi 28.06.2012.

Major power companies must put the customer first, (leder) Mainichi 28.06.2012.

Local governments turn their backs on utilities, Asahi Shimbun 28.06.2012.

New TEPCO president says utility not set on reactivating Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, Mainichi 28.06.2012.

DPJ lawmakers seek immediate decommissioning of 12 reactors in Japan, Kyodo 27.06.2012.

Outgoing NISA OKs construction of nuke reprocessing plant, Asahi Shimbun 27.06.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata & Eric Johnston: Utilities defy shareholders’ antinuke calls, Japan Times 27.06.2012.

9 utilities reject all shareholders’ anti-nuclear appeals, Asahi Shimbun 27.06.2012.

TEPCO shareholders’ meeting marked by calls to break away from nuclear power, Mainichi 27.06.2012.

Power companies must heed shareholder proposals from local governments, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 26.06.2012.

Antonio Pasolini: Activists Kickstart Fundraising Campaign to Create Post-Fukushima Publication, Alternative Energy Blog 26.06.2012.

Local governments to demand change at utility shareholders’ meetings, Asahi Shimbun 26.06.2012.

Takao Yamada: Atomic energy law’s sly alteration is abuse of legislative process, Mainichi 26.06.2012.

Louis Templado: Scientists warn of 3 faults under soon-to-restart reactors, Asahi Shimbun 26.06.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan Reactor Building Is Tilting but Not a Risk, Operator Says, New York Times 26.06.2012.

Japan must earnestly take up issue of spent nuclear fuel disposal, (leder) Mainichi 26.06.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Oi restart rush blasted as new crisis, (AP) Japan Times 26.06.2012.

TEPCO reveals plan to compensate prefectures for tourism losses, Mainichi 26.06.2012.

Nuclear laws have serious flaws, (leder) Japan Times 26.06.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Fears Accompany Fishermen in Japanese Disaster Region, New York Times 25.06.2012.

Fukushima marine products hit shelves for first time since disaster, Mainichi 25.06.2012.

Oi prompts domestic, U.S. antinuclear rallies, (Kyodo) Japan Times 24.06.2012.

NISA to tighten checks on fault research beneath Tsuruga reactors, (Jiji) Japan Times 24.06.2012.

Nuclear power plant collusion, (leder) Japan Times 23.06.2012.

Industry bodies urge less reliance on nuke power, (Kyodo) Japan Times 22.06.2012.

Japan nuclear minister speeds up Fukushima decommissioning, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 22.06.2012.

Summer blackouts planned if electricity use tops 99 percent of supply, Mainichi 22.06.2012.

Mitsuru Obe: Japan Mulls Referendum on Nuclear Power, Mainichi 22.06.2012.

TEPCO internal report on Fukushima nuclear disaster nothing but self-justification, (leder) Mainichi 22.06.2012.

Erik Holm: Ringhals: Det værste, vi har oplevet i 40 år, Ingeniøren 22.06.2012.

Niclas Rolander: Nuclear Plants Raise Alerts in Sweden, Wall Street Journal 21.06.2012.

Erik Holm: Sprængstof fundet på Nordens største atomkraftværk, Ingeniøren 21.06.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Japan utility admits flaws worsened tsunami crisis, AP 21.06.2012.

TEPCO justifies in nuclear accident report failure to predict huge tsunami, Mainichi 21.06.2012.

Tokyo assembly votes down nuclear referendum ordinance, Asahi Shimbun 21.06.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Nuclear Operator in Japan Exonerates Itself in Report, New York Times 20.06.2012.

Ibaraki marks large offshore area for wind power generation, Mainichi 20.06.2012.

Michael Reiter: Tysk energigigant dropper a-kraft og satser på solceller, Ingeniøren 20.06.2012.

Mitsuro Obe: Back-Pedaling on Reactor Age Limits? Wall Street Journal 20.06.2012.

NISA: Quake estimate for Shimane nuclear plant too low, Asahi Shimbun 20.06.2012.

Osamu Tsukimori: Japanese authorities sat on data showing radiation spread, (Reuters) Planet Ark 20.06.2012.

Toshiba to Build Japan’s Biggest Solar Plants in Fukushima, (Reuters) New York Times 20.06.2012.

Mitsuru Obe: Fukushima Watch: Back-Pedaling on Reactor Age Limits? Wall Street Journal 19.06.2012.

Hiroshi Ishizaka: Report: Public trust in scientists plummeted after 3/11 disasters, Asahi Shimbun 19.06.2012.

Yuka Suzuki: Tsunami Debris From Japan Carries Biological Species To California, Asian Scientist 19.06.2012.

NISA admits it was negligent, apologizes for shoddy management, Asahi Shimbun 19.06.2012.

Hiroo Sunaoshi & Kazuyuki Kanai: Government ignored U.S. radiation monitoring data in days after 3/11, Asahi Shimbun 18.06.2012.

Erik Holm: Ny rapport: 150 af Europas atomkraftværker skal skrottes, Ingeniøren 18.06.2012.

Local leaders blast Noda’s handling of Oi restart, Asahi Shimbun 18.06.2012.

Yuko Inoue & Leonora Walet: Japan OKs renewable subsidy in shift from nuclear power, Reuters 18.06.2012.

Toru Nakagawa: Decommissioning would leave 4 power companies with negative net worth, Asahi Shimbun 18.06.2012.

Don’t reverse policy toward less reliance on nuclear plants, (leder) Mainichi 18.06.2012.

Businesses in push to restart more reactors, Asahi Shimbun 18.06.2012.

Keiji Takeuchi: Decision on restarting Oi reactors should not be a precedent, Asahi Shimbun 17.06.2012.

Regrettable ‘go’ on reactors, (leder) Japan Times 17.06.2012.

Fukushima evacuees, citizens groups vexed by Oi restart decision, Asahi Shimbun 17.06.2012.

Eric Johnston: Oi decision draws international outcry, Japan Times 17.06.2012.

Justin McCurry: Japan nuclear restart gets PM’s approval, The Guardian 16.06.2012.

Japan PM Noda aims to reduce reliance on nuclear power, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 16.06.2012.

Linda Sieg and Kiyoshi Takenaka: Japan approves 2 reactor restarts, more seen ahead, Reuters 16.06.2012.

Gov’t decision to restart nuclear reactors meets public opposition, Mainichi 16.06.2012.

KEPCO set to turn on juice at Oi nuke plant in July, Asahi Shimbun 16.06.2012.

Phred Dvorak: Fukushima Watch: Reactor Restarts in the Twitterverse, Wall Street Journal 16.06.2012.

Noda’s decision to restart nuclear reactors attacked by oppositions, Kyodo 16.06.2012.

Japan to restart 2 reactors for 1st time since Fukushima crisis, (Kyodo) Mainichi 16.06.2012.

Fukushima fishermen return to port with first catch since 3/11, Asahi Shimbun 15.06.2012.

Town hosting No. 1 plant starts farm tests to gauge success of cleanup work, (Kyodo) Japan Times 15.06.2012.

Jeff Barnard: Invasive species ride tsunami debris to US shore, (AP) Taipei News 15.06.2013.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Japanese will have to continue raising voices against nuclear energy, Asahi Shimbun 15.06.2012.

40-year limit on nuclear reactors a basic requirement, (leder) Mainichi 15.06.2012.

Tetsuen Nakajima: Japan must thoroughly re-examine nuclear energy policy, Asahi Shimbun 15.06.2012.

Mari Iwata: Looking for New Nuclear Revenue — A Spent Fuel Tax? Wall Street Journal 15.06.2012.

Japan moves closer to restarting nuclear reactors, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 14.06.2012.

New nuke safety bodies get OK, (Kyodo) Japan Times 14.06.2012.

Fukushima nuclear victims to attend new Earth Summit, Asahi Shimbun 14.06.2012.

Terhi Kinnunen & Muriel Boselli: Europe makes big bets on nuclear waste burial, Reuters 14.06.2012.

Parties leave open operating limits for nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 14.06.2012.

Fukushima Prefecture asked university to stop radiation dose tests soon after disaster, Mainichi 14.06.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: TEPCO found wanting after knowing full well the tsunami danger, Asahi Shimbun 14.06.2012.

Antony Hall: Fukushima Daiichi: From Nuclear Power Plant to Nuclear Weapon, Global Research 13.06.2012.

Matthew Penney: Summer Nuclear Plant Restarts and Japanese Public Opinion, The Asia-Pacific Journal 13.06.2012.

Louis Templado: Fukushima nuclear victims to attend new Earth Summit, Asahi Shimbun 13.06.2012.

Japan must stick to greenhouse gas reduction bill without relying on nuclear plants, (leder) Mainichi 13.06.2012.

Anti-nuclear petition drive hits 7.48-million mark, Asahi Shimbun 13.06.2012.

Oi reactors won’t be at max by late July, (Jiji) Japan Times 13.06.2012.

Erik Holm: IEA slår fast: A-kraft er central for grøn omstilling, Ingeniøren 13.06.2012.

PM’s flawed arguments for Oi reactor restarts play on fear, hobble reform, (leder) Mainichi 12.06.2012.

David Postilion: Reticent government to blame as new media tell true nuclear story, Japan Times 12.06.2012.

Chester Dawson & Mitsuru Obe: Japan Gets ‘Feudal’ on Reactor Restarts, Wall Street Journal 12.06.2012.

David NcNeill: Oi – the town at the heart of the Japanese power row – goes nuclear, The Independent 12.06.2012.

Fiona Harvey: UK nuclear plans ‘need saving by David Cameron and Francois Hollande’, The Guardian 12.06.2012.

Mari Iwata: Nuclear Debate Turns to Yamaguchi Prefecture, Wall Street Journal 12.06.2012.

Fukui governor looks to OK reactor restarts based on panel’s safety claim, (Kyodo) Japan Times 12.06.2012.

70 percent of residents near Fukushima nuke plant forced to evacuate at least 4 times after disaster, Maiichi 11.06.2012.

1,300 file complaints against Tepco, (Kyodo) Japan Times 11.06.2012.

Sawaaki Hikata: Forecast: 32% unable to return home near Fukushima plant in 2017, Asahi Shimbun 11.06.2012.

Local nuclear safety commission says Oi reactors safe to restart, (Kyodo) Japan Times 11.06.2012.

Jake Adelstein: Yakuza Go On The Record About 3/11 Relief Efforts In July Fanzine (実話時代, Japan Subculture Research Center 11.06.2012.

Akio Matsumura: What Is the United States Government Waiting for? 11.06.2012.

Diet panel blasts Kan for poor approach to last year’s nuclear disaster, Asahi Shimbun 10.06.2012.

Andreas Lindqvist: 1,5 millioner ton japanske tsunamirester har kurs mod USA, Politiken 10.06.2012.

Hideaki Kimura: Diet panel’s conclusion on TEPCO defies evidence, Asahi Shimbun 09.06.2012.

Nathalie Kyoko-Stucky & Jake Adelstein: Ex-TEPCO President Testifies: “The Prime Minister Yelled At Me.” Denies Cut & Run, Japan Subculture Research Center 09.06.2012.

What if Japan can’t keep pledge to reduce emissions 25 percent by 2020? Mainichi 09.06.2012.

Oi restart policy deeply divides ruling party, nation, Asahi Shimbun 09.06.2012.

Toshio Kawada & Ryuta Koike: Researchers urge survey of possible active fault under Oi plant, Asahi Shimbun 09.06.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: Tepco never requested total Fukushima No. 1 evacuation: ex-president, Japan Times 09.06.2012.

Noda’s restart call draws anti-nuclear activists’ ire, Asahi Shimbun 09.06.2012.

Aaron Sheldrick: Ex-Tepco chief denies planned Fukushima pullout, Reuters 09.06.2012.

Hashimoto’s expert panel wants foreigners to regulate nuclear power, Asahi Shimbun 08.06.2012.

Jun Hongo: Oi reactors’ restart is vital, Noda stresses, Japan Times 08.06.2012.

Noda reiterates need to restart Oi nuclear reactors, (Kyodo) Mainichi 08.06.2012.

Mari Nakamura: Nuclear accident scares off families seeking rural lifestyle, Asahi Shimbun 08.06.2012.

Kepco to oppose all shareholder proposals, (Jiji) Japan Times 08.06.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Japan PM says 2 nuke reactors must be restarted, (AP) Miami Herald 08.06.2012.

Mori Trust to build huge solar plant in Fukushima, (Jiji) Japan Times 08.06.2012.

Aaron Sheldrick: Former Tepco chief to be grilled over Fukushima disaster, Reuters 08.06.2012.

Vattenfall versus Germany, World Nuclear News 08.06.2012.

Fukushima Reactor Global Security Issue: Japanese Former Diplomat, PanOrient News 07.06.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Japan Faces Opposition to Reactor-Restart Plan, Wall Street Journal 07.06.2012.

Eric Johnston: Official Kansai’s reactor nod puzzles, Japan Times 07.06.2012.

Mari Iwata: Can Japan No Longer Afford Ambitious CO2 Cuts? Wall Street Journal 07.06.2012.

Shiga and Kyoto governors want Oi restarts to be temporary, Asahi Shimbun 07.06.2012.

David Cranosky: Japan considers nuclear-free future, Nature 06.06.2012.

Louis Templado: Oe speaks at anti-nuclear rally to gather 10 million signatures, Asahi Shimbun 06.06.2012.

Toko Sekiguchi: An Unexpected Bump on the Road to Oi Restarts, Wall Street Journal 06.06.2012.

Elanor Warnock: With or Without Oi: Summer Power Shortages in Kansai?, Wall Street Journal 06.06.2012.

30% of DPJ lawmakers ask Noda to reconsider reactor restarts, Asahi Shimbun 06.06.2012.

Macolm Foster: Poll: Japanese opposition to nuke power stronger, AP 06.06.2012.

Rie Yamada: Religious leaders call on higher power against Oi restart, Asahi Shimbun 06.06.2012.

Toko Sekiguchi: An Unexpected Bump on the Road to Oi Restarts, Wall Street Journal 06.06.2012.

Renewable energy costs falling: agency, AP 06.06.2012.

Disaster reconstruction work has claimed 18 lives so far, (Jiji) Japan Times 06.06.2012.

Nuke agency likened radioactive fallout to ‘agitated wife’, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.06.2012.

Watchdog let utilities justify omitting nuclear plant power supply safety steps, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.06.2012.

Nuclear lobby strangled guidelines on plant power failures at birth, Asahi Shimbun 05.06.2012.

TEPCO to deny inadequate response in final Fukushima nuclear crisis report, Mainichi 05.06.2012.

Japanese more opposed to nuclear power a year after tsunami, Los Angeles Times 05.06.2012.

Japan PM urged to be cautious about nuclear restarts, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 05.06.2012.

TEPCO squanders fortune for electricity that’s not guaranteed, Asahi Shimbun 05.06.2012.

71 percent against hastily restarting Oi nuclear plant: Mainichi poll, Mainichi 04.06.2012.

Michael McAteer: Japan’s Latest Nuclear Crisis: Getting Rid of the Radioactive Debris, The Atlantic 04.06.2012.

Yoko Kubota: Japan small factories get creative to keep power on, Reuters 04.06.2012.

Plutonium reprocessing plan raises alarm amid shutdown, (AP) Japan Times 04.06.2012.

Satoshi Otani: 3 experts on Monju panel received donations from industry, Asahi Shimbun 03.06.2012.

Power-saving eased heat island effect in Tokyo last year, (Jiji) Japan Times 02.06.2012.

Ryota Sometaya: Osaka mayor admits to ‘defeat’ over nuke reactor restarts, Asahi Shimbun 02.06.2012.

Rolling blackouts possible even if Oi reactors are restarted, Asahi Shimbun 02.06.2012.

Leslie Hook: China to restart nuclear power programme, Financial Times 01.06.2012.

Eric Talmadge & Mari Yamaguchi: Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile, 12KFVS 01.06.2012.

Mitsuro Obe: Japan Set to Clear Restart of Two Nuclear Reactors, Wall Street Journal 01.06.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Japan’s Nuclear Industry: The CIA Link, Wall Street Journal 01.06.2012.

Damian Carrington: Is there a UK nuclear power plan B? The Guardian 01.06.2012.

Jake Adelstein & Nathalie Stucky: Police Arrest Yakuza Labor Broker In “Nuclear Mafia” Crackdown; Investigation Continues, Japan Subculture Research Center 01.06.2012.

Eric Johnston: Kansai chiefs accept ‘limited’ reactor restart, Japan Times 01.06.2012.

Alexis Lai: Japan’s “cool” summer dress code, CNN 01.06.2012.

Hashimoto shifts stance to allow restart of Oi nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 01.06.2012.

Yuri Kageyama: Fukushima farmers pray for cesium-free rice, (AP) Japan Times 01.06.2012.


Maj 2012

Politicians should take the helm in nuclear emergencies, (leder) Mainichi 31.05.2012.

Martin Fackler: Japan Moves Closer to Restart of Nuclear Plant, New York Times 31.05.2012.

Noda’s premature decision to restart Oi reactors, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 31.05.2012.

Keiji Hirano: Tokai mayor at front of antinuclear drive, Japan Times 31.05.2012.

Former TEPCO executive to build ‘solar-agriculture park’ in Fukushima Pref., Mainichi 31.05.2012.

NASA: East Japan quake/ Tsunami disturbed upper atmosphere, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 31.05.2012.

Kansai governors: Oi reactors restart is state’s call, (Kyodo) Japan Times 31.05.2012.

Phred Dvorak: Japan Reactor Restart Countdown: Approaching Zero? Wall Streeet Journal 31.05.2012.

New nuclear agency must be independent, all-encompassing, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 30.05.2012.

Mitsuru Obe: Measuring Radiation Between Calls: A Smartphone for the Post-Fukushima Age, Wall Street Journal 30.05.2012.

Nathalie Kyoko-Stucky & Jake Adelstein: Ex-Prime Minister Blames Meltdown on “Nuclear Village”, Inadequate Laws and TEPCO/NISA Incompetence, Japan Subculture Research Center 30.05.2012.

Reduction of nuke power to 15% of total generation possible by 2030, (leder) Mainichi 30.05.2012.

Prime Minister Noda says safe reactor restarts needed, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 30.05.2012.

Alice Lighton: Fukushima has positive fallout for marine science, Nature 30.05.2012.

Christopher Mims: Chernobyl’s Real Horror Show Isn’t the Radiation, It’s the Economics, The Atlantic 30.05.2012.

Noda says Japanese lifestyles rely on nuclear power, Asahi Shimbun 30.05.2012.

Rory Carroll: California tuna connoisseurs shy away from sushi over Japan radiation fears, The Guardian 30.05.2012.

Kan blasts ‘nuclear village’ in dealing with Fukushima crisis, Asahi Shimbun 29.05.2012.

Stuart Biggs: Radioactive bluefin tuna are likely to decrease over time, Washington Post 29.05.2012.

Diet panel’s questioning on gov’t response to nuclear accident lacked focus, (leder) Mainichi 30.05.2012.

Ex-PM Kan: Japan’s nuclear emergency laws flawed, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 29.05.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Kyoto Governor Casts New Doubts Over Nuke Restarts, Wall Street Journal 28.05.2012.

Edano grilled by Diet’s Fukushima nuclear disaster investigative committee, Mainichi 28.05.2012.

Japan ex-PM apologises for Fukushima failure, Aljazeera 28.05.2012.

Edano says he didn’t deliberately mislead, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 28.05.2012.

Edano admits gap in communications during nuclear crisis, Asahi Shimbun 28.05.2012.

Martin Fackler: Japan’s Former Leader Condemns Nuclear Power, New York Times 28.05.2012.

TEPCO plans removal of unused nuclear fuel as early as July, Asahi Shimbun 28.05.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Nuclear power profiteers seem keen to risk getting blood on their hands, Japan Times 27.05.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi & Matthew L. Wald: Spent Fuel Rods Drive Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan, New York Times 26.05.2012.

Kevin Krolicki & Kiyoshi Takenaka: Japan says Fukushima spent-fuel risk contained, Reuters 26.05.2012.

Robert X. Cringely: Fukushima Daiichi requires a Manhattan Project approach to avoid another nuclear accident, BetaNews 25.05.2012.

Fukushima meltdowns’ March 2011 fallout higher than estimated, near 900,000 terabecquerels: Tepco, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.06.2012.

TEPCO’s post-mortem shows No. 2 reactor main source of radiation, Asahi Shimbun 25.05.2012.

Kevin Krolicki: Fukushima Radiation Higher Than First Estimated, (Reuters) Planet Ark 25.05.2012.

Toru Nakagawa & Mari Fujisaki: Industry ministry panel presents 5 options for nuclear dependence ratio in 2030, Asahi Shimbun 25.05.2012.

Jamie McGinnes: Catastrophic nuclear reactor meltdowns like Chernobyl or Fukushima could happen every ten to 20 years, scientists warn, Mail Online 24.05.2012.

Daisuke Yajima & Tomoyo Fukumiya: Fukushima architects come up with ‘safe’ design, Asahi Shimbun 24.05.2012.

Utility Says It Underestimated Radiation Released in Japan, (Reuters) New York Times 24.05.2012.

Stephanie Nebehay & Tom Miles: WHO Releases Mixed Fukushima Radiation Report, (Reuters) Planet Ark 24.05.2012.

Yuri Oiwa: Tokyo says WHO overestimated Fukushima disaster radiation doses, Asahi Shimbun 24.05.2012.

Geoff Brumfiel: Fukushima’s doses tallied, Nature 23.05.20120

Cities near Hamaoka nuke plant rule out restart, (Kyodo) Japan Times 23.05.2012.

Yuri Oiwa: WHO: Radiation exposure near Fukushima plant within safe limits, Asahi Shimbun 23.05.2012.

Damian Carrington: Busting the carbon and cost myths of Germany’s nuclear exit, The Guardian 23.05.2012.

Power companies raise 70% of profits from households, Asahi Shimbun 23.05.2012.

Fukushima-ulykke førte kun til lille udslip, (Ritzau) Politiken 23.05.2012.

Louis Templado: German-made film takes hard look at Japan’s nuclear future, Asahi Shimbun 22.05.2012.

Jochen Legewie: For better or worse, Japan might remain nuclear-free forever, Japan Times 21.05.2012.

Takao Yamada: Japan cannot let material fears obscure danger of nuclear power, Mainichi 21.05.2012.

Private tribunal finds state, TEPCO guilty over nuclear disaster, Asahi Shimbun 21.05.2012.

Damine Gillis: Fukushima Reactor 4: The Most Important Story Nobody’s Talking About, Common Sense Canadian 21.05.2012.

Phred Dvorak: Fukushima Daiichi’s Unit 4 Spent-Fuel Pool: Safe or Not? Wall Streeet Journal 21.05.2012.

Asahi survey: 54% oppose putting Oi reactors back online, Asahi Shimbun 21.05.2012.

Kansai leaders oppose govt call to back Oi reactor restarts, (Jiji) Yomiuri 21.05.2012.

Hiroshi Matsubara: Officials try to calm fears about spent nuclear fuel rods, Asahi Shimbun 21.05.2012.

Erik Johnston: Kansai leaders vow 15% cut in summer electricity use, Japan Times 20.05.2012.

Fukui prefectural officials key for restart of Oi nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 20.05.2012.

Amy Chawez: Reasons I don’t buy a nuclear restart, Japan Times 19.05.2012.

Plan to restart reactors this summer must be scrapped, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 19.05.2012.

Birgitte Marfelt: Kortlægger cæsium-nedfald i Jotunheimen 26 år efter Tjernobyl, Ingeniøren 18.05.2012.

Ex-industry minister blasts Kan’s handling of nuclear crisis, Asahi Shimbun 18.05.2012.

Summer voluntary power curbs set, (Kyodo) Japan Times 18.05.2012.

Power Supply and Demand Outlook for the Summer of 2012, (pressemeddelelse) Tepco 18.05.2012.

Japan seeks 15% summer power savings in western region, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 18.05.2012.

Government doesn’t plan to issue mandatory power-saving order to western Japan, (Kyodo) Japan Times 18.05.2012.

Mitsuru Obe & Phred Dvorak: How Close Is Japan to Pushing the ‘On’ Button on Reactors? Wall Street Journal 18.05.2012.

Ex-METI Minister Kaieda admits he distrusted Tepco at start of nuclear crisis, (Kyodo) Japan Times 18.05.2012.

Diet panel to tackle question: Did TEPCO want to desert Fukushima plant? Asahi Shimbun 16.05.2012.

NISA, Tepco knew in ’06 of Fukushima tsunami threat, (Kyodo) Japan Times 16.05.2012.

Keiji Takeuchi: Fukushima probe must clarify whether TEPCO tried to run, Asahi Shimbun 16.05.2012.

Eric Johnston: Kansai braces for summer heat without reactors, Japan Times 16.05.2012.

Tetsuji Ida: Japan must seize chance to reflect on energy, reform power system, Kyodo 16.05.2012.

TEPCO chairman blames politicians, colleagues for Fukushima response, Asahi Shimbun 15.05.2012.

Warnings over fault below nuke reactors in Fukui were ignored, Mainichi 15.05.2012.

NHK chairman’s appointment to TEPCO board raises eyebrows, Asahi Shimbun 15.05.2012.

The Fukushima Reactors (a year afterwards), (6:11 min. video) NHK 14.05.2012.

Fukushima Damage Assessment, (4:31 min. video) NHK 14.05.2012.

Survey: No municipalities around Oi nuke plant want restart, Asahi Shimbun 14.05.2012.

Kepco area faces 20% power-saving request, (Jiji) Japan Times 14.05.2012.

Keibu Horikawa: Oi mayor set to OK resumption of operations at nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 14.05.2012.

Arjun Makhijani: May 5 could mark new beginning for Japan with reactor shutdown, Kyodo 13.05.2012.

Gov’t should ensure independent nuclear power panel will function properly, (leder) Mainichi 12.05.2012.

Kaname Ohira: TEPCO to offer billing system to curb summer power use, Asahi Shimbun 12.05.2012.

Ethan A. Huff: Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution, Natural News 12.10.2012.

Kamome Fujimori: Nuclear disaster casts shadow on Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic bid, Asahi Shimbun 12.05.2012.

Akio Matsumura: The Twenty Thousand Year Poison: Nuclear Safety and Our Long Future, 12.05.2012.

Noda: Don’t need new nuclear safety agency to restart reactors, Asahi Shimbun 12.05.2012.

Yoshitaka Unezawa: Citizens group seeks Tokyo referendum on nuclear power, Asahi Shimbun 11.05.2012.

State power, The Economist 11.05.2012.

Energy conservation big issue for Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido, Asahi Shimbun 11.05.2012.

Fukushima farmers plant rice, pray, too, (Jiji) Japan Times 10.05.2012.

Go Yamashita: Government considered evacuating 500,000 after nuclear accident, Asahi Shimbun 10.05.2012.

Eric Johnston: Kansai to face the heat reactor-free, Japan Times 10.05.2012.

Nobutaro Kaji: Cesium content surges up to 70% in Tokyo Bay, Asahi Shimbun 10.05.2012.

Kepco to delay regular checks at 13 thermal plants (Jiji) Japan Times 10.05.2012.

The death of trust, The Economist 10.05.2012.

TEPCO faces major challenges in avoiding bankruptcy, Asahi Shimbun 10.05.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan to Nationalize Fukushima Utility, New York Times 09.05.2012.

Japan to take over TEPCO after Fukushima disaster, (Reuters) Asahi Shimbun 09.05.2012.

Brendan Barrett: Tetsunari Iida on the renewable future of Japan, UN University OurWorld 2.0 09.05.2012.

Japan must come up with a new energy policy, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 09.05.2012.

Ministry: With no reactors, 9 utilities to post 2.7-trillion-yen loss, Asahi Shimbun 08.05.2012.

May 4 Press Conference On Fukushima By Physicians For Social Responsibility : It’sBad, Very Bad, (fra pressekonference i New York) 21:49 min video 08.05.2012.

Hiroaki KOIDE on Press Conference May 4th 2012, (fra pressekonference i New York) 21:49 min video 08.05.2012.

Seek a way out of reliance on nuclear power, (leder) Mainich 07.05.2012.

Miguel Quintana: What Price Nuclear Zero for Japan? The Asia-Pacific Journal 07.05.2012.

Leika Kihara: Nuclear-Free Japan Braces For Severe Power Shortages, (Reuters) Planet Ark 07.05.2012.

Thousands march as Japan switches off nuclear power, Asahi Shimbun 06.05.2012.

Kepco dangles financial carrot for power-saving homes, (Jiji) Japan Times 06.05.2012.

Richard Osley: Thousands march in Tokyo as last atomic plant shuts, The Independent 06.05.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: New push should be for renewables, Japan Times 06.05.2012.

Toru Nakagawa & Shinichi Sekine: ‘Nuke-free’ Japan in the dark over nuclear policy, Asahi Shimbun 06.05.2012.

A silent majority speaks, The Economist 05.05.2012.

Kosuke So: Anti-nuclear activists pessimistic despite historic shutdown, Asahi Shimbun 05.05.2012.

Thousands march as Japan switches off last nuclear reactor, AP 05.05.2012.

Hisashi Hattori: Japan’s energy policy has been governed by series of shocks, Asahi Shimbun 05.05.2012.

David Batty: Japan shuts down last working nuclear reactor, The Guardian 05.05.2012.

Jin Nishikawa: Official wavering made nuclear-free dreams a reality, Asahi Shimbun 05.05.2012.

Jonathon Porritt: The eye-watering expense of nuclear power, The Guardian 04.05.2012.

Nobuyoshi Nakamura: Soil shortage a major problem in Tohoku disaster areas, Asahi Shimbun 04.05.2012.

Phred Dvorak & Eleanor Warnock: Japan to Take Its Last Reactor Offline, Wall Street Journal 04.05.2012.

China mulling investment in UK’s new nuclear plans, The Guardian 04.05.2012.

Fiona Harvey: Nuclear power is only solution to climate change, says Jeffrey Sachs, The Guardian 03.05.2012.

Justin McCurry: Anxious Japan prepares for life without nuclear power, The Guardian 03.05.2012.

Catherine Mitchell, Antony Froggatt & Shunsuke Managi: Japanese energy policy stands at a crossroads, The Guardian 03.05.2012.

Crisis-hit Japan mulls shift to renewable energy, (AP) Asahi Shimbun 03.05.2012.

Mari Iwata: Power Shortages Expected in Japan, Wall Street Journal 02.05.2012.

Matthew L. Wald: The Low-Level Radiation Puzzle, New York Times, 02.05.2012.

337 food items exceed levels under new radiation safety standards, Asahi Shimbun 02.05.2012.

Jørgen Steen Nielsen: Lørdag bliver Japan atomkraftfri, Information 02.05.2012.

Coalition Sends Urgent Request for UN Intervention to Stabilize the Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Nuclear, (pressemeddelelse) Fukushima Update 02.05.2012.

Fukushima reactor manual lowered priority for emergency cooling device, Asahi Shimbun 01.05.2012.

Urgent Request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Fukushima Update 01.05.2012.

Naoya Kon & Takashi Sugimoto: Investigations into Fukushima accident disagree on key points, Asahi Shimbun 01.05.2012.


April 2012

Takuya Sumikawa: Local heads form group to press for scrapping nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 29.04.2012.

Restart of Tsuruga nuclear reactors ‘almost impossible’: safety commission chief, (Kyodo) Japan Times 27.04.2012.

Changing Tepco from the inside, (leder) Japan Times 26.04.2012.

Ayako Mie: Creating true nuclear watchdog exacts toll in time, trust, (2 af 2) Japan Times 26.04.2012.

Kazuaki Nagata: It’s what Oi reactor tests don’t cover that worries, (1 af 2) Japan Times 25.04.2012.

Osamu Tsukimori: Japan fears nuclear plant sits atop active geological fault, Reuters 25.04.2012.

Osaka mayor weighs in against Oi restarts, (Kyodo) Japan Times 25.04.2012.

Hashimoto confronts Tokyo leadership over Oi nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 25.04.2012.

Heidi Hutner: In Japan, a Mothers’ Movement Against Nuclear Power, YES Magazine 25.04.2012.

Kae Morishita: Kan: Let public decide on nuclear power in Lower House election, (interview) Asahi Shimbun 24.04.2012.

EPA: New IG report faults agency’s management of radiation monitors, E&E Publishing 24.04.2012.

Local proposals on restarting reactors deserve attention, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 24.04.2012.

Half of Kansai residents oppose restarting Oi reactors, Asahi Shimbun 24.04.2012.

KEPCO warns of 16.3% power shortage in nuclear-free summer, Asahi Shimbun 24.04.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Nuclear Ghost Towns Won’t See Residents for At Least 20 Years, Wall Street Journal 23.04.2012.

Projection: No return to 7 areas near Fukushima plant for 5 years, Asahi Shimbun 23.04.2012.

Takao Yamada: Edano’s take on restarting nuclear power plants in Japan, Mainichi 23.04.2012.

Edano: Japan to pull plug on nuclear power in 40 years, Asahi Shimbun 23.04.2012.

David McNeill: Naoto Kan: The man who says he saved the world, The Independent 23.04.2012.

Shaun Burnie, Matsumura Akio & Murata Mitsuhei: The Highest Risk: Problems of Radiation at Reactor Unit 4, Fukushima Daiichi, The Asia-Pacific Journal 23.04.2012.

Robert Alvarez: The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Is Far From Over, Huffington Post 22.04.2012.

Shinichi Sekine: 6 ruling party lawmakers propose to delay reactor restarts, Asahi Shimbun 21.04.2012.

Fiona Harvey & Terry Macalister: Ministers planning ‘hidden subsidies’ for nuclear power, The Guardian 20.04.2012.

4 Fukushima reactors legally retired, Asahi Shimbun 20.04.2012.

Cutting CO₂ without reactors, (leder) Japan Times 20.04.2012.

Jens Ramskov: Nu forbereder Japan sig på tsunamibølger over 20 meter, Ingeniøren 19.04.2012.

Aaron Wiener: Germany’s nuclear power phaseout turns off environmentalists, Los Angeles Times 20.04.2012.

Mycle Schneider: Post-Fukushima nuclear allergy spreads in France, (Kyodo) Japan Times 19.04.2012.

Kenichi Ohmae: Fukushima: Probability theory is unsafe, Japan Times 18.04.2012.

Sarah Berlow: Japanese Politician Says a Nukeless Nation Would Be ‘Mass Suicide’, Wall Street Journal 17.04.2012.

Yoko Kubota: Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5, Reuters 17.04.2012.

Shinichi Sekine: In corridors of power, tide turns on nuclear-free Japan, Asahi Shimbun 16.04.2012.

Terry Macalister: Nuclear: a toxic investment, The Guardian 16.04.2012.

Asahi survey: 55% oppose moves to restart Oi reactors, Asahi Shimbun 16.04.2012.

Justin McCurry: Japan seeks to restart nuclear reactors after May stress tests, The Guardian 16.04.2012.

Tests find cesium 172 times the limit in Miyagi Yacon tea, Asahi Shimbun 13.04.2012.

Bernie Sanders & Ryan Alexander: Stop the nuclear industry welfare programme, The Guardian 13.04.2012.

Fukushima governor rips restart of Oi nuclear reactors, Asahi Shimbun 13.04.2012.

Brendan Barrett: Can Japan go 100% renewable by 2050? UN University OurWorld 2.0 11.04.2012.

Hashimoto jumps on nuclear issue as a vote winner, Asahi Shimbun 11.04.2012.

John Vidal: Vicious words mark the war between pro and anti-nuclear environmentalists, The Guardian 10.04.2012.

Osaka compiles new conditions for resumption of Oi nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 10.04.2012.

Oi reactors secure from blackout-induced meltdowns, Edano says, (Kyodo) Japan Times 10.04.2012.

Sharing excess power could avert summer supply crisis, Asahi Shimbun 10.04.2012.

Suvendrini Kakuchi: Radioactive Mushrooms Cloud Compensation Plans, IPS News 09.04.2012.

Japanese mayors to establish anti-nuclear energy conference, (Kyodo) Mainichi 07.04.2012.

Green light to Oi restart almost certain next week, Asahi Shimbun 07.04.2012.

Gov’t panel calls for trebling Japan’s east-west electricity-sharing capacity, (Kyodo) Mainichi 07.04.2012.

Toshio Nishi: On the Cesium Road, Hoover Digest 06.04.2012.

Government sets new safety standards for nuclear power plants, Asahi Shimbun 06.04.2012.

New nuclear safety standards criticized as ad-hoc measures, Mainichi 06.04.2012.

Pano Kroko: Restarting Fukushima, Bleeding Edge Blog 06.04.2012.

Noda moves to speed up restarts, (Kyodo) Japan Times 06.04.2012.

Kenichi Ohmae: World is ignoring most important lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster, Christian Science Monitor 05.04.2012.

Provisional safety standards needed before reactivating nuclear plants, Mainichi 05.04.2012.

Safety issues shouldn’t be rushed to restart reactors, (leder) Asahi Shimbun 05.04.2012.

Highly radioactive waste water leaked from desalination device at Fukushima plant, Mainichi 05.04.2012.

Yuka Hayashi: New Leak at Japan Reactor Threatens Ocean, Wall Street Journal 05.04.2012.

Restarts of Oi reactors hinge on new safety standards, Asahi Shimbun 04.04.20120

Chisaki Watanabe: Floating windmills offer hope of ending nuclear reliance, Japan Times 04.04.2012.

Cesium in excess of new gov’t limit detected in smelt from Gunma lake, (Kyodo) Mainichi 04.04.2012.

Mari Iwata: Nuke Restarts: Edano Now On Board? Wall Street Journal 04.04.2012.

Catastrophic quake, tsunami projections demand policy rethink, (leder) Mainichi 03.04.2012.

Noda delays decision on restarting Oi reactors, Asahi Shimbun 03.04.2012.

Cesium up to 100 times levels before disaster found in plankton far off nuke plant, Mainichi 03.04.2012.

Akio Matsumura: Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident, 03.04.2012.

Shunsuke Kimura: Fukushima publisher mailed radioactive soil to send message, Asahi Shimbun 03.04.2012.

Risa Maeda: Japan holds off on decision to restart reactors, Reuters 03.04.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: Study: Radioactive water to reach Hawaii in 2 years, Asahi Shimbun 03.04.2012.

Additional safety steps needed for Hamaoka nuclear plant, Asahi Shimbun 03.04.2012.

Martin Cohen: Nuclear industry dreams dashed by current economic reality, The Guardian 02.04.2012.

Yoree Koh: New Warning: 100-Foot Tsunami, Wall Street Journal 02.04.2012.

84 percent say government stress tests for nuclear plant restarts inadequate: survey, Mainichi 02.04.2012.

Peter Hayes: Global Perspectives on Nuclear Safety and Security After 3-11, The Asia-Pacific Journal, o2.04.2012.

Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis, (AP) The Guardian 01.04.2012.

Antoni Slodkowski: Japan’s quake defenses not enough, official reports warn, Reuters 01.04.2012.

Miyagi Pref. to build embankments along rivers that carried tsunami inland, Mainichi 01.04.2012.

Foods with excessive radiation under new rule found in 8 prefectures, (Kyodo) 01.04.2012.


Marts 2012

Fukushima fishermen hopeless after nuke contamination postpones fishing season, Mainichi 31.03.2012.

Shinichi Saoshiro: Japan to lift entry ban on some Fukushima cities, Reuters 30.03.2012.

JAXA develops camera that ‘visualizes’ radiation levels, Asahi Shimbun 30.03.2012.

Radioactive soil left after decontamination work stored near original locations, Mainichi 30.03.2012.

Marla Cone: Fukushima’s radioactivity found in California kelp; levels spiked, then disappeared, Evironmental Health News 30.03.2012.

Highest level of radioactive cesium to date found in freshwater fish in Fukushima village, Mainichi 30.03.2012.

Osamu Tsukimori & Risa Maeda: Japan’s Tepco scraps plans for new reactors at stricken plant, Reuters 30.03.2012.

All Fukushima residents to get compensation thanks to prefectural gov’t, Mainichi 30.03.2012.

Julia Werdigier: Britain’s Nuclear Plans Suffer Setback, New York Times 29.03.2012.

Gov’t may decide to restart idled reactors by early May: DPJ policy chief, Mainichi 29.03.2012.

Erik Holm: Tysk konsortium trækker sig fra britisk atomkraft, Ingeniøren 29.03.2012.

Dan Milmo & Fiona Harvey: Nuclear giants RWE and E.ON drop plans to build new UK reactors, The Guardian 29.03.2012.

David McNeill: Still critical: radiation levels at Fukushima can kill in minutes, The Independent 29.03.2012.

Hiroko Tabuchi: Japan Nuclear Plant May Be Worse Off Than Thought, New York Times 29.03.2912.

Phred Dvorak: Toward a Lower-Cesium Diet, 29.03.2012.

Kan, other DPJ members to launch group to seek exit from nuclear power, Kyodo 29.03.2012.

Mitsuro Obe & Phred Dvorak: Unlikely Hand Flips Japan’s Power Switch, Wall Street Journal 29.03.2012.

Kyoto governor opposes Oi reactors’ reopening in current circumstances, Kyodo 29.03.2012.

RWE and E.On halt UK nuclear plans at Wylfa and Oldbury, BBC news 29.03.2012.

Ichiro Matsuo: Cesium levels in animals around Chernobyl fail to drop, Asahi Shimbun 28.03.2012.

Bethany Halford: Removing Radioactivity, Chemical & Engineering News 28.03.2012.

Eric Johnston: Kansai politicians want new safety regime before Oi reactor restart, Japan Times 28.03.2012.

Fukushima No. 2 reactor radiation level up to 73 sieverts per hour, Kyodo 28.03.2012.

Ichiro Matsuo: Cesium levels in animals around Chernobyl fail to drop, Asahi Shimbun 28.03.2012.

Industry body opposed boosting nuke disaster prevention steps before Fukushima crisis, Mainichi 27.03.2012.

Takashi Sugimoto: The big question: How safe is fish to eat? Asahi Shimbun 27.03.2012.

Decontamination work reduces radiation by over 60 percent in nuclear plant town, Mainichi 27.03.2012.

Water level of Fukushima No. 2 reactor only 60 cm above bottom, (Kyodo) Mainichi 27.03.2012.

Shunji Morimoto: Nuclear disaster should prompt us to reflect on our desires, Asahi Shimbun 27.03.2012.

Mari Yamaguchi: Fukushima Power Plant Damaged Worse Than Thought, New Report Says, Huffington Post 27.03.2012.

Michael McAtteer: Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor’s Anti-Nuclear Speech, The Atlantic 26.03.2012.

Birgitte Marfelt: Kortlægger cæsium-nedfald i Jotunheimen 26 år efter Tjernobyl, Ingeniøren 28.11.2012.

Only one out of 54 nuclear reactors left operating in Japan, Kyodo 26.03.2012.

Takao Yamada: Japan’s postwar nuclear policy lingers, Mainichi 26.03.2012.

Thomas Djursing: Nu bygger ingeniørerne Tjernobyls nye sarkofag, Ingeniøren 26.03.2012.

Miguel Quintana: Radiation Decontamination in Fukushima: a critical perspective from the ground, The Asia-Pacific Journal 26.03.2012.

Fear of radiation from Fukushima accident led to psychiatric disorder hospitalizations, Mainichi 26.03.2012.

Stephen Hesse: A woman of wisdom among the energy mandarins, (interview med Junko Edahiro) Japan Times 25.03.2012.

Hamaoka nuclear plant operator to review new reactor plan, Kyodo 24.03.2012.

Tatsuyuki Kobori: NISA was aware of nuke plant weaknesses, but failed to revise regulatory laws, Asahi Shimbun 24.03.2012.

Japan, Turkey strike deal on nuclear cooperation pact, (Kyodo) Japan Times 24.03.2012.

Nuclear commission endorses Oi reactors’ initial stress tests, (Kyodo) Mainichi 23.03.2012.

No major obstacle for fuel removal at No. 4 spent fuel pool: TEPCO, Kyodo 23.03.2012.

Over 60% of quake early warnings since March 11 overshoot: agency, (Kyodo) Mainichi 23.03.2012.

Erik Holm: 20 a-kraftværker i USA mangler penge til skrotning, Ingeniøren 22.03.2012.

Radioactive cesium detected in submarine organisms in waters off Fukushima, Mainichi 22.03.2012.

Michael Fröhlingsdorf, Cordula Meyer & Holger Stark: Germany Unprepared for Major Nuclear Disaster, Der Spielgel 22.03.2012.

Fukushima Pref. deleted 5 days of radiation dispersion data just after meltdowns, Mainichi 22.03.2012.

Buddhist federation speaks out against nuclear power, Asahi Shimbun 21.03.2012.

Osaka stirs ripples with planned anti-nuclear power pitch at KEPCO shareholders meeting, Mainichi 21.03.2012.

Koji Sonoda & Yutaka Shiokura: Greens hope Fukushima may open Japan’s eyes to environmental politics, Asahi Shimbun 20.03.2012.

Paul Schalow: Post-Fukushima meltdown energy saving far easier ride than 1970s oil shocks, Mainichi 20.03.2012.

High-level cesium logged in soil near Fukushima power plant: gov’t survey, Kyodo 19.03.2012.

Elanor Warnock: Oe in Paris: A Laureate Reflects on March 11, Wall Street Journal 19.03.2012.

Takao Yamada: Onagawa nuke plant saved from tsunami by one man’s strength, determination, Mainichi 19.03.2012.

Tsunami that hit around Fukushima nuke plant was 21 meters high: researchers, ?? (Mainichi) (via Warren Gaijin Hero) 19.03.2012.

Kenneth Maxwell: Kenzaburo Oe: Japan ‘Burned by the Nuclear Fire’, Wall Street Journal 18.03.2012.

Huge offshore wind-power project sparks backlash from Fukushima fishing community, Mainichi 18.03.2012.

Edan Corkill: Plan to N-shrine reactors for millennia, Japan Times 18.03.2012.

Shiga governor angry at being frozen out of Oi restart decision, Asahi Shimbun 17.03.2012.

Radioactive material not detected on pollen: researcher, Mainichi 17.03.2012.

Nuclear emergency in Fukui could affect Osaka, Asahi Shimbun 17.03.2012.

Fredrik Dahl: IAEA: “significant” nuclear growth despite Fukushima, Reuters 16.03.2012.

Anguished Fukushima farmer says ‘no’ to nuclear power, Mainichi 16.03.2012.

Charles Secrett, Tom Burke, Tony Juniper & Jonathon Porritt: Nuclear power will fail to achieve what George Monbiot wants, The Guardian 16.03.2012.

Nuclear safety agency opposed expansion of safety measures in 2006, (Kyodo) Minichi 16.03.2012.

The artist as activist, (video) The Economist 16.03.2012.

Ei Okada: Nuke crisis far from under control as TEPCO’s ‘inadequate predictions’ continue, Mainichi 16.03.2012.

Mirai Nagira: The future of nuclear industry-dependent towns is now, Mainichi 15.03.2012.

Jun Hongo: Fukushima soil fallout far short of Chernobyl, Japan Times 15.03.2012.

Meltdown judgment was difficult at early stage: ex-TEPCO vice pres., (Kyodo) Mainichi 15.03.2012.

NISA obstructed adoption of IAEA guidelines for nuclear accidents, Asahi Shimbun 15.03.2012.

Nuclear safety panel to present view on Oi reactors soon, (Kyodo) Mainichi 15.03.2012.

Creation of new nuclear regulatory agency no stage for political grandstanding, (leder) Mainichi 14.03.2012.

Radioactive materials may have sunk 30 cm into ground, (Kyodo) Mainichi 14.03.2012.

Japan’s oldest reactor marks 42nd anniv., resumption unforeseen, (Kyodo) Mainichi 14.03.2012.

Asahi poll: 80% distrust government’s nuke safety measures, Asahi Shimbun 13.03.2012.

Emissions trading not to affect growth, jobs in Japan, (Kyodo) Mainichi 13.03.2012.

Fredrik Dahl: Older nuclear plants pose safety challenge: IAEA, Reuters 13.03.2012.

Michael McAtteer: The Japanese Punk Band Giving Voice to ‘Generation Fukushima’, 13.03.2012.

Mycle Schneider: Nuclear power post-Fukushima: From slow decline to crash course, Kyodo 13.03.2012.

Shinichi Saoshiro: Majority of Japanese oppose nuclear plant restarts – poll, Reuters 13.03.2012.

Antinuclear protests held across Japan on anniversary of disaster, (Kyodo) Mainichi 12.03.2012.

Brian Victoria: Buddhism and Disasters: From World War II to Fukushima, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 12.03.2012.

Few signs abroad of lifting of import restrictions on Japanese food products, Mainichi 12.03.2012.

Mitsuro Obe: March 11, One Year On: A New Breed Of Anti-Nuclear Protesters? 12.03.2012.

Noda to take lead in gaining local approval to restart nuclear plants, (Kyodo) Mainichi 12.03.2012.

Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima Meltdown Could Result in 1 Million Cases of Cancer, (video med transskription) Democracy Now 12.03.2012.

Fukushima issues declaration to promote renewable energy, (Kyodo) Mainichi 12.03.2012.

Robert Peter Gale: Assessing Fukushima, one year later, Washington Post 11.03.2012.

Seven Lives, Seven Fates. Japan – One Year After the Catastrophe, Der Spiegel 11.03.2012.

Yukiya Amano: Beyond Fukushima, Al Jazeera 11.03.2012.

Erik Holm: Et år efter Fukushima: Atomkraften okser videre, Ingeniøren 11.03.2012.

Andrew DeWit: Japan’s Remarkable Renewable Energy Drive- After Fukushima, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 11.03.2012.

Justin McCurry: Japan marks first anniversary of earthquake and tsunami, The Guardian 11.03.2012.

Once ‘ideal’ Fukushima village begins to drift apart after nuclear disaster, Mainichi 11.03.2012.

Reiji Yoshida: 869 Tohoku tsunami parallels stun, Japan Times 11.03.2012.

Roger Pulvers: Japan’s disasters must prompt a radical rethink of citizens’ quality of life, Japan Times 11.03.2012.


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